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"To Kill Or Not To Kill"
Part 8
by Ala
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Summary: Maria and Liz are going on dates with Micheal and Max, will they find the truth? Check out yorself. Feedback would is really wanted. So write to me:
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“Max. It was really wonderful evening. I would like to repeat it”

Max watched her every move. He still didn’t understand those visions, but being near Liz was making his soother. “Me too. Maybe tomorrow …”

“Yeah I would like to. But what about Tess? We can’t treat her like that” Max tried to avoid her eyes. Liz cupped his face and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. “ Max, she should know the truth”

“I’ll tell her” Max stared in Liz’s eyes. “Goodbye, Liz” He said and turned away

Liz quickly grabbed him once again and caught his lips in another deep kiss. “So much about being rationalist…” She smiled


“Alex it’s third time we go this street” Tess was annoyed.

“Maybe this time they will be here”

“It’s senseless. They got away from town without saying ‘goodbye” Isabel panicked “They are somewhere in New Mexico right now”

“No they’re not” Alex said pointing at two silhouettes in front of small blue house.

“Max?” Isabel asked unbelievably “What is he doing”

“Oh my god! He’s kissing that Liz girl” Tess screamed. She felt madness overwhelming her. ‘Bastard. How he could do it to me! ‘ “Alex! Stop the car!” She demanded

Alex restrained the car. Tess got off it as quickly as she could. Then she ran to Max and Liz. She separate them from their embrace and she looked him squarely in eyes

“Max! YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” She said punching him in face

“What? Tess! Hi!” Max didn’t know what to say ‘It’s not what you thinking. But it is. I didn’t want to kiss her. Who am I lying? I did ‘

“Hi yourself. How could you? You were my boyfriend! I loved you!” Tess yelled in anger

“But I don’t love you Tess!” Max quickly said. He watched how her fury was replaced by hurt.

“Yes you do. You don’t know it yet” She screamed

“No I don’t” Max said gazing directly in Tess’s eyes

Blonde curly girl didn’t know what to say. She turned to Liz. “It is all your fault. Who do you think you are to steal from me Max!” She was ready to punch Liz, but she felt strong arms grabbing her waist. She turned away to see Max holding her tightly

“Tess! Stop it! She’s innocence. Believe it or not but I asked her out! Don’t act like a little kid!”

“Max! Who do you think you are!” he heard another familiar voice behind him “You can’t destroy your relationship with Tess!” Isabel was mad. “What’s got into you!”

Max was speechless. Isabel was right. He didn’t think clearly. “I… I don’t know”

Liz was standing few steps behind the trio. She saw Alex, who stood next to red car. He looked like he was fighting himself. Then he ran to his sister

“Max! I thought we were friends” Alex said and grabbed his crying sister into big hug “How could you! You don’t even know this girl!”

Max was stunned. Everybody was against him. He thought he hurt Tess but now he knew that also Isabel and Alex were upset. “I’m sorry,” He timidly whispered. He looked at Liz. She had tears in her eyes. He felt horrible. All this because of him. It was too much for one night.

Suddenly they heard sound of motor. They turned their heads to the source of sound. Isabel felt a huge wave of anger when she saw Maria’s head on Michael’s shoulder.

“Michael, what’s going on?” Maria asked when she saw five people in her garden. She tightened her hands on Michael’s waist. His heart started to skip faster when she did that.

“Guess, we’ll find out,” he said taking helmet off his head. He immediately saw Isabel walking in his direction. She didn’t look happy. In fact, she was furious “Maria, if you don’t want to get hurt, you’ll get off my motor and go to house” He suggested, but it sound more like an order. When she didn’t move, he yelled “Now”

“No Michael. I’m not going to leave you. Not now. We’re in this together”

“You don’t know Isabel”

“She doesn’t know me” With that Maria got off from bike and she started to walk.

“Maria!” Michael yelled and then ran after her. He grabbed her hand, spun her around and looked her directly in eyes. “You’re crazy, you know that?”

“Yeah. But you love it.” She tore out from his embrace and walked to furious blonde. Michael looked at her in amazement. This girl will change his life - he was sure like hell of that.

“You bitch!” You think that you can steal my boy like that…” Isabel asked, gazing at her with hatred.

“He’s not yours anymore” Maria challenged her.

Isabel couldn’t take it anymore. He raised her left hand and hit Maria in face. She had to use her powers because her blow was very strong. Michael watched as his petite blonde fell down to ground. “Maria” he whisper and then he ran to them. So do Alex.

“Isabel, what’s got into you” Michael said holding unconscious Maria in his arms.

“In me? Look at yourself! What are YOU doing? You are dating girl that … you don’t know. You said that we couldn’t trust anybody. And what are you doing? You’re going on a ride with her! I didn’t mention that you are my boyfriend. No! You WERE my boyfriend. I will never trust you again! And I don’t want to talk to you again! Ever!”

“Isabel…” Michael said, but blonde passed him and went to car with Alex who was comforting her. Michael looked around. Tess was in Alex’s car and Max was sitting in his jeep. He looked depressed. ‘What happened? ‘ Michael thought. He took Maria in his arms and went to Liz, who was sitting on stairways of her house. “Take care of her” he said and he laid Maria close by Liz. She looked into his eyes. He saw her crying. Something in him melted down. “Sorry” He mumbled and went to Max.

“Maxwell, what happened?” He asked

“Too much” Max looked at sky “God, Michael! Why everything must be so hard for us. Can’t we have a normal lives?”

“Maxwell, were aliens”

“Yeah. But…” he hesitated. “I know. I just wish I could be with Liz… She’s so perfect”

‘Tell me about it’ Michael grinned at his thought “What Tess did to you?”

“She exists” They snorted “But seriously, she’s taken this whole Destiny too serious. I know she doesn’t love me. I know she’s got a little crush on Kyle Valenti” he looked in his friend’s eyes “Michael, I just… I can’t be with her… I don’t love HER. Tonight, when I was with Liz… It felt SO good. Like she was meant for me. You won’t probably understand that…”

“No. I understand” He raised his elbows. “We should talk to girls and end that senseless destiny thing. Now let’s go home. Enough for one night…”

“Tell me about it” he smiled. He looked once again at Liz. She was waking Maria up. Then the girls entered the house.



“Isabel. You said it for the hundred times this hour. You should submit yourself to some Guinness Records”

“Alex, this is not funny”

They were sitting in front of his house. Tess was inside drinking some pills for stress.

“Michael is prick. He behaved really stupid. If I were him I would never let you go” Isabel looked in Alex eyes. He wasn’t lying. She felt her checks going red. “Do you love him?” Alex suddenly asked

“It’s a personal question”

“Yeah and I’m looking for personal answer” He took her hand in his

Isabel smiled. Alex could be so charming. In his companionship she felt like she could tell everything “Yes” She simply answered

Alex hesitated for a moment “Are you in love with him?”

“No. You’re right. I love him like a brother and a friend… But I don’t love him as a man I just… wanted to be loved” She was avoiding his eyes “And Destiny…”

“Do you believe in destiny? No. Wait. Wrong question. Do you want your destiny to come true? You want to be Michael’s wife?” they were staring at each other intensely

In that moment Isabel felt that everything was so simple “No”

“That’s what I thought. You deserve something better. Someone who will love you against all odds. Who will treat you like a queen. And he will never let you go” She was amazed. She had never felt that kind of feeling before. What have he done to her? She was ready to kiss him but then Tess peeked out from door

“C’mon here. Your mother is calling” She said to Isabel

One last look on Alex and she stood up and went inside.

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