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"Too Much TV"
Part 2
by Jennifer007
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Summary: This is where a summary goes, but I'm just going to say that if you haven't read my stories titled, Time Flies When Your Having Fun, and We Have A Problem. Then you need to read those first so you'll get this one. Because this really wont make sense to you if you don't read those.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I'm using the channels that are on in my area so if they aren't the same as yours are you've never heard of them sorry!!!!!!!! Also some of the lines from the tv shows are going to be wrong, but I don't remember them all. Also I don't want to confuse you, but the charachers are going to have different names because they are going to play these parts.
Alex sat down on the couch and stares at the TV, Isabel just stands there not quite believing what's going on. They watch as commercial after commercial comes on and still no sign of Max and the others.

"Where are they?" Isabel asks.

"I don't know!" Alex snaps at her.

Isabel looks at him with a sad look on her face. Alex feels guilty.

"Look Isabel, I'm sorry it's just I'm worried to."

"I know you are Alex it's okay."

"So what should we do?" Alex asks her.

"Let's just watch and see what happens." She sits down on the floor and they watch as a the news comes on, they keep watching and there is no sign of them.

"Hey do you think that maybe they're on a different channel?" Alex asks.

"They could be, do you think we should try?"

"Well it couldn't hurt." Alex pushes the channel up button, they see a guy selling this new amazing new cleaner, there's no sign of them. He pushes up again and lands on the FX channel, there is an episode of NYPD Blue playing, their keeping their eyes peeled and then Isabel sees it. "Oh my God Alex, there's Liz!"

Liz walks into the station house, she sits down at her desk. She starts typing up some papers, she hears yelling coming from the coffee room, and looks in that direction.

Max and Michael are standing over a man yelling at him.

"If you tell me one more time that you didn't kill her I'm going to tear you a new one buddy." Michael yells in the guys face.

The perp who is scared looks at Max, "Are you going to let him talk to me like that?"

"Hey I can't control him, he's out of control."

"Bobby why don't you step outside, I think I want to be alone with him for a bit."

"Sure Andy, I can step outside." Max goes out the door leaving Michael in there with the guy. He closes the door and hears banging and things being thrown in there.

Max goes up to Liz, "Hey Diane," he leans down and whispers in her ear, "you coming over tonight?"

Liz smiles up at him, "Yeah Bobby, I'm coming over."

He smiles back at her, "Good."

They both hear the perp screaming in the coffee room and Max looks at Liz, "I better get in there before Andy kills that guy."

A commercial comes on.

Isabel looks at Alex, "Oh my God, this is getting so weird."

"I know, who would have thought Michael as Sipowicz, hmph I think Michael looks way better."

"Alex I'm not talking about that, I'm saying this whole thing is so weird."

"Oh yeah, well I mean that's not saying anything." He gets up and goes over to where the TV is, he gets a blank tape and puts it in the VCR and starts recording, "I think we should tape this, as some kind of proof."

"Shhh, it's back on."

Maria walks into the squad room, she's carrying a briefcase and wearing a dress suit.

"Hey Diane."

"Hi Sylvia."

"Is Andy around?"

"Yeah him and Bobby are in talking to a guy."

"Okay, umm I'm just going to wait for him here." She points to his desk.

"Sure that's fine."

A couple minutes go by and Max and Michael come out, Michael sees Maria, "Hey what are you doing here?"

"Hey Andy, I was on my way to court and I wanted to stop in and tell you that I won't be home till late."

"All right, well here let me walk you out." She gets up saying bye to Liz and Max, "Bye Sylvia." Max says.

Andy walks her downstairs and then outside.

"Well I'll let you get back to work Andy."

"Sure, and I'll see you when you get home, what time you thinking?"

"No later then 11:00."

Michael nods his head, and Maria kisses him. "I'll see you tonight honey."

"Okay." He walks back up the stairs.

It's nighttime and Max is in his apartment, there's a knock on the door and he goes to answer it. Liz is standing there, Max opens the door wider and lets her enter. He takes her coat and puts it on a chair.

"So." Diane says.

"So." Max says.

"So you want to go to bed Bobby?"

Max kisses her and they start shedding their clothes, he picks her up and walks her to the bed laying her on it, when she lays on the bed you can clearly see her ass, Max takes his briefs off, revealing his nice, tan, smooth ass. He gets on the bed with her kissing her and the end credits come on.

In the apartment Isabel has her eyes covered and Alex is blushing and laughing.

Isabel glares at him, "What's so funny?"

"I just never thought I would see your brother's ass, let alone Liz's."

Isabel tries to glare but can't stop from smiling herself.

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