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Part 1
by Moon Fire
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Summary: Michael has a vision that raises doubts and causes revelations.
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Rating: PG
Liz sat on her rooftop writing in her journal. As she turned her thoughts over in her mind, she felt someone or something was watching her. She stood up and glanced nervously around. When she didn’t see anything, Liz shrugged and laughed at herself.

“Boy am I getting paranoid,” she muttered under her breath. “Maybe for a good reason,” said a voice from the shadows. Liz stared into the darkness and thought she saw something move in the corner by her window. A shudder of fear washed over her as the shape stepped forward. Liz felt her heart begin to pound as the shape moved into the light.

Was it one of Topolsky’s agents?

Was it Kyle? Who was spying on her? Michael’s smirking face came into view and Liz’s fear turned to fury in an instant. “Michael what the hell are you doing? Trying to scare me to death!” yelled Liz.

“No,” said Michael sheepishly, “I was just checking up on you. Uh, Max said that I should keep an eye on you and make sure that you were okay.” “Well thanks for the concern, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll be safe on my own rooftop,” answered Liz haughtily. As she looked closer at Michael, she noticed that he had dark circles under his eyes and looked as if he hadn’t slept in a week. Her anger turned to concern. “Why don’t you go home and get some sleep, looks like you could use it.” “Yeah, I guess you’re right,” said Michael as he stared at the floor.

“Is anything wrong?” asked Liz. She knew Michael wasn’t the talkative type so she was surprised when he answered. “Actually, there is,” said Michael his face reddening. “Its about Maria.” “Maria?” said Liz sitting back down. “Yeah. I know you guys are friends and everything, so I thought maybe I could talk to you,” said Michael looking at Liz hopefully.

“I don’t know what this is all about but I can try to help,” said Liz. Michael began to pace and his words came out in a rush. “Ever since we went on that trip to Marathon, I can’t get her out of my head. For a while there all I could think about was the dome. I saw it when I slept, when I woke up, I couldn’t get it out of my head. After we found the dome it went away. But the weird thing is that ever since the trip the same thing has been happening with Maria.” Liz smiled to herself. Maria had spoken about Michael earlier that day as being a “vibrator”. It seemed that Maria wasn’t the only one affected by the time she and Michael spent together. “What do you mean specifically,” asked Liz. “Do you just see her face, or is it something in particular?” “That’s just it,” said Michael, “I see her face, she smiles, then she turns and I see this mark on her back. It’s always clear in my dream, but I can’t remember it when I wake up.” “What kind of mark?” asked Liz. She knew Maria didn’t have any tattoos, and she couldn’t remember her having a birthmark or anything. So what was Michael talking about?

Michael took Liz’s journal from her and tore a piece of paper from it. Anger flashed across Liz’s face until she saw how important this was to Michael. Liz handed him a pen and Michael began to frantically draw on it. When he was finished he handed it to Liz. “I have no idea what it is,” said Michael slightly out of breath. Liz looked at the piece of paper. As she stared at it her eyes opened wide with surprise.

“Michael, Do you know what this is?” she asked breathless with excitement. “No, If I did I wouldn’t be here would I?” said Michael sarcastically. Liz folded the paper and put it in her jeans pocket. She began to pickup up her things and throw them into her room. “We have to get to Max’s right away,” said Liz picking up her journal and going back into her room. Michael followed her into the room, grabbed her arm, and whirled her to face him. “What’s going on,” he demanded, “What’s so important that we need to get Max.” “Ouch! Let go Hercules,” said Liz wincing at Michael’s grip. He let go quickly.

“Sorry, I guess I just got a little bit excited.”

“That’s okay,” said Liz as she rubbed her arm. She turned and bent down to hide her journal behind the loose brick in the wall.

“I see you’ve found a better hiding place,” said Michael mischievously. Liz put the brick in place and stood up. “Yeah, and don’t you even think about taking it,” said Liz threateningly. “Or I’ll tell Maria that you’ve been entertaining fantasies about her every night.” “Why Liz Parker,” said Michael with a grin. “I didn’t take you for a blackmailer. Besides, if you tell Maria about my dream then I’ll tell Max what’s in your journal.” “Touché,” said Liz. “Alright, I’ll keep quiet if you will. Deal?” Liz extended her hand to Michael, who looked at it as if turning the matter over in his mind.

“Deal,” he answered, shaking her hand. Liz turned off her light and the two of them went out the window and down the fire escape to the street. At the corner they stopped and looked to see if anyone was watching them. The street was quiet. There were a few lights on at the museum across the street, but everything else was dark. “It looks safe,” said Michael glancing up and down the block.

“Well lets get going,” said Liz starting to walk into the street. Michael grabbed her back against the wall. “What? Did you see something?” asked Liz searching Michael’s face for answers. Michael looked uncomfortable, but then he looked Liz straight in the eyes.

“Liz, can I ask you a favor?” Liz relaxed a little and nodded. “Can we keep the fact that Maria was involved in the vision between us?” Michael asked. His gaze was a little unnerving and Liz noticed that he seemed extremely embarrassed that he had to ask this.

“But Michael, don’t you think that it meant something that she was a part of the vision?” Michael looked down and then back up at Liz. “Maybe. But I get enough grief from Max and Isabel as it is. Until we know what this means, let’s keep it a secret okay? “Alright Michael, for now,” said Liz. “But if Maria is involved in this somehow, you need to tell her. If you don’t I will.”

“Yes Miss Parker,” said Michael mockingly. “And I think I know just how to tell her about it.” Michael had a smirk on his face and Liz could only guess at what he meant. Liz wasn’t sure if she liked the expression on his face. This was her best friend after all. “Just be nice about it,” she said. “Now lets go.” They arrived at the Evan’s house and snuck through the gate to Max’s window. Michael followed Liz and was only half surprised that she knew her way. “Seems you know the way to Max’s bedroom quite well Liz,” said Michael smiling at Liz in the moonlight. Now it was Liz’s turn to be embarrassed. “I came here to get the pendant remember,” she said blushing. “Oh sure,” said Michael still smiling. Just then the window opened and Max looked out.

“Michael do you realize what time it is?” he whispered menacingly out the window. Then he noticed that Liz was with Michael too. Liz stared at Max, as he stood framed in the window wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. “I uh… I mean we came to uh…. ,” Liz began falteringly. Max looked confused and Michael stepped in. “What the articulate Miss Parker is trying to say is that we have something that you might want to take a look at,” said Michael smirking at Liz once again.

Liz glared at Michael. “Right. Max do you mind if we come in?” Max looked startled. “Yeah but could you guys try to keep it down?” Michael went into the room first and then Max helped Liz up. Liz stared at his bare chest as he helped her enter the room and then looked up into his face. “Thanks,” she whispered. Michael rolled his eyes. Here they go again he thought. At this rate he would never find out what Liz saw in his drawing.

“Ahem,” said Michael clearing his throat. “Could we get on with it please?” Max closed the window and pulled a shirt over his head. Liz watched him and Michael cleared his throat again. Liz jumped. “Right,” she said glaring at Michael. She pulled the piece of paper from her pocket. “You see,” she began excitedly, “Its….

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