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"Us Six Against the World "
Part 17
by Linda
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It was late, but Max couldn't sleep. He paced the room he had been given. It had been three weeks now, three weeks in which they had been holed up here, knowing every second, that he was only a few hours away from Liz. Yet he couldn't even let her know he was okay, or where he was!

He understood Jordan's reasons. It would be dangerous to all of them, Isabel and Michael too, if Max tried to go back to Roswell before they found out who was really the stalker.

He had promised Jordan, Isabel and Michael that he would stay away from Roswell, knowing that some of Jordan's people were there watching and trying to discover who the stalker was.

But Max wanted to go to Liz. Ever since he had found out that he was here to stay, and that it was okay for him and Liz to be together, he'd wanted, no needed to go to her.

And he suspected Michael and Isabel were feeling the same way. For he would see the same wistful look in their eyes when they looked down the mountain, to the valley below, and to Roswell, somewhere beyond.

To know they were all so close, and yet couldn't even let Liz, Maria and Alex know they were okay Max didn't know if he could keep that part of his promise. Jordan had told him to trust him that he had a very good reason why they couldn't let the three humans know where they were yet. The whole town had to believe that Max, Michael and Isabel were gone. Especially, the stalker, Jordan had emphasized.

When Max asked him what it would matter, if they told their friends, since they knew they could trust them with their lives, and had, Jordan had just shook his head and said to trust him for now. That he would explain it all to them soon.

Max knew Isabel cried at night when she thought of how they had left their parents. She knew their mother would be sick with worry. Max frowned knowing this too, and knew how hard it would be on her and their dad. He hated having to run like that, but he knew that his life, and the lives of Michael and Isabel would have been over, if the sheriff and the FBI had had any reason to take him in and question him.

But now he was getting stir crazy. Sure, the three of them had met many of their people, and the humans who had come to accept these aliens, but he needed to go home. Now that he knew for sure where that was, he and Michael and Isabel needed to go home.

The door opened and Max stopped pacing. Michael came though the door and then closed it silently behind him again.

"Sorry Michael, I don't have a sleeping bag here." Max tried to joke.

"Yeah well Maxmillian, you're so funny I'm in stitches." Michael snapped.

"Michael?" Max frowned.

Michael sighed. "Sorry. I guess I'm getting stir-crazy hiding up here. I want to go get that bastard myself! I hate having to lie low like some coward!" He said and started pacing, himself.

Max nodded and went to the window. No sense in both of them bumping into each other pacing.

"Can you believe it, Michael? We are home. And that it's okay for us to think of our futures here on earth?" Max asked aloud, still amazed at all they had learned.

When Michael remained silent Max turned from the window. "Or are you still wishing there was another world you could go to, to get away from Roswell." Max wondered.

Michael stopped pacing and leaned back against the wall near the door. “You know Max, the funny thing is, I always wanted to find our real home, so that I would have a family too, and a better life than I have in Roswell. But, now I've found out that my family is here. That you and Isabel are actually my real family." Michael said in amazement.

He still couldn't get over it, and still got a little choked up thinking about it. He swallowed, then continued. “And now I don't need to go anywhere else to find home. But I tell ya, Max, I still want out of Roswell." Michael added.

Max cleared his own throat, knowing how much it meant to them all to know they were a real family, and how especially important it was to Michael.

He smiled at Michael's last words. "I don't blame you there, brother." Max agreed.

The word brother slipped out naturally, and surprised both of them. They looked away, trying to be casual, and were relieved when the door opened again.

"Why is it my room is always the popular one?" Max teased.

Isabel came into the room and waved Max's words away. "I've been thinking, Max. There has to be some way we can let mom and dad know we are okay at least." Isabel said and started her own pacing.

Michael was glad he had backed up against the wall, seeing as how Isabel was flying around the room like a tornado. He smiled remembering how Jordan had said she reminded him of his sister, their mother. He wondered if their mother had been a firecracker like Is.

"And Alex, Liz and Maria, they must be going crazy too." Isabel added as she paced.

"Yeah. I know." Was all Max said. "But we promised to trust Jordan. That he had a good reason for not letting anyone in Roswell know what's going on." Max tried to convince them, hoping it would convince him as well.

"Well I don't like it!" Isabel said and stopped pacing suddenly and sat on the edge of the bed. All the steam went out of her, and she slumped her shoulders in defeat.

Max went over and sat next to her. He put an arm around her. "I know Is. I don't either. None of us do."

Michael watched the two and wished he could go comfort Isabel, like a brother should. But he wasn't used to being a brother, a protector, like Max was. So he stayed where he was.

But as if Isabel could sense Michael's feelings, she went over to him and put her arms around him.

Michael automatically wrapped his arms around Isabel, but was startled.

Max almost chuckled at Michael's look, but new how important this was to them. For Michael to really accept that he had a real family.

"I'm so glad that things turned out the way they did Michael. I've always thought of you as my brother, but now it's real." Isabel smiled and stepped back again.

