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Part 2
by Moon Fire
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Summary: Michael has a vision that raises doubts and causes revelations.
Category: Other
Rating: PG
“It’s the a constellation from my project last semester,” said Liz excitedly as she handed Max the page from her diary containing Michael’s drawing. Liz searched Max’s face as he scanned the piece of paper in front of him. His brows furrowed in concentration as he tried to make sense of the garbled mess in front of him. Michael edged closer to Max, and joined him in trying yet again to make sense of the image he had created.

“Are you sure?” asked Max skeptically. “All I can see is a bunch of large dots and a few lines connecting them.” Michael snatched the paper out of Max’s hands. “Thanks a lot Maxwell, I guess the screw-up must be making another mistake,” growled Michael as he crumpled the paper and threw it into the wastebasket.

Max looked at Liz and saw the flash of fear in her eyes as Michael showed his temper. He looked at her reassuringly and then turned back to Michael.

“Michael, all I meant was that it didn’t seem to make any sense to me and I wanted Liz to show me what she saw that made her so sure that it was this constellation,” said Max. “I just don’t want us to jump to conclusions until we are sure of something.” “I’m just tired of you second guessing me,” said Michael defensively. “Now you’re even doing it to Liz.”

“All right you two, “ said Liz as she stepped between them. “I don’t want you to fight about this. Let’s just go back to my place and I’ll get the report to show you that it really is a part of Taurus.” “Listen to her Max, she knows what she’s talking about. Besides Miss junior scientist has been right before, if you remember,” said Michael with a smirk.

Liz blushed remembering the cells she had taken off of Max’s pencil in bio. Michael smirked at her, and Max gave Michael a look that told him to keep his mouth shut or he would shut for him.

“All right, just give me a minute to get dressed,” said Max grabbing a pair of jeans off of the floor.

“Great. While you two discuss your keen fashion sense I’m going to wake up Isabel,” said Michael as he sauntered down the hall. “Michael!” whispered Max, but he was already gone. Max looked up and realized that Liz was alone with him in his room. He looked up and saw her flipping through a magazine on his desk trying to look preoccupied as she blushed yet again. Max smiled to himself as he hurriedly got dressed. He glanced up as he put his shoes on and Liz quickly snapped her eyes back to the magazine.

Max stood up and Liz put the magazine down. “Liz,” he began taking a step toward her. “I…”

“You woke me up for this?” quipped Isabel to Michael. She finished buttoning her shirt as she watched her brother once again trying to maintain the ‘platonic’ relationship that he shared with Liz Parker. Who was he trying to fool anyway? Isabel sat on the bed and pulled her hair into a ponytail. “This better be good,” she said trying to stifle a yawn.

Max pulled the drawing back out of the garbage and made a vain effort to smooth it on the bed before handing it to Isabel. “Michael drew this from his dream. Liz says she recognizes it as part of the constellation Taurus. She did a project on it last semester.”

Isabel looked at the drawing and then at Liz. “You’re sure about this? I’m no scientist, but this sure doesn’t look like a bull to me.”

“Look you two,” said Michael getting irritated again. “The dome started out as a semi-circle, so this isn’t as far-fetched as you think. Ask Liz. She’s the scientist in the group.”

“Oh and being from another planet doesn’t count?” said Isabel sarcastically.

“All I know is that the arch and the point form lines for the back side of Taurus,” said Liz. “And that’s something you can find in any astronomy book on this planet.” Isabel looked at Liz in surprise. She hadn’t seen Liz this self-assured before. Liz seemed to know what she was talking about. But she still wanted proof. She glanced at Max and saw his eyes plead with her to be patient.

“All right,” shrugged Isabel. “I just want to see some proof that’s all.”

“Let’s just go to my place and get one of my dad’s astronomy books. I’ll show you what I’m talking about,” said Liz.

Isabel put her jacket on and the four of them went to the window with Michael in the lead. Halfway out the window, Michael stopped. Isabel bumped into him. “You clumsy…,” she began, but Michael had his hand over her mouth and a finger to his lips. He removed his hand and peered out into the darkness. They all stood straining to hear what had made Michael stop. Liz turned to Max with fear in her eyes and he grabbed her hand in reassurance. Then they heard it. Someone was outside Max’s window. A barely audible rustling could be heard in the bushes alongside the fence.

“Someone’s out there,” whispered Isabel, fear creeping into her voice. “I’ll check it out,” Michael replied. “No wait,” said Max reaching out into the darkness, but Michael had already disappeared over the ledge and into the darkness beyond.

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