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"What the Lord Giveth..."
Part 3a
by Catlover
Disclaimer: Roswell, the story line and the characters do not belong to me. No, it is the sole property of the WB, the lucky buggers. I only have the current concept and a couple original characters to call my own.
Summary: Following the four square episode, The Federal Government beefs up it's surveillance at the very moment when the Roswell teens are trying to conceal a startling revelation.
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Rating: R
Glendale, CA. – March 18, 2003

With resignation, Max and Liz pulled another box from the stack. On Sunday, the happy couple returned from a weeklong honeymoon and had started the laborious task of writing out thank you cards for the wedding gifts they received. Still, most of the gifts had yet to be opened and piles of gifts filed the small living room of their one bedroom duplex. After two days of opening boxes, Max and Liz had come to the conclusion that responding to wedding gifts is as much a chore as a joy. As they opened each box, they noted the contents on the attached card, set the box aside, put the card on top of the pile of cards and then proceeded on to the next box. Then tragedy struck, one of the gifts had no card attached. Searching frantically, they discovered two loose cards but three gifts without cards. Sitting on the sofa, Mr. and Mrs. Evans stared at the gifts and cards sitting on the coffee table before them. They looked at each other, not knowing what to do. Max picked up the guest book and r.s.v.p. list and sat forward.

“If everyone who came to the wedding brought a gift and we finished the thank you cards for the gifts that came before the wedding yesterday then we should be able to check off the names on this list and figure out who gave the third gift…Right?”

Liz took the list and stared at it and the three gifts. Sighing loudly, Liz disagreed, “Only

problem with that is we still won’t know who gave which gift. (Liz reached over and picked up one of the cards and read it) This card is from my cousin Grace but I don’t know which gift is her gift.”

“We could just be really vague and generic – ‘Thanks for the gift’”

“I don’t know, Max, these people are family and family talks. What if they find out we gave detailed thank you cards to everyone else, but them?”

“Does it really matter? I mean, do we really see these people very often?”

Liz reached out and smacked Max with the card in her hand while crying out his name. In response, Max feigned serious injury and joked, “Look at me, married less than two

weeks and I’m already a battered spouse.”

Whole-heartedly, Liz laughed and when Max took her hand in his she got up and sat down again on his lap. Max wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. Worries over missing cards vanished as they leaned in toward each other. Barely a kiss crossed their lips when a soft, but persistent, knocking sounded from the front door. Max knocked his forehead against Liz’ shoulder and sighed loudly. Liz patted him on the thigh, got up and answered the door.

The woman on the other side of the door was unknown to Liz. The woman stood about 5’2,” possessed Native American features and had a slightly chunky build. Her skin was a very dark brown and her black hair was shiny and very straight. The woman held a baby against her body with her left arm while a large baby bag was slung over her right shoulder and a small suitcase was held tightly in her right hand. Liz wrinkled her brow with curiosity and confusion as she asked the woman what she needed. The woman stepped back and reread the numbers on the front door. Nodding her head, the woman looked at Liz and asked, “Is there a Maxwell Evans living here, please?”

From behind Liz, Maxwell Evans appeared. He also looked at the woman with curiosity as he placed his hands on Liz’ shoulders and said, “I’m Maxwell Evans. What

can I do for you?”

The woman looked at Liz, with something akin to sympathy, then looked at Max and said, “I have a message from Tess Harding.”

Liz’ eyes grew large. Max’s eyes closed, opening narrowly as he spit out from between gritting teeth, “What is it?”

The woman placed her suitcase carefully on the ground. She shifted the baby in her arms until the baby’s cherubic face could be seen. From under black curls, Tess’ brilliant blue eyes shined out of the baby’s face. The woman held the baby out to Max and said, “Her name is Vellena, Vellena Swxam, and she is your daughter.”

Liz felt cold rain fly against her, mainly up and down her spine. Liz turned and looked at Max. Max’s face was switching back and forth from shock to rage. Max stepped toward the unknown woman and asked, “What?”

The dark-skinned woman closed her eyes and pulled the child close to her. She bent down and picked up her bag. Standing straight again, she looked Max in the eyes and said, “I should explain. Can I come in?”

