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"Us Six Against the World "
Part 22
by Linda
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Max stared at Liz's wet, sleek body, as she gently ran the razor up her leg, and he gave up the fight.

Liz was taken by surprise when Max took the razor out of her hand, tossed it in the sink behind him, and lifted Liz up under the arms, as he stepped into the shower with her, fully dressed.

Liz laughed as she saw Max even had his sneakers still on. He gently placed her against the tile behind her and held her up high enough so he could be eye to eye with her.

"Max?" Liz smiled waiting.

"Yeah." He said hoarsely, just letting his eyes soak in her face, hair, neck and body as he held her up.

"You're in the shower all dressed." She laughed. And could feel her whole body heating everywhere Max's eyes touched.

"You got a problem with that?" he asked as he leaned in closer for a kiss. She saw his long lashes as his eyes half closed and focused on her lips as his own approached hers.

"No not at all." She whispered and as Max captured her mouth, she wrapped her arms and legs around him and held on.

Liz sighed into Max mouth. She loved just kissing him.

Max leaned back slightly and rested his forehead against hers as they both tried to catch their breath. His breath was raging in and out of his lungs. The stream of water from the shower pouring down his face only accented the passionate darkness of his eyes.

She was sleek and wet. The feel of her wrapped around him was intoxicating. He could feel the heat of her though his wet closed. Their faces were close, their eyes locked. Each had forgotten the shower pouring over them as the passion within took over. Heart pounded against heart. Need pounded against need.

Then Liz's eyes lowered to his mouth once more and he lost the rest of his control.

His mouth took hers wildly, and she answered. Unleashed, the passion drove them far past sanity, beyond the civilized and into the dark tunnel of their need and desire for one another. His lips sped across her face, seeking to devour all that could be consumed and more. When his teeth scraped over the cord of her neck, Liz moaned and drew him closer to her.

Max could feel every line and curve of Liz as though there were no clothes between them. Her heart pounded. It seemed as if it had worked its way inside his chest to merge with his. Her body felt like a furnace. He hadn't known there could be such heat from a living thing. But alive she was, moving, hands seeking, mouth greedy. The water sluicing over them, now losing it's heat, should have cooled the fire, yet it stroked it higher so that the water might have sizzled on contact.

He knew only greed, only ageless need and primitive urges. She'd bewitched him from the first instant he'd seen her years ago, and now, tonight she had asked for the fire. Her hands were in his hair; bringing his mouth back to hers again and again so that her lips could leave him breathless, arouse more hunger.

In frenzy, Liz dragged at his shirt, yanking and tugging until it was over his head and discarded. With a long, low moan, she ran her hands over him. Max's shuttered at her touch

His hands slid over her wet skin, kneading, possessing, and hurrying in his greed for more. And when she arched against him, agile and demanding, he buried his mouth at her breast and lost himself.

He sucked hard and long. Then nibbled and licked her breasts until not an inch wasn't burned by the passion of his tongue.

He tasted the water from the shower on her, and it was laced with her own scent. Like a drowning man he clung to her as he sank beneath the depths. He knew what it was to want a woman, this woman, but not like this. Desire could be controlled, channeled, guided. But love was more powerful than desire, as Max had always known.

Loosening her legs from around his waist, he gently eased her down until she was standing on her own. Then he was on his knees in front of her. His teeth scraped over her hip, down her thigh to the inside of her knee, and then back up again to the inside of her thigh.

Liz could only throw her head back against the cool tiles and hold on to Max's sleek wet shoulders as he gently nibbled his way up to her aching needing heat.

Mindlessly, he plunged his tongue into her and heard her cry out. Heat suffused him. The water pelted on his back unfelt, ran from his hair onto her hands, that gripped his strong shoulders, but did nothing to wash away the passion that drover them both closer and closer to the peak.

Just like the first time, the taste of Liz intoxicated Max until his head was spinning. He loved tasting her and feeling her whole body shudder while little cries and gasps of pleasure tore from her throat.

