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"What the Lord Giveth..."
Part 3b
by Catlover
Disclaimer: Roswell, the story line and the characters do not belong to me. No, it is the sole property of the WB, the lucky buggers. I only have the current concept and a couple original characters to call my own.
Summary: Following the four square episode, The Federal Government beefs up it's surveillance at the very moment when the Roswell teens are trying to conceal a startling revelation.
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Rating: R
Over on Corliss Street, Max sat on his sofa with Vellena sitting beside him. Occasionally, he looked at the little girl, but couldn’t shake the feelings the little girl brought out in him.




As promised, Isabel stood at his screen door just a minute after getting off the phone with Max. Isabel gently opened the screen door and crossed the room until she was standing in front of Max and Vellena. The whole time, Isabel’s eyes never left Vellena. Leaning down, Isabel picked up the little girl. Holding her close, Isabel’s face was filled with awe, tinged with something bittersweet. Gulping hard, Isabel managed to croak out, “Look at her, Max, she looks just like you.”

Max looked up suddenly and protested, “What? She doesn’t look anything like me.”

Isabel rolled a dark curl around her finger and disagreed, “Come on, Max. These may be Tess’ curls, but the color is all you.”

Max sat forward, placing his head in his hands. Rolling his head back and forth, Max sighed, “I don’t know, Isabel. I just wish- “

Interrupting Max, Isabel’s eyes flashed with rage as she stated, “Don’t you dare, Max. Don’t you dare say what you were thinking. Even an unexpected child can be gone without warning. Don’t forget that.”

Nodding, Max leaned his elbows on his knees, clasping his hands away from himself. He lowered his head and looked at the floor. Isabel walked around the room, holding Vellena and singing a cherished lullaby. Suddenly, Isabel felt the hairs on her neck rise up. Watched. Isabel felt watched. Slowly, Isabel turned toward the feeling and saw Michael standing on the other side of the screen door. His hands were raised over his head, braced against the doorjamb. Michael stared at Isabel and at the baby in her arms. Slowly, Michael opened the screen door and approached Isabel and Vellena, never taking his eyes off them. Isabel felt her throat become thick, but managed to tell Michael the child’s name. Gently, Michael ran his finger down Vellena’s face.

Looking past Isabel and the baby, Michael focused on Max. Max was still staring at the floor, not even looking at Michael nor anything else. Without looking at Isabel, Michael said, “Isabel, do me a favor. Take Vellena into the other room and stay there

with her for a while.”

Fearfully, Isabel’s eyes darted back and forth between Max and Michael. Warily, she asked, “Michael, what are you going to do?”

Shrugging, Michael continued to stare at Max and replied, “Nothing. I just need to talk to Max.”

Reluctantly, Isabel left the room, walked down the hallway and entered the bedroom, closing the door behind her. Once Isabel was gone, Michael walked up to Max and ordered, “Alright, get up. Stand up.”

Max looked up at Michael. Michael noted the anger in Max’s eyes, but it didn’t really concern him. Slowly, like he was asleep, Max stood up, but said nothing. Michael got closer to Max and asked, “Okay, talk. I know that three years ago Tess was all over me to get you to be with her. So either that was an incredible trick or you and her were together since then. So, which is it? When did everything go on with Tess?

Max attempted to walk away from Michael but Michael wouldn’t let him. Staring blankly into Michael’s eyes, Max responded, “It wasn’t like that, Michael. It wasn’t

something I planned. I didn’t even know there was a baby. She never told me.”

Michael let Max walk past him. Turning, Michael followed Max’s departing form. Max’s back was to him as he began to speak, “Well, now there is a baby involved in all this.”

Max turned around and said, “Don’t remind me.”

Max never saw it coming, but it finally registered when he felt his back slam against the wall. Looking straight ahead, Max saw Michael’s face hovering a breath away from his. Max could feel Michael’s fists pushing into his chest, gripping his shirt. Max had no choice but to hear Michael speak, “Is this a joke to you? Don’t you get it?

You have a baby, now.”

