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"Too Much TV"
Part 1
by Jennifer007
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Summary: This is where a summary goes, but I'm just going to say that if you haven't read my stories titled, Time Flies When Your Having Fun, and We Have A Problem. Then you need to read those first so you'll get this one. Because this really wont make sense to you if you don't read those.
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Rating: PG
Authors Note: I'm using the channels that are on in my area so if they aren't the same as yours are you've never heard of them sorry!!!!!!!! Also some of the lines from the tv shows are going to be wrong, but I don't remember them all. Also I don't want to confuse you, but the charachers are going to have different names because they are going to play these parts.
Everyone was hanging out at Michael's new place, it was a Saturday afternoon. All of them had the day off from their different jobs. Ever since they had traveled through time together and gotten sick the group has gotten even closer, there is no secrets and wherever one is the rest are sure to follow.

Isabel was sitting on the couch with Alex and they were flipping through the channels on the television. Michael had spread a sleeping bag on the ground and Max, Liz, Maria and him were all laying on it.

They had decided that Michaels place would be a safe place for the time travel unit. So it was there, but today they had gotten it out because they wanted to look at it, and see if some of the symbols were like the ones that they had seen in their visions. They were safe here and the guys were showing the girls some of their powers. So Max and Liz had volunteered to fall asleep so they could show the girls how they do the dreamwalking, Isabel and Alex had decided not to because as Isabel said, "I really don't want to know what goes on in their heads when they're all goo goo eyed like that.

Max and Liz were laying on the bag holding each other, and Maria was laying with her head on Michaels chest as it raised and fell.

"You know I think this one right here." Michael touches a swirling mark on the unit not noticing it sparkle, "I think I saw this when I got sick."

"Which time?"

"After I went to see Riverdog."

Maria nods.

Liz and Max have fallen asleep by now, Maria hears a little snore come from Max, "I think they're out." Maria says. Michael looks at them and nods his head, he puts the unit down. He holds Maria's hand and touches the picture of Max and Liz together. Maria and him drift off and they meet Max and Liz, their standing in a wide open field.

"Whose dream is this?" Maria asks.

Max and Liz smile at each other, "It's both of ours." They say at the same time.

Michael and Maria smile and roll their eyes. All of a sudden a blanket appears with a picnic basket, their outfits all change into something more appropriate for the weather. They sit down and just enjoy being here like this.

Meanwhile at Michael's apartment:

Isabel is looking at the group on the ground, "Are you sure you don't want to join them?"

Alex nods, "Yeah, besides if we do the dreamwalking, I would rather it be just you and me."

Isabel smiles at him, "Yeah me too."

Alex grabs the remote from her, "But I do want to change the channel," he turns it to a basketball game.

Isabel lets him do this and cuddles up closer to him. He puts an arm casually around her and they sit there like that. They hear laughter coming from Maria and they look down at the ground.

Maria is laying there, still asleep, but she is laughing about something.

Isabel rolls her eyes, "I can just imagine why she's laughing, Oh Michael you're so funny Ha Ha Ha."

Alex laughs with her, "Yeah they get a little crazy when they're all together don't they?"

Isabel nods, "Yeah sometimes I wish I could just turn them off like a t.v." She grabs the remote from Alex, "Like this." She pushes the power button on the remote, and as soon as she does the TV turns off and all four people on the sleeping bag disappear.

Alex stares at the spot where the couples were. "Iz? Where did they go?" Alex says panicky. Isabel looks around like she doesn't know what's going on.


"How am I supposed to know?" Alex tells her.

"All I did was push the power button" she does this again, "And they disappeared." Isabel stands up and is pacing around, she picks up the sleeping bag, nothing is there. She goes to the kitchen and starts opening the cupboards thinking they may be in there.

"ISABEL!" Alex says really loud. She runs out into the living room, "What?" She looks around expecting to see them, but Alex is just pointing at the TV. Isabel looks at him like he's crazy, "I DON'T HAVE TIME TO WATCH TV!"

He grabs her by the shoulders shaking her, "No Isabel really look at it."

Isabel looks at the television, she watches and sees the players running around the court. Then she sees it, Max and Michael are on the screen, they are running around tossing the ball to other members on the team. Michael manages to get the ball away from a guy and he shoots and makes a point winning the game, the buzzer sounds indicating the end of the game. Michael and Max high five each other and the other members of their team. The camera pans to the sidelines and you can see the cheerleaders doing their flips and front kicks. It pans in on a section of the cheerleaders and you can clearly see Liz and Maria are two of the cheerleaders.

Alex looks at Isabel, "What in the hell happened?"

Isabel just shakes her head in bewilderment.

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