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"Who Do You Love?"
Part 9
by Michael Sim
Disclaimer: The characters and settings in this story are the property of Regency Television, Jason Katims Productions and the Warner Brothers Corporation. All use is for the sole purpose of fictional storytelling.
Summary: This is a sequel to the fanfiction story "The Truth of It All." Max and Isabel react against each other after learning of Isabel's past treachery. Maria and Michael are forced into a tense situation with Sean while Tess and Liz's relationship grows.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I did this in a different style from my other stories just to try something new. It's definitely a tougher format in which to write and much longer.
Alex: That should do it!

Alex is finished laying out the camping gear inside the pod chamber. As he puts the final touches to the sleeping bags, Isabel comes in with a handful of CDs.

Isabel notices that despite the rock floor, the sleeping bags seem very inviting. Maybe it was the supernatural glow emanating from the pod chambers that was making her feel better. Maybe it was the company she was with...

Isabel: Thanks for doing all this for me, Alex.

Alex: However I may serve the Princess!

Alex makes an obviously ridiculous gesture of bowing to Isabel, which brightens Isabel's mood more.

Alex: And for my lady, a hearty meal of chicken noodle soup and baked beans.

Alex signals towards two small camping pots atop portable burners warming their supper.

Alex: Please have a seat.

Alex placed cushions on the ground for them to sit upon. Despite the surroundings, Isabel felt very pampered. It took only a few seconds after entering the pod chamber earlier that evening to make Isabel feel better. Something in there made her feel comfortable, sort of a home away from home for her. She remembered several times as a child when she would come here whenever she felt homesick, but homesick for what? She only had vague recollections of home and those that were clearest now were from Max's dream.

NO! She would not think of THAT. She was here to enjoy time away from everyone except for Alex. He was the oasis in the desert that her life was fast turning into.

Isabel: So how come there was all this stuff in your car?

Alex: Remember going on that camping trip last year?

Isabel: You mean when we went with our dads?

Alex: Yeah. I never took the gear out of the car after we got back. Good thing my dad's really anal at things like packing.

Isabel: Good thing...

Isabel felt secure here with Alex. She started a CD playing softly with a touch of her hand then placed her head on his shoulder and chest. She could hear his heartbeat, which seemed to be going faster than it should be while just sitting. She didn't want him to feel uncomfortable while she was getting more and more relaxed. One way to fix that.

Slowly and wordlessly, Isabel leaned her face towards Alex. She could feel the warmth of his breath, the curve of his jaw upon her cheek. Their lips touched softly at first, then with increasing passion. In only moments, their arms held each other bodies, pressing them close together.

Voice: Ain't that cute?

Isabel and Alex were suddenly pulled from their temporary nirvana, by a rather familiar voice, only one tinged with a rough and tumble New York accent. Alex, facing the opening of the pod chamber, was first to see the interloper. He gave a grunt, of pleasure or disappointment, Isabel could not determine. Isabel carefully turned around, but she already knew who was behind her.

Lonnie: Hey girl, think I wudda fuhgotten about ya.

Isabel: What are you doing here?

Lonnie: Lookin' to get ya outta this stinkhole of a town, though your pod chamber sure as hell beats the sewers.

Alex: Isabel belongs here with her friends and family.

Lonnie: Is that right? Is that what ya think Izzy?

Isabel wanted what Alex had said to be true, but she already felt like an outcast in Roswell. Who could she turn to? Alex made for a wonderful companion today and would have for tonight, but she had to think of her future.

Isabel: What do you suggest?

Alex: (to Isabel) You cannot be seriously thinking of listening to this, this psychopathic version of, of yourself?!

Alex looked sheepish after this last statement. Isabel could understand his sentiment. How could she trust her doppelganger, a woman who had tried to kill Max in New York? Wait! How was that different from her/me killing Zan in their past life as Vilandra.

Lonnie: Me and you, together as a team. We don't need anyone else.

Alex: Isabel, don't trust her! She tried to kill Max!

Isabel: I know.

Isabel looked Lonnie straight in the eye, almost entranced. She's just like me, only without all the hang-ups and fashion sense that I have.

Alex stepped between Lonnie and Isabel.

Alex: You are not going to take Isabel away unless you do it over my dead body.

Lonnie: That could be arranged, Opie.

With a wave of her hand Alex goes flying through the air and hits a far wall with a resounding thud. Isabel shakes herself alert as Lonnie comes up to her.

Lonnie: Now, you can trust me. Why would I hurt ya? You're like a sistah to me. No. You and me, we're da same person.

Alex: (slowly getting up) Don't trust her!

Lonnie waves her arm again, this time Alex freezes in place, on one knee with one hand on the ground. Lonnie has paralyzed him.

Lonnie: (to Alex) If I hear one more word from you Forrest, I swear the next thing to stop moving is your fuckin heart. (to Isabel) Now listen, I know you don't trust me yet. That's cool. I would be trippin too if I were in your damned stilettos. Damn girl, how can you walk in those things? Gotta get the boots, comfy and if some asshole gives ya shit...

Lonnie demonstrates a vicious kick that if an offending man were to have been standing in front of her, would have dropped him like a sack of potatoes.

Isabel could feel the pull of Lonnie. She offered freedom, independence, and disinhibition. These were things Isabel had always wanted but was too scared to pursue. This could be her opportunity.

Isabel: If I went with you, what are we going to do?

Lonnie: Shit, what else but to get back home, to Kivar.

Isabel had heard that name before, the name of her past lover whom she could not recall. Was her love for him so great that she would kill her own brother and send her world into war?

Lonnie: I know what you're thinkin. Our love for Kivar caused all the problems that are happening at home. Don't you think I feel guilty for that too? We are the same person after all. Look, do you think our dear brother wouldn't have done the same thing?

Isabel: Do what?

Lonnie: End the world because of love.

Isabel imagined that Max would selfishly sacrifice a world for Liz. If he could have an affair with Liz, why couldn't she?

Isabel: Fine, I'll go with you.

Lonnie: Good, before we go, I gotta know one thing.

Isabel: What's that?

Lonnie: Where is the granolith?

Isabel stopped dead in her tracks. Would she tell Lonnie the location of the granolith? Wasn't it enough that she was going with her already?

Lonnie: Okay, cool. Don't tell me now. I know you're just getting to trust me. We'll take it one step at a time.

Isabel felt great relief. She was ready to concede herself for the sake of learning more about Kivar, but she wasn't ready to turn over something as powerful as the granolith to Lonnie. Just not right now.

Lonnie: (to Alex) And you Dopey, I don't feel like killin anyone right now, but since I can't have ya followin me and my girl here.

With another wave, Alex is released from his paralysis, but is rendered unconscious and slumps to the ground. Isabel is truly regretful that Alex was put in such peril, but she did not have a choice. As Isabel and Lonnie depart the pod chamber, the CD that Isabel started earlier in the evening suddenly stops playing and clatters onto the ground.

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