“I didn’t choose for this to happen, Michael.”

Michael pressed Max harder against the wall and stated, “What? You think I don’t know

how this works? Maybe, you didn’t plan on this, but you didn’t fight it either.”

Max looked Michael straight in the eyes. Inside of Max, the walls he had erected broke. Tears filling his eyes, Max coolly responded, “Yes, I did.”

Not yet comprehending, Michael asked, “What?”

Looking away, Max told Michael everything, “It was three years ago when the Feds had you all. Tess pulled me into the psychic plane and I tried to stop her, Michael. I tried to get away from her and I couldn’t. Ever since, I keep seeing her eyes. Do you know how many times Liz has woken me out of some nightmare that Tess was the star in? Those eyes! Those blue eyes that haunt me and now I have a child who has those same eyes.”

Michael let go of Max and stepped back. Max slid down the wall, wrapped his arms around his knees, hiding his face. Michael stood there a second, not knowing what to do.

Cautiously, Michael knelt down in front of Max and said, “Max, I’m sorry for

what happened to you, but you can’t take it out on Vellena. She’s innocent in all this and whether you like it or not, you’re her Father.”

Max looked up and said, “I know. I’m just going to need a little time and everything

going on right now doesn’t exactly help. Liz left me and I don’t even know where she is.”

Michael reached out and placed a firm hand on Max’s shoulder. Once Max was looking at him, Michael said, “She’s with Maria right now. She’s probably going to be staying

with us until this all blows over. Maybe if you told her about Tess-“

Max’s eyes grew large as he shouted, “No! I don’t want anyone else to know, Michael.

Could we… Could we just keep this between us?”

Michael nodded. He took his hand off Max’s shoulder and held it before Max. After a couple seconds, Max grabbed hold of Michael’s hand and let Michael help him stand up. Michael pulled Max into a hug, slapped his back a couple of times and then let Max go. Michael stared at Max’s troubled eyes and said, “I’ll speak to Liz, Max. I’ll see what I can do?”

“Thanks, Michael.”

Michael nodded, slapped Max on the back one last time before walking out the door.


Returning home, Michael stared at Liz and wondered how he was ever going to get through to her. Throughout the day, tension filled the air. During dinner, the table was silent. At last, when night fell and everyone prepared for bed, Liz smoothed out the sheets on the convertible sofa. Wistfully, she fluffed the pillows and sat on the thin mattress. Confident that she was at last alone, Liz’s hands found her face, covering her tear-filled eyes. Her fingers ground into her face as her sobs wrecked her body.

In the kitchen, the opening of the refrigerator door told Liz that someone was still awake. Vigorously, Liz sat up straight trying to mask her grief. Suddenly, Liz shot her head up in surprise when a familiar bouquet of frozen flowers suddenly appeared in front of her. Taking the bouquet from Michael’s grip, Liz’ red, burning eyes flashed with recognition and a smile crossed her face.

“The bouquet!”

Michael smiled and circled around the sofa, sitting beside Liz.

“Yeah, Maria keeps it in the freezer. It’s supposed to be good luck or something. Y’know, Maria has always looked at you and Max as some ideal. When she caught this bouquet, it was like God, something, I don’t know, had blessed us. Now, you two are on the outs and Maria is worried. What I don’t get is why.”

Liz looked at Michael with shock and said, “He should have told me, Michael.” Michael shook his head and responded, “Should he, I don’t know. What I do know Liz is that I’ve

seen the way Max looks at you. Do you even know how he looks at you, Liz? Well, I do. He looks at you in exactly the same way I look at Maria.”

“Oh, Michael.”

“Liz, you and Max are my family and I just want to see you happy. Right now, you’re both hurting and who does that help? Will you at least try giving him another chance?”

Liz sat silent for a second or two before she nodded her head. Michael smiled and moved to stand, but a hand on his arm stopped him. Looking down, Michael saw Liz’ smiling face. Liz squeezed his arm once and offered, “Thank you, Michael, I’m glad you’re


Confused, Michael smiled and shook his head. Standing up completely, Michael picked up the bouquet. Walking into the kitchen, Michael opened the freezer door and gingerly placed the bouquet back where he found it. Stepping back out into the living room, Michael waved goodnight to Liz before turning and heading down the hallway to his and Maria’s bedroom.