Max and Liz backed up and allowed the woman to enter their home. The woman walked in and glanced around at the piles of presents and her heart sank upon the realization that this young couple, to which she just delivered shocking news, must be newly married. Max cleared a chair and offered it to the woman. Sitting down, the woman placed the baby girl on her lap and proceeded to bounce her knee without thinking. Max and Liz sat on the sofa, adjacent to the chair and waited for an explanation. They didn’t wait long before the woman sat straighter in the chair, opened her mouth and started her tale.

“ My name is Alma Hijuj. Forgive me for not telling you before. You are such sweet people to allow a nameless stranger into your home. I have told you that I come with a message from Tess Harding, but I will also tell you that I never knew her under that name. When I first met her, I was told her name was Allexas Wavmen. Maybe, I need to back up, start from the beginning…

“ About three years ago, a young girl with red hair moved into my neighborhood in El Centro, CA, it’s a city about an hour east of San Diego. Mostly Mexican people live in my neighborhood, so her red hair made her stand out. Yet, it seemed like she went out of her way to avoid attention. She was quiet and kept to herself. She worked as a maid at the same hotel that my cousin, Gloria, works at. Allexas worked hard and never complained and this was respected, so we left her alone.

“ Anyway, about a year after she arrived, we, me and the other women, noticed that she was gaining weight in a maternal way. This wasn’t so shocking, we have seen young pregnant women before, but ours is a small community and none of us could remember a man around her. In a couple months, her delicate state was plain to see. Gloria offered Allexas lighter shifts but she refused them. In fact, she came back to work in record time after her baby was born. Also, she never allowed this little girl out of her sight, not even for a second. We just figured that she must not have any family or friends she trusted enough to leave her child with and she probably couldn’t afford a babysitter.

“ Everyday, Allexas would bring the child to work with her. It was odd because Jorge, the Hotel Manager, never let women do that before Allexas. Anyways, she’d just place the baby in a baby-carrier while she cleaned. Also, she carried the child on her hip everywhere she went. Even after the child was old enough to walk, I never saw Vellena’s toe hit the ground. After awhile, Allexas became very thin and it was plain to see that she was spending every available cent she had on Vellena. I work at the local Ralphs Market and personally witnessed her putting food for herself back on the shelves so she could buy more food, a toy or something for Vellena.

“ One Wednesday, the fifth of this month actually, I was working at Ralphs. I stepped out back, on the loading docks, for a break. Nearby, gunfire rang out. I thought about going back inside the market, I mean, I don’t want to get involved with gangsters. So, I stood up and was about to leave when I saw Allexas drag herself around a corner. She took a few more steps before collapsing to the ground. May Jesus forgive me. I admit I hesitated before choosing to help her. I didn’t know her well, but I decided to help her anyway. I dragged her inside and placed her in the employee’s restroom. Lowering her to the floor, I was amazed at how little blood she had lost considering I counted three holes in the back of her blouse. Her eyes fluttered open and she started to mumble. I got down close to her and she said, ‘I need to get my daughter. I can’t let

them get her.’

I told her, ‘Mi hija, of course, we’ll go get your little girl, but first, you need to go to the hospital-‘

Allexas reached up and grimaced in pain. She grabbed me by the arm as firmly as she could and gasped, ‘No! No, hospitals.’ I looked at her terrified face and something in me went out to this girl. I nodded and stood up. I told her to be quiet and I left the bathroom. I ran to the nearest phone and called my cousin, Gloria. In my neighborhood, Gloria is the local curandera – healer. A few minutes later, Gloria arrived, driving her neighbor’s car and helped me get Allexas out of the store. Allexas was taken to Gloria’s home while I went and got this pretty girl here.

“ Using keys I got off Allexas, I unlocked the door to Allexas’ apartment. When I entered the apartment, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. In the back of the small living room was a single large chair that an adult could sit in. Everything else in the apartment was baby furniture – A swing, a table, tiny chairs and so much more. I finally regained my senses and went into the bedroom and found Vellena sleeping in her crib. I picked her up and she didn’t even fuss. I carried her and a few of her things out of the apartment.

“ Once outside, I looked over the railing and noticed three men wearing black suits. Those men had an air about them, you could almost smell the fact that they were federal agents, Imigre, I thought. They were talking to the landlord. I watched as the landlord pointed at the door I had just exited. Terrified, I walked quickly to the corner apartment where a friend of mine lives. She let me in and I waited there until I saw the three men leave. Later when I arrived at Gloria’s house, I found out Allexas had a high fever. Gloria told me the bullets had gone clean through Allexas, but Gloria also told me that she was amazed that Allexas was alive at all. I sat beside Allexas, facing her as I wiped the sweat from her brow. She tossed about and kept crying out crazy things.