Michael put his hands in his pockets, but there was a smile in his eyes as he nodded, acknowledging Isabel's words.

He glanced over at Max, and they shared a smile as well. No words were needed. They never had been.

A knock at the door made Max sigh, and Michael and Isabel laugh. The door opened and Jordan stood in the doorway.

"Do you three always have this habit of deciding you need to have a heart to heart, in the middle of the night?" He teased.

They followed Jordan into the living room, and Jordan watched at the three sat on the couch, as if ready to take a stand against him if they had to. He smiled. Rebellious teens never changed. No matter what genetics they had.

Jordan sighed. It was time to let them know what he hadn't told them. What he had found out almost right after he had brought them here.


Alex paced Liz's room as she packed, and Maria sat on the bed. "No. This is crazy!" he stated.

"You don't know for sure if you're pregnant! Let alone running away like this, in the middle of the night!" He tried to be the rational one. For neither Liz nor Maria were rational right now.

"Alex. She healed me." Maria stated, running one of her scents under her nose. She was beyond scared now.

"Well, what if when you make you know, contact, physically with the Czechoslovakians, it like changes you. Maybe it has nothing to do with being pregnant. Come on Liz, you said yourself, you are on the pill, and that it's probably not possible for humans and aliens to have children."

"Yes, but Alex, how do we know that a pill would work in a case like this. Oh my God. Think of the possibilities here. We have NO CLUE what this will do to Liz. Will she have a birth like a normal human? Will it be a slow gestation period, like with humans? Or will she just all of a sudden blow up real big and hatch something." Maria said, getting all excited again.

Liz tried not to laugh at the images Maria was creating, but then she stopped when she realized that it could all be true. They had no idea what to expect. Maybe it would kill her. Maybe they had defied nature by doing what they had done, and she was going to pay. She just hoped Max never knew. He would never forgive himself if she died because of what they did.

Liz's hands were shaking as the closed the suitcase, and straightened. "Alex. I can't wait around to find out what's going to happen or not happen." She explained in her most rational voice.

Alex looked at her in frustration. He was supposed to watch over them. How could he do that if Liz left? And what was going to happen to her?! "Alex. I'm not worried about me. Alex, what if I am carrying a baby? A half alien baby. What do you think Sheriff Valenti and the FBI would do when they found out I was pregnant. Who would they know I was with? Alex, they would want to get their hands on me, to get my baby. I can't let them know I'm pregnant! Don't you understand! I have to go. Now!" Liz whispered urgently.

Alex saw Maria's bags beside her and sighed. "Okay, I'm going with you guys." He said in defeat.

"No." Liz said and knew Alex would argue. She stepped closer to him and put a hand on his arm.

"Please Alex. I need someone to stay here, cause I know Max will be back if he can, and he won't know where we've gone. I need you to be here to tell him where to find us if and when they do come back."

Alex knew this made sense. One of them needed to stay behind for when their friends returned. For not one of them wanted to believe for a minute that they were gone for good.

And if one of them had to go with Liz, to watch after her, it should be Maria, who would know more about the female stuff.

Alex nodded in defeat and put his head down.

“Alex, please try to understand. I am trusting you with something very important. You are the only one who can tell Max what's going on. And we will need them, when they come back.” Liz bit her lip to hold back a sob of fear. She didn't want to alarm Alex anymore than they already had. If he knew just how terrified she was, not knowing what to expect, or what could happen, he'd never let them go.

"But what's to stop the FBI from questioning Alex and getting our whereabouts out of him?" Maria suddenly asked.

"FBI? Why would they care." Alex frowned in confusion. He couldn't think straight with all that they had hit him with.

"Alex, Valenti and the FBI are going to think we went to join Max, Michael and Isabel. They will know that you are the only one who we would tell." Maria explained slowly. Realizing that Alex was in shock as they had been earlier.

"Which is why I am not telling Alex where we will be." Liz said

Now both of them looked at her in confusion.

"I am going to leave some clues with Alex. Things that only Max knows, that will help him put together what they mean, in order to find us." She explained.

"Brilliant!" Maria grinned.

Alex shook his head. "No! I have to at least know where you two are! What if you need me? What if Alex took a deep breath. None of them wanted to think it aloud, but it might happen. "What if they don't come back? If they can't? How will I find you?" Alex asked with fear in his eyes.

"Alex. Maria will come for you if that happens. But we have to give them a chance. They said they would be back if they could, and I believe them. I trust Max completely, and know that some way, some how, Max will get back here someday." She vowed in determination.

Seeing her total belief in Max, Alex relaxed a little. "I'll do it, but you tell me where you are the first sign of trouble!" He made them promise.

Maria and Liz nodded and Alex watched as they climbed down into the alley below, and silently drove off into the night, in Maria's mom's car.

He knew that they wouldn't have that car for long. He knew that they would change cars somehow, as soon as they could.

Alex watched his two best friends as they drove off, and he new he had never felt this helpless or frightened before in his life.

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