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"To Kill Or Not To Kill"
Part 7
by Ala
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Summary: Maria and Liz are going on dates with Micheal and Max, will they find the truth? Check out yorself. Feedback would is really wanted. So write to me:
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They were all alone in Max’s jeep. The film wasn’t as well as they expected so they left it in the middle of the film. Now they were stargazing. There was some tension between them.

“Do you think hat there is something like Destiny?” Max asked gazing into her eyes

“You mean, that out there is someone for you?”


“I don’t know. I’ve always been rationalist. I have to prove something before I’ll believe in it. And destiny… I don’t know. I don’t know you, Max… but something is telling me that we know each other from somewhere else” She looked at him. He was watching her intensely. Every her word was swollen by his ears

‘What about you?” Liz asked


Michael lay on couch in his apartment. He was watching TV. But he couldn’t concentrate on it. ‘How he could do it to me’ Michael felt anger overwhelming him ‘Maxwell should listen to me. Liz might be a Skin’ then he heard some voice in his head ‘Michael! Stop it now! Max is right! You are turning into some paranoid. You’re just jealous that he took Liz on a date and you didn’t have the courage to ask Maria out’ ‘What Maria is doing now anyway?’ ‘Maybe she’s taking a shower… Oh yeah…Shower’ He was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard a phone rang.


“Is this Michael speaking?”

It took Michael a moment to recognize familiar voice “Maria? Why are you calling?” He couldn’t hide his surprise. Did she read his mind? Better not.

“Well, I have a little problem… My car has broken down. And I can’t reach Liz. Could you…”

“Where are you?”

“Somewhere on South 285”

“What are you doing there?” Michael was astonished

Moment of silence. “It’s a long story…”

“Okay. Just don’t move. I’m going”


Maria was standing next to her car. “Dammit!” She yelled, “Those fucking cars always brake down when you need them the most!” She looked at her watch. 21:45. ‘Liz, where the hell are you? I need help’ Suddenly a thought hit her. Should she call him? And if she does, what she’ll tell him. That she was going to meet her alien master Peter on desert but her car brake down and she couldn’t fix it with her powers? ‘Nah. Bad idea’ She looked once again at her cell phone. She closed her face and imagined his face, his hazel eyes, his adorable lips… And then she saw his phone number. She opened her eyes still remembering the number. She looked at the phone in disbelief. ‘What the hell’ She thought and dialed the number. When she heard his voice she didn’t know what to say

‘OH MY GOD! He’s coming!’ She thought looking incredulity at her phone.


Max was looking deeply in Liz’s eyes. “Liz. To tell the truth, I don’t know how to say it… You are the first girl who affected me so much. I and Tess… We don’t love each other. We are…” ‘Destined to be? Supposed to be? In our previous lives we were together?’ “… Good friends. But I don’t feel love towards her”

Liz looked at him. She didn’t know what to say. He was so sincere. So she did what her heart told her to do. She leaned onto him and kissed him. Max felt dizziness overwhelming him.

/FLASH/ They were standing in some room. Liz looked scared

/FLASH/ Max was on throne. He was saying something to Isabel

/FLASH/ Max and Liz were lying naked in big bed. He brushed her cheek and she smiled /END FLASHES/

It wasn’t a long kiss but Liz felt like it was lasting for eternity. She opened her eyes to see Max’s frightened face

“What was that?” He asked

“What was what?”

“That flashes”

“What flashes?” Liz was surprised. Did she do something wrong?

Max was scared. Why did he see that? Is that was vision? Or maybe his imagination ‘But it was too real…’“We better go” Max finally said. Liz was surprised. Why he suddenly started to act so weird. ‘What did he see? ‘


“Hey babe! Need a ride?” some dirty driver of big truck stopped next to Maria’s car

“No. With you no.” Maria spat. She was terrified. And furious. That second feeling was a lot stronger. It was 23:00. The moon was brightly shining above the desert It was quite cold and she was dressed only in short tank top and clinging denims. ‘Where the fuck is Michael? I’ve been waiting for an hour!’ She cried in her thoughts.

“Are you sure?” The same guy asked. He smiled. He didn’t had three of four teethes in front.

“Yeah” Maria said with annoyance

“I could take you with me…” The oily men got up from his seat

‘This is not good’ Maria thought ‘One step more and I’ll use my powers’ before she could do anything she heard familiar voice behind her

“She said no” Michael got off from his motor. “She’s going with me” Something in Michael’s look told the man to get out from there.

“Oh. Sorry. Didn’t know” The driver said. Then he drove away Maria looked at Michael. He had this trademark grin on his face. “What?” she asked


They were gazing at each other for five minutes. Then Maria slowly approached him. He looked at her with interest. She leaned little by little onto him and when he closed his eyes waiting for her lips to come, she hit him as firmly as she could.

“Hey” Michael protested. He wasn’t expecting that to happen.

“What took to you so long???” She screamed, “I could be raped by this fucking horny truck driver and you wouldn’t do a damn thing about it…”

“You wouldn’t be, trust me” Michael spat looking at her provocatively

“What?” She was surprised “What have you said?. Oh no! First of all, you came here late, and then you offend me. This is SO perfect! And…”

Michael couldn’t listen her babbling. He turned around and started walking to his motorbike

“… Who do you think you… “ Maria stopped when she saw him going “Now, where are you going?”