“ The next morning, I placed an old crib in Allexas’ room and put Vellena in it. I hoped if Allexas became conscious she might be relieved to see her child was safe. Still, I sat beside her, crocheting to pass the time. While finishing off a row, I looked up to find Allexas staring back at me. We sat there and stared at each other for a few minutes until, in a whisper, she asked:


‘My name is Alma Hijuj.’


‘Your little girl is sleeping over there. You are in a place that’s safe.’


‘You needed some help, didn’t you?’

‘Yes, but why?’

I looked in the girl’s eyes for a while before reaching inside my blouse and taking out my necklace. (Alma pulled out a braided cord that had a diamond shape, woven from blue and yellow yarn.) I showed this to her and said with more anger than I had intended, ‘I

am Kumeyaay. My people once lived freely on this land and land like it in Mexico. First, the Spaniards came, said we were savages and stole our land, then the Americans came, called us savages, placed borders down and split up my people. Now, when my people cross those borders, they are chased. Just like they shot at you, they shoot at my people. My people are hunted like animals, like something not human. The Imigre says ‘lousy immigrant,’ ‘dirty alien’ go back to where you came from, but this is our home, too.’

I expected her to be disturbed by what I said, but instead, Allexas just nodded her head, turned away and fell asleep.

“ On the third day, Allexas seemed to improve. I came by Gloria’s and found Allexas playing with Vellena, bouncing the child on her lap. Allexas looked at me and said, ‘My Vellena is a very precious child. She is very important.’ I took the statement for what it was; leaving Allexas so she could enjoy her child in privacy.

“ On the fourth day, I came to check on Allexas. Gloria stopped me when I entered her house. She said that Allexas had taken a turn for the worst the night before and there was nothing she or I could do for her. I entered the room and saw Allexas lying in the bed, straining to breathe. Again, I sat beside her and her eyes opened, looking at me intensely. She lifted her fingers from the bed, signaling me to take her hand. Without hesitation, I took her left hand in mine. Although she was very weak, Allexas managed to whisper, ‘Alma, I feel I know you. In the end, I think we are more the same than we

are different.’

“ She held up her right hand and it started to glow. From across the room, a small metal statue of the blessed mother sailed directly into Allexas’ right hand. I gasped and pulled my hand away from hers. I looked her in the eyes and saw the question in them. Straightening my back, I leaned forward and took her hand in mine again. With what must have been the last of her strength, Allexas let go of the statue and reached over, placing her right hand over our clenched hands and started to speak:

‘Alma, my name isn’t Allexas Wavmen. I’m an alien, but I was born on this planet. Remember, I told you that Vellena is important, well, she is. Vellena is the only child of my kind to be born in a long time. I know I’m asking a lot, but could you take Vellena to her Father. I never told him about her and he probably still hates me, but, very soon, he will be the only family she has in this world.’

I reached over with my right hand and wiped her red curls out of her face. I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. I searched her eyes and saw death staring back at me. I squeezed her hand and said, ‘Be at peace. I will take your daughter to her Father.’ Relieved, Allexas fell back on the pillows. She motioned for me to come closer, so I leaned over her and positioned my ear near her dry lips and heard her whisper, ‘My

child’s Father’s name is Maxwell Evans and he lives at 2317˝ Corliss Street in Glendale, CA. When you see him, tell him Tess Harding sent you.’

“ After that, she closed her eyes and they didn’t open again. She went back and forth between this world and the next until, on the morning of the Fifth day, she died. I would have come sooner, to make good on my promise, but I had to wait until I could get a few days off from work. Now, I really must be going. I need to catch the bus back to El Centro tonight. (Handing Vellena to Max) There you go, Mama. Go to your Papi. (Handing the baby bag to Max) She really is a good baby. (Picking up her suitcase) She hardly ever cries and she smiles all the time.”

As Alma placed one last kiss on Vellena’s head, she only paused a second before she smiled at Max and walked to the door. Alma opened the door and left, closing the door behind her.

