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"Us Six Against the World "
Part 21
by Linda
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Max looked from Paulie to Liz. His soulful eyes searched her face and then met her eyes with a burning intensity. She could see the concern, love and anger in his eyes, as he looked her over to make sure she was all right.

Liz smiled to reassure him. He was here! She knew he'd come! She had felt him right before she had fallen asleep. Max!

Max felt Michael move next to him and knew what Michael was thinking.

Paulie laughed as well. "Ah Gurien. You are so easy to read. You act on your emotions. As does Max. You are so weak Max Evans. And Liz Parker only weakens you even more. Look at you. Even now, you are more worried about how she is, then about what I am going to do to you. To all of you."

Paulie had felt that connection between Max and Liz and it angered him all over again. It had always made him crazy.

Max, Michael and Alex saw Kyle shift a little and the four of them exchanged looks and moved as one.

But even distracted with his own thoughts, Paulie laughed and threw them all off of him, sending them all against different walls, without even releasing Liz.

Isabel just gasped and leaned back against the open door, as she watched all four of the guys get tossed like rag dolls.

Michael recovered enough to find Maria not far from him, and he crawled over to her and took her in his arms. He ran his hands over her; to make sure she was okay. Then he held her and glared at the fourth alien. They had to do something.

"What can we do?" Maria asked, as if reading his thoughts.

Michael held her tighter and shook his head. He didn't know yet, but he was not going to let that psycho kill any of them.

"Now, first I will kill Liz. Sweet, innocent, little WHORE Liz!" Paulie spit out and started to tighten his arm around her neck. And you all get to watch. Especially you Evans."

"Hold it! Let the girl go, Paulie."

They all turned to see the sheriff in the doorway.

Paulie just laughed again. "Ah sheriff. Welcome. It took you long enough to figure all this out. But you can't stop me either. None of you can." He just eyed the sheriff and the gun the sheriff held on him, with disgust.

Max's head was spinning. He knew they couldn't beat Paulie's power, but if they could distract him enough, maybe the sheriff could get a shot. God, if only we could distract him. Max thought.

He saw Liz turn to him and realized she had heard his thoughts. His eyes widened in surprise, then softened as they looked at her. Then they both closed their eyes and concentrated.

Michael and Isabel also heard the plea and closed their eyes as well. Maria saw Michael close his eyes and saw the others do the same, and she placed her hand gently on Michael's arm and gave him her strength as well. She felt a slight vibration, and at first she wanted to pull away in surprise, but Michael grabbed her hand and held on tighter.

Paulie suddenly felt the combined power. As if Liz was being pulled from him, and he tightened his grasp on her even more. "No!" he growled in anger. He knew what they were trying to do. But he was stronger. "Bastards!" he laughed. "You think you can beat me!" But it took all of his concentration to hold on to Liz.

When he saw the sheriff out of the side of his vision, move forward, his concentration broke enough and Liz fell back on the bed. As he reached for her again, the sheriff fired.

Paulie was surprised, and his hand came up to hold his shoulder where the bullet had pierced, and then he grinned at Jim Valenti. "You can't stop me Sheriff. And I'll kill you too. And it will all be blamed on Evans here." Paulie laughed as he let them know his plans.

Jim Valenti knew he could only do one thing. He looked at the teen and fired. This time with the aim to kill.

Jim Valenti saw Paulie look up at him, as he stood over him. The surprise on Paulie's face was gone almost before he saw it. Then he saw Paulie glance at Max Evans, smile, and then Paulie closed his eyes and let the life leave his body.

Max saw something move behind Sheriff Valenti and saw Jordan outside in the shadows. Jordan nodded, and Max gave him a smile, and he watched Jordan disappear again, into the night.

Liz swallowed, then moved. She got up and ran to Max. Max met her half way across the room and they embraced. Max and Liz didn't notice the commotion going on around them as Isabel ran to Alex and helped him up, and Kyle went over to his dad.

Michael turned to Maria and before she could say anything, he was kissing her wildly.

Max leaned away from Liz enough to let his hands gently touch her face and ease the pain of the bruise he couldn't heal with the sheriff right there. Then he let his hand run down Liz's body, checking for any other signs of injury.

All the while Liz continued to hold Max's eyes and she kissed the one hand that still cupped her cheek. He saw the love blazing in her eyes, and the total trust she had had in him.

Max gently covered her mouth with his for a gentle but possessive kiss. "God I love you, Liz." He said in a choked whisper.

"I love you too Max." she whispered on a sob.

Then Max smiled, his own eyes full of unshed tears, as he placed his hand gently down to rest against Liz's stomach. He looked deep into her eyes and smiled. "I know." He tried to swallow around the lump in his throat.

Liz could feel Max's hand shaking, and saw the wonder, awe, and most of all the love that crossed Max's face, as he reverently caressed his hand over where their baby was nestled. Liz started to reassure him that she was okay, that she would be okay, but Max put a finger over her lips and smiled.

"It's okay Liz. Trust me, you and the baby will be fine." He whispered in his deep voice.

And Liz could tell from the look in his eyes, that he knew this to be true. And trusting him completely, she relaxed for the first time since finding out she was carrying Max's child.