“Home” He said not looking at her “You are going with me or you want to stay here all night?”

Maria was speechless. ‘Jerk’ She thought “But you are going to drive slowly and carefully…” She ordered

‘Yeah. Right’ He smiled.

“Why are you smiling?” She asked “God, why are you so damn rude. Has your mother ever taught you any manners?”

“God! Will you ever shut up!” Michael yelled. He looked at Maria’s angry face. She looked like she was going to explode any minute.

“Just drive,” She coldly said


“Michael!” Isabel yelled as she walked into his apartment “Michael, honey! Where are you?”

She saw not finished pizza lying on table. That was suspicious. “Michael! I called you but no one answered. Do you know where Max is?”


‘What the hell is going on?’ She walked out and didn’t see his motor ’this is not good. I’ll better get Tess. Maybe she will know something’


The doorbell rang for five minutes.

“It is probably pizza. I will get it!” Alex yelled running down the stairs. When he saw Isabel he was shocked. He looked at his watch. 22:45. ‘What the hell’ He looked again at Isabel ‘God, she is beautiful’ “Hey, Is, what’s going on?”

“I need to talk with Tess. Is Max here?” She looked concerned

“No. He’s not. Come in” he opened the door wider.

“Your parents are in home?

“No. They went to California for the weekend”

“Oh. Where’s Tess?”

“She’s taking a shower. I will call her”

With that Alex ran upstairs. Isabel looked around. She went to kitchen and made herself coffee. She was really worried. Michael could do such a thing, but not Max. ‘Why they didn’t involve me in their plans’ She was concerned.

“What happened?” Tess said walking into kitchen in dressing gown.

“Max and Michael are gone”

“Gone? What are you talking about?”

“I don’t know. I came to Crash Down and he wasn’t at home. So I phoned Michael, but no one answered. I was and I am worried so I went to Michel’s apartment. And he wasn’t there too. I don’t were they are. They didn’t say a word to me. And it’s eleven o’clock. I don’t know what to do” Isabel winced. She looked really worried

Tess hugged her “Don’t worry. We’ll find them” She smiled and then she yelled “Aaaaaleeeeex!

“What?” the boy was in kitchen immediately.

“We need a car”


“Slow down” Maria yelled. They were driving on some small road in desert. She was wrapping her hands around his waist. If it weren’t that kind of situation, she would like it.


“Slow down! You’re going to kill us” girl repeated

“No way” Michael went faster

“Michael, I mean it”

“I don’t care. I want to be in Roswell now” He accelerated.

‘That’s enough! ‘ Maria put her hand on engine. Her hand started to glow. Suddenly motor slowed down.

“What the hell?” Michael asked

“I told you…” Maria started

“You know something, that’s enough!” Michael vehemently stopped “Get off!” He demanded


“Get off my motor. I’m going to Roswell by myself. I’ve had enough of your babbling”

“What? Are you C-R-A-Z-Y? You’re not going to leave me here on desert!” She got off from bike and she started to walk to him. He was avoiding her eyes.

“Wanna bet?” He asked and turned on the engine

“I hate you!” Maria yelled

“Ditto” Then he rode away

“Bastard!” Maria yelled ‘What I am going to do now? ‘ She thought ‘Maybe Liz is home by now’ About mile later Michael stopped his motor. “What the hell are you doing?” He said to himself. He felt big remorse. ‘You can’t just leave her out there. What the hell is she doing to me? ‘ He couldn’t believe that someone positively could be the cause of this feelings. No one ever made him feel so many emotions. Today he felt attraction, jealousy, fear, hate and everything between. It was scaring him. He turned engine on and turned back to road


Maria was looking helpless at her phone. For the first time in years she wanted to cry. Liz wasn’t at home. Peter also. She was alone in the middle of desert. She couldn’t do anything about it ‘C’mon girl. Don’t cry now. You’ll find the way. You always did. Tomorrow you will find that bastard and you’ll kill him’ She hesitated‘ If there will be tomorrow. Stop that! Don’t panic! ‘ She was fighting her thoughts when she heard someone’s coming ‘Great!. Couldn’t it get better? ‘

“Get on motor” Michael said harshly taking his helmet off. He looked at her for the first time since they got away from South 285. ‘God. She’s so… angry’

“What?” Maria looked at him like he was crazy. She almost jumped at him “What the hell are you thinking? That you can leave me here and then just come and order me like that! You’re not my… I don’t know whom, but you’re not him! What if something would happen to me? Huh?” She was standing few inches away from him. He could feel her warm breath on his check. “Oh yeah! I knew that you wouldn’t say a word. Just fuck her and forget about her! That’s your point? Oh I feel you would be very happy if…”

Michael just stood and watched her irritated face. He didn’t think rationally. All he could think about was her full lips. ‘They are so small and they talk so much’

She sucked her teeth in irritation “Are you listening to me? No, of course you not. Why would you? I’m just one of those…” He couldn’t take it anymore. Suddenly he just grabbed and pulled her to him. He kissed her passionately. He felt something revived in him when their lips met. When he opened his eyes he saw her confused face.

“That was to calm you down,” he simply said.

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