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"Crash and Burn"
Part 3
by Frances
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Rating: PG
Maria and Liz on the phone...

Maria: Liz, are you sure it was a spaceship? Maybe it was a shooting star.

Liz: Maria: it lit up the whole sky. It wasn't a shooting star.

Maria: Well, it is late. You're probably the only person who saw it. What are you doing up anyway?

Liz: I was writing in my journal. I wonder if Max saw it.

Maria: Well, you can ask him tomorrow at school. You do remember we have school, right?

Liz: Yes. I'll see you tomorrow.

Maria: Okay, goodnight, Liz or should I say good morning?

Liz: Bye Maria. ( She hangs up )

Michael investigating the craft, Max and Isabel watching... Michael steps out of the spaceship...

Isabel: What did you see?

Michael: Nothing much. I found this. ( He holds up a bottle of tobasco sauce )

Max: Somebody was in there.

Michael: Looks like it, but where did they go?

Isabel: Do you think anybody saw the craft fly over?

Max: It's pretty late. I'm sure everybody is sleeping.

Isabel: I hope you're right, Max.

Michael: We have to find whoever was in the ship. This could be the answer we've been looking for.

Max: Well, we really should be going. We've got school tomorrow.

Michael: How can you possibly think about school after what just happened?

Max: Michael, we have to still act normal. We can't be ditching school. People will get suspicious.

Michael: And we don't tell anybody about this either. Not even Liz or Maria. They know we're aliens, but they won't know that a fourth one could be in Roswell. Deal?

Isabel: Deal. Max?

Max: ( hesistantly ) Deal.

Michael: Good. See you tomorrow. ( Max and Isabel leave )

Part 4 coming soon!

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Part 4
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