Then Max groaned and took Liz's mouth with a hunger he hadn't known he was capable of. It wasn't a sexual hunger, but more a hunger to be close to her again, to hold her, touch her and taste her all around him. He didn't ever want to let her go again.


Liz had finished packing when there was a knock on the motel room door. She looked up and called out that it was unlocked.

Kyle peaked his head in. "My dad said you wanted to see me?" he asked quietly. Liz smiled brightly and nodded.

Kyle came in and left the door open as he walked to the middle of the room. They had moved Liz to a different room, since the other room was now a crime scene. "You okay Liz?" Kyle asked with concern.

Liz wiped her hands down her jeans and smiled as she came to stand before him."Yeah. How are you doing?" she asked with concern.

Kyle shrugged and sighed. "Okay, I guess."

"Kyle. I just I wanted to thank you. You risked your life when you came in to help Maria and I."

Kyle shrugged again but smiled a little. “Obviously I didn't do much Liz, except get thrown across the room once again." He teased.

Liz smiled at his teasing look and nodded again. Then she stepped closer and took his hands. "You're a sweet guy Kyle, and I hope we can start to become friends again. And I really hope Vicki gets better soon."

Kyle's face turned sober again and she saw the brief flash of pain in his eyes. "I don't know, it's been so long." Kyle swallowed.

"I know Kyle. But I have a feeling she's going to be okay." Liz said and put her arms around Kyle and gave him a reassuring hug.

Kyle hugged her back and smiled as he released her.

"Max Evan had better know what a lucky guy he is." Kyle said softly.

"He does." Max said in his rough, low voice from the doorway.

Kyle saw Liz's eyes light up when she saw Max and he just shook his head. Amazing. And Max's eyes were only for Liz. They always had been.

"Take care of her, you hear Evans." Kyle said and quietly left, closing the door behind him.

Max swallowed as he tried to contain all he was feeling as he looked at Liz. She was so beautiful to him. So sweet, so warm, so loving, and his. And carrying his child! God, the thought made his knees weak, and his heart to beat overtime.

Liz was mesmerized by the look in Max’s eyes. As usual, that soulful look drew her in, until she didn't see or hear anything but Max. As Max came closer Liz held her breath. Max's eyes were so intent.

All Max could think about was kissing Liz. Loving her until they both passed out from exhaustion. But he stopped himself when he saw the deep circles under her eyes, and remembered all she had been through, and that she was indeed pregnant, and he didn't know exactly what tolls this would take on her body. He had to talk to Jordan again soon. He wanted to bring Liz to meet him anyways.

Liz saw the fire bank in Max's eyes and she looked disappointed. It was still there, but she could see he was holding it at bay. He was worried about her as usual.

Liz smiled and slid into Max's waiting arms. "Max" she whispered, looking up at him with all the love and passion she was feeling. She wanted him.

Max swallowed and gently caressed her tired looking face. Then he took her hand and led her to the bathroom.

"Take a hot shower Liz and then I'll hold you all night okay?" he said softly. He wanted her so much; he was afraid of what would happen if he lost his control.

Liz sighed but turned to the shower. She could use a nice hot one since they were heading back to Roswell tomorrow, and she would be on the road again all day. And she also wanted to take the feel of Paulie off of her.

But she still had plans for Max before the night was over. After this they would be back in Roswell, and they would have so much to explain to their parents, and to the authorities, and Max still needed to explain what he had learned. There would be little time for just them. And she was NOT going to waste that time tonight.

Liz turned on the shower and stepped in. She purposely didn't close the door to the bathroom. She smiled as she let the heat of the spray wash over her. Relaxing her and cleansing her to her soul. And she made plans on how to seduce Max. Max the noble, who was trying to be careful with her. She smiled and loved him all the more, but she was going to have him tonight.

Liz reached for the soap but noticed it was only the motel room soap. She grinned and bit her lip. "Max?"

Max was pacing the outer room. He had wanted to go over and close the bathroom door, but had been afraid to get even that close to the bathroom, and Liz. He froze when he heard her calling to him.

"Max, I packed my soap and shampoo, could you hand them to me please." She asked softly.

Max swore, spun around, grabbed the items out of her open suitcase, and clenching his teeth he entered the torture chamber. The heat and mist was all around him, and he could see the slim shadow of Liz behind the plastic white curtain.

He could do this, he told himself. He held out one hand and slid it just inside the curtain. He didn't even trust himself to speak.

"Thanks." He heard and felt Liz's hand touch his to take the objects he offered.

Pure electricity. Max snatched his hand back and started to bolt.

"Max." Liz called once more. She saw him starting out of the bathroom and wouldn't let him. She was going to have him so ready, that by the time she was done, Max would not have the will to fight her or himself, when they snuggled together in bed.

"Max." Liz said again when she saw him hovering near the door. "Could you just hand me my razor on the sink please?" she asked and bit her lip not to laugh. She could feel the struggle Max was having with himself.

Taking a deep breath, and gritting his teeth once again, he extended the razor as well. But he was unprepared for Liz's next move.

She flung back the curtain, and smiled her thanks and lifting a leg onto the tub wall, she started to run the razor down one leg.

Max could only stare. His blood was pounding through every once of him. He could hear it in his ears, as if his blood was going to boil over and explode.

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