Then Max stood and they were both fighting with his jeans, hands tangling together while their lips fused again. The sounds coming low from Liz's throat might have been his name or some new spell she was weaving over him. He no longer cared.

While he unbuttoned the top button on his jeans, Liz slid the zipper down his very large arousal, her hands shaking with anticipation. Finally, she pealed his jeans down along with his boxers, not an easy job as wet as they were, and ran her hands back up his muscular legs, and then slid between his spread legs, to take hold of his passion which was proudly throbbing before her. Max let Liz explore and caress him for only a minute, knowing he couldn't hold out much longer. Then he lifted Liz up again, holding her against the tiles once more, as he plunged his tongue into her mouth, and his flesh deep into hers. Liz sobbed at the sudden pleasure of Max filling her, completing her, and once again wrapped her legs around Max's waist to ride out the storm she had provoked.

When Liz stiffened, arched further into him, and cried out, Max struggled to find both his sanity and his reason. But then he felt her spasms of pleasure drawing him into the satin-darkness, and he threw back his head and unleashed the passion he'd been controlling forever.

He pounded into Liz and she held him tighter, holding his neck and face, and kissing his hair and jaw as if she couldn't get enough. She felt the power of Max as he gave her all he had and she thrilled in his total lack of control.

Max leaned them both against the tile, his head cradled in Liz's neck, as he tried to catch his breath. He reached one hand out to shut off the now cold water, and eased away from Liz. Gently easing her off of him, and putting her feet back on solid ground.

The burning look in his eyes couldn't hide the concern he now had for the control he had lost.

Liz smiled brightly up at him, all the passion and love she felt, in her eyes. He knew she was okay, and sighed. He hadn't hurt her with his total unleashed passion.

The love he felt for Liz couldn't even be described or put into words. She completed him. She was his other half, and he had never known what that meant until now.

He dropped a kiss on her lips, soft, more like a whisper, then lifter her into the cradle of his arms.

Liz's laugh was deep and husky from her cries of pleasure and she was giddy from the feeling of weightlessness and ease with which he lifted her.

Somewhere in the midst of all that passion, Max had managed to get his sneakers and socks off, but didn't even notice as he carried Liz out of the shower.

Max gently placed Liz on one of the double beds and followed her down, until they were skin to skin, touching everywhere. Max sighed and just held her. Just loving having Liz in his arms again.

She nuzzled against him when he ran his hands down her back. Strong hands, toughened in contrast to hers. There were no others she could ever imagine touching her.

With the scent and feel of Liz all around him, Max felt himself hardened again. He wasn't surprised anymore that Liz had this affect on him so quickly.

Liz snuggled closer to his arousal and purred her pleasure at the feel of it. Max felt the rushing heat of passion building again. His muscles contracted with it, tightening, preparing.

Not this time he told himself as he pressed his mouth to her throat. This time he would remember her fragility and all she'd been through recently. And at that thought, he lifted his head from her neck and met her passion filled smiling eyes.

Max sucked in his breath and pulled away a little to slide a hand to Liz's stomach. Then, not taking his eyes from the still flat surface his hand covered, he slid down until his head was at her tummy.

Liz held her own breath as she watched Max reverently caress and brush his cheek over where their baby lay.

“Hi baby. It's daddy. Hope I didn't scare you before. It's just me." He whispered huskily, then smiled and kissed her tummy.

Liz at first felt tears of overwhelming feeling as she watched Max caress their child. Then she couldn't help but laugh at his last statement.

Max lifted his head and their eyes met. His were bright with unshed tears and blazing with love. And also a smile hovered around his cute mouth as he listened to the beautiful sound of Liz's laugh as she caught his meaning about introducing himself to their baby earlier.

Then his mouth was on hers again, gently this time, tasting and nibbling and just enjoying the taste of the slow building passion.

He knew that tomorrow they would have so much to do. He still needed to explain to Liz what he had found out about himself, and he needed to talk to Jordan again, about what the pregnancy would be like for Liz. And then, he knew that they had to go back to Roswell and face their parents. But tonight tonight he let all that float away as he concentrated on Liz. Only Liz.

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