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"Crash and Burn (parts 1 and 2)"
Part 1
by Frances
Disclaimer: I don't own the TV show Roswell or anything having to do with Roswell.
Summary: It's the anniversary of the 1947 crash and something unexpected happens.
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Part 1

Night- Liz in her room writing in her diary...

Liz: " Today marks the anniversary of the crash in 1947 and also the day Max Evans changed my life forever. It's been a year since the shooting at the Crashdown. A lot has happened since then. I found out Max, Michael, and Isabel are aliens. They really do exist are nothing like the way science-fiction movies portray them. I think the most amazing thing though, is the love Max and I share. I can't imagine my life without him. It's unbelievable how something so bad( the shooting ) can turn into something so good ( Max Evans ). He's out of this world. Seriously. ( She smiles )

Suddenly, a bright light flashes across the sky...

Liz: ( To herself ) What was that?

Evans' Residence

Isabel: Max, did you see that?

Max: Yeah

Isabel: Is it what I think it is?

Max: I don't know. It was going really fast. I couldn't tell.

Isabel: We should call Michael.

Max: Okay.

Michael outside his house, staring at the craft which has just crashed a few feet away. The phone rings, he goes inside and answers it...

Michael: Hello. Max, I was just about to call you. I think you and Isabel should get over here right now. Something unbelievable has just happened.

Part 2

Same night- Liz calls Maria...

Maria: Hello. Liz, is that you?

Liz: Yeah.

Maria: It's 2:00 in the morning. This better be good.

Liz: I think I just saw a spaceship fly across the sky.

Maria: Okay, now I'm up.

Michael, Max and Isabel at Michael's house all staring at the craft...

Isabel: Oh my God. It really is a spaceship.

Max: I can't believe it. Is there anybody inside?

Michael: Only one way to find out. ( He moves towards the craft )

Part 3 coming soon! :) Frances

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Part 3
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