Entering the bedroom, Michael searched the bed for Maria’s familiar form. He walked over to the bed and slid under the covers. Half asleep, Maria turned toward him. Michael could see her beautiful face and could feel his control coming undone. In the past few years, Michael had learned how to speak about his problems, but when the problems were more than he could handle, Michael reverted to the silent, physical expression he relied on as a teenager.

Gently, Michael nudged Maria’s knees apart while he slid between her thighs. Lazily, Maria wrapped her arms and legs around Michael, pulling him closer. Soon, Michael lost himself in his rhythmic thrusting and in the smooth valley that made up the nape of Maria’s neck. Maria cocooned him even tighter as she felt hot tears splash against her skin. Maria knew the tears weren’t for Max and Liz, nor were they for Tess. These tears came from a long ago loss uncovered by the meeting of a little girl, one so like the child Michael lost. The knowledge caused Maria to lock her ankles behind Michael’s back while rocking up and down, meeting his thrusts, opening herself completely to him. After a frenzied time of straining muscles and held breath, Michael fell to the side and rolled off Maria. Panting and staring at the ceiling, Michael’s last conscious act was to reach out and pull Maria over until her head rested on his chest.

United States Federal Building in Downtown San Diego, CA. – March 23, 2003

With a smug face, Joseph Randall turned the doorknob on Rudolph Corson’s office. In his hand was another manila folder. At his desk, Corson looked up and rolled his eyes at Randall’s complacent face. Randall approached the desk and addressed Corson.

“Sir, I think I may have news on the investigation.”

“Okay, shoot.”

“Our guys went through Tess Harding’s apartment. It appears that Tess Harding a.k.a. Allexas Wavmen had a child, a daughter to be exact. (Opening his file and scanning it for effect) A child named Vellena Swxam. The names made me curious since most people would use their own last names for their children so I sent the names through cryptography along with all known data on Tess Harding. It seems, except for one letter – an “A” in Harding’s alias; the names contain the exact same letters.”

“And this revelation means something to me because?”

Joseph Randall adjusted his tie and fought down the urge to smack his senior officer upside the head for: (1) not seeing the obvious and (2) not properly gushing over his quick thinking. Randall cleared his throat and continued, “Like I was saying, I sent the letters through the computer and found a correlation. It seems the letters spell out ‘Maxwell Evans.’”


Once again, Randall suppressed the need to pummel the man before him.

“Maxwell Evans was one of the kids under surveillance two years ago in Roswell, sir. I think he may be the child’s Father.”

“Which means if we find him we’ll find the kid.”

“Also, it means he’s most likely an alien himself.”

Corson sat up straight at this bit of news and stood up quickly. Walking around his desk, he stopped in front of a picture of his wife and kids. Picking up the picture, he asked, “That would mean that they’re starting to breed again, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, sir, I think it does.”

Randall watched, perplexed, as Corson ran his index finger over his family picture. Cautiously, Randall inquired, “Should I assign a team to investigate and apprehend, sir?”

Corson looked up suddenly, as if, he had forgotten Randall was standing there. With a flick of his wrist, Corson placed the picture down while shaking his head.

“No, I think we’re going to contract this one out. Those kids and their parents gave this office a hard time three years ago. Let’s send somebody private – One of the alien hunters on file.”

“I’ll get right on it, sir.”

Corson shook his head again and said, “No, I’ll assign the group myself. I’ll take care of everything. You can go now, Randall.”

Randall turned away and headed for the door. Just as his hand touched the doorknob, Randall heard his name being called. Once again facing Corson, Randall waited for instruction and received a question instead.

“Was Tess’ body ever found?”

“No, I’m afraid not yet, sir.”

“Very well, Keep me posted, Randall.”

“Yes, sir.”

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