After Alma left, an unnatural silence fell over Max and Liz’ living room. They continued to sit there, on the sofa, amidst their wedding gifts. Liz was the first to move. Raising both her hands, Liz tried to wipe away the cold that was threatening to envelop her. Beside her, Max held Vellena with stiff, unbent arms, his large hands around her small body. Looking straight ahead, Max tried not to look at a pair of brilliant, blue eyes that reminded him too much of a woman who played a key role in his nightmares. Slowly, Max leaned forward and placed Vellena on the coffee table beside the other unclaimed gifts. Confused, Vellena looked Max up and down, again and again, until finally holding out her chubby arms and saying:


Somewhere deep inside her, Liz felt something break, like a dam, releasing the restrained anger, sadness and betrayal inside her. Standing up suddenly, Liz cried out,

“I’ve got to get out of here.”

Turning to the right, Liz ran down the hallway, entering her bedroom. Max jumped to his feet, intent on following Liz, when another “up” stopped him. Looking down, Max saw Vellena smiling wide, her little hands clenching and unclenching. Bending down, Max picked up the baby before following Liz into their bedroom.

In the bedroom, Liz had an open suitcase lying on the bed. Quickly, Liz picked up toiletries and clothes and pitched them into the suitcase. Stunned, Max stood in the doorway, holding Vellena on his hip.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m leaving.”


Liz closed the top on the suitcase and reached over to zip it up. As she pulled the bag off the bed, She looked at Max and said, “I don’t care if it was all in your mind. I don’t care

if you were never physical. Still, you had sex with her! While we were together.”

Max stepped aside as Liz rolled the bag across the carpet and out of the bedroom. As Liz passed by him, Max pleaded, “Liz, I swear it wasn’t like that. I –…It was so long ago.”

Liz turned to look back at Max, as she got closer to the front door. Betrayal filled her words as she retorted, “And that makes it better. No, Max. No.”

Angry, Max called out to Liz as she opened the front door, “What happened to better or for worse?”

Liz looked back as she stood in the doorway, holding the screen door open. Sadness filled her eyes. She glanced once at her wedding ring before looking Max in the eyes and asking, “What happened to forsaking all others?”

Liz walked past the screen door, not caring that it slammed upon closing.


Five blocks away, Michael and Maria were huddled on their couch, watching one of their many videocassettes. As Wolverine flew across the screen at Sabertooth, Michael stuffed another handful of popcorn in his mouth. The pair jumped when a loud, frantic knocking called from their front door. Michael jumped up, crossed the room and opened the door. Standing on their front step was Liz, panting hard, red faced and crying. Maria ran over and helped Liz into the apartment. Michael followed, dragging Liz’ suitcase with him. Maria sat with Liz on the sofa, holding her with her left arm. Concerned, Maria asked, “Liz, what’s wrong?”

Liz started crying again as she gasped, “Oh Maria, some woman just came by the house with a baby, saying that Max is the Father.”

Maria looked over at Michael’s shocked face. He shook his head and held up his hands. Maria sighed as she smoothed Liz’s hair and asked, “Max had an affair with this woman?”

“No, worse, the baby’s mother is Tess.”

Michael lurched forward, his hands gripping the back of the sofa. After a moment’s composure, Michael asked, “Tess came to your house?”

“No. Tess is dead. This woman just came to deliver the baby…Oh God, Michael, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have just blurted it out like that. I guess I just forgot she was your sister.”

Michael nodded and closed his eyes. Maria reached over and placed her left hand over his. Michael rubbed his thumb against Maria’s hand. Opening his eyes, Michael questioned Liz further, “Are you sure? Tess is dead.”

“That’s what the woman said, Michael.”

Michael let go of Maria’s hand and squeezed the sofa again.

“Where’s Max?”

“He’s at home.”

Michael squeezed the back of the sofa again while pushing away from it. He crossed the room, took his jacket from the coat hook and took one last look at Maria.

Before leaving, Michael addressed Liz, “Don’t take it personal, Liz, but I think

Max needs a little more help than you right now.”

Maria waved at Michael to get his attention. In Michael/Maria speak, Maria told Michael to call if he was going to be out late by raising her left hand, her pinky and thumb extended in opposite directions, and positioning it beside her head like she was holding a phone. Michael nodded, put on his jacket and headed out of the door. Michael’s last statement hung in the air. It stung Liz and caused Maria to rock her head from side to side, but couldn’t stop the small smile from forming on her face. Maria looked at Liz and said, “Michael has a problem. He’s afflicted with blatant honesty, not tempered by tact.”

Nodding, Liz looked over at Maria and asked, “Can I stay here for awhile?”

Maria squeezed Liz’ hand before replying, “Yeah, of course.”

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