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"Time Flies When You're Having Fun"
Part 5
by Jennifer007
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Authors Note: As a note some parts of part 5 are misspelled but the charachters are kids so the way I spelled it is right, so please don't correct it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael shakes his head and looks out at the crowd and realizes that they're all kids, kids of all ages. He moves his hands which are behind his back and notices that the ropes are really loose and he easily gets them off. He takes the rope off his neck and one of the kids protests.

"No fair it was your turn to be in the rope."

Michael speaks and realizes his voice is different. "Well I don't want to play anymore, and you can't make me." *What is going on?* Michael thinks to himself.

He climbs off the platform and starts walking around, he realizes that they are in the woods of some kind. He is walking around when someone taps him on the shoulder. He turns around. It's a kid about the age of six.

"What do you want?" Michael asks him in that same weird voice.

"Michael it's me Alex."

Michael just stares at him not believing at first then, "Alex what happened? You're a little kid!"

Alex laughs "Have you looked in the mirror lately? You look like a miniature version of what you normally do."

Michael stares at him, "You mean I'm a kid to?"

Alex nods his head.

"Well what about the others where are they?"

Alex shakes his head "I don't know, I saw you on that platform and then came over to you."

Michael shakes his head, "But how can we remember things if were this young, and why do we sound like this?"

"Well we sound like this because were kids, this is how children sound, and as for remembering well all of this has been weird so I'm not even going to attempt to explain."

Michael laughs "You know what's weird my brain is having all these mature thoughts, but there's this other part of me that's screaming at me to run around and scream, I actually feel like I want to run, and hide, and play games."

Alex laughs "Welcome to childhood Mike" he punches Michael in the arm and runs off "Tag your it."

Michael and Alex are chasing each other when they hear girls voices arguing. They stop and listen.

"That's my doll, now give it back!"

"Now it ithint iths my doll!" Another little girl lisps.

Michael and Alex walk to where the voices are and see two girls fighting over a doll their pulling it back and fourth between each other, there's another little girl on the ground just kind of watching them fight as she brushes her dolls hair. Then the blonde girl shoves the brown haired girl.

"I told you it's mine, your trying to take everything I have, you took my brother and now you want my doll." The blonde girl starts crying.

Michael and Alex look at each other.

Michael steps closer to the girls "Isabel?"

All the girls look up and they seem happy to see them.

"Michael what happened? Why are we little?" The blonde girl named Isabel asks.

Michael shrugs his shoulders. "I don't know why, have any of you seen Max?"

The brunette girl looks up "Yeth Maxth went to look for you, but he told uth to stay right here, tho we did."

Michael laughs "Liz your lisping." Liz gives him a dirty look. "I know I'm lithping I can't help it."

"So does anyone know what time were in?" Alex asks.

Everyone shakes thier head.

Michael sits down on the ground and they all start talking about how weird this is. Maria comes up and sits down next to Michael, she looks up at him shyly.

"Hi Michael."

Michael looks at her and whines "Don't sit so close to me... girls are bad!"

Michael clasps his hand over his mouth and all the others look at him. Michael looks at Maria "I'm sorry I don't know where that came from."

Maria looks like she wants to cry and she gets up "That's okay I don't want to sit next to you anyway, your a... well... your icky."

Michael stands up "Oh yeah, well no girl will ever get near me, I'm never ever going to hold a girls hand or, kiss a girl, THAT'S icky."

Alex nods his head "Ewww who would kiss a girl, I wouldn't."

The girls are on one side and the guys are on the other.

Isabel looks at Liz, "See they fight no matter what time were in."

Liz nods her head in agreement.

A few minute go bye and all the kids are sitting there but still girls on one side and boys on the other. They hear a rustling in the bushes and the girls get scared. Alex and Michael pick up some little stick to fight whatever it is off with.

Just then Max jumps out from the bushes, "Roarrrrr Growlllll." he then falls on the ground laughing.

"You should have seen your faces, you were all scared, I thought you were going to pee your pant's Michael."

Michael jumps on Max "I was not going to pee my pant's Max, you take that back."

Max and Michael roll around on the ground. Michael is punching Max in the arm, and Max is pulling Michaels hair. Liz and the others come up and try to break the fight up. Finally the guys stop fighting, and they each stand away from each other. Michael sticks his tongue out at Max. Max sticks his out to and whispers "Pee Pee pants."

Michael starts moving towards Max, but Maria puts a hand on him to stop him and Liz does the same to Max. Max tosses Liz's hand away.

Max tells Liz "I told you that I don't want a girl touching me, they have all kinds of cooties" then he laughs "Liz is a cootie monster... run for your lives."

All the others start running and Liz sits down and starts to cry.

Max stops and stares at her and she looks up at him "Your mean Maxth, and I don't like you one bit, I wouldn't touch or kisth you iff you were the lath boy on Earthhhh."

Maria looks at Michael "Yeah the same goes for me Michael, you doody head."

Michael looks at Maria "Well same for me, nothing would make me kiss you, I would rather eat gross food for the rest of my life then kiss you."

Maria goes and sits next to Liz and starts to cry to.

Alex is looking at Isabel, she's still playing with her doll.

Alex very calmly goes up to her, takes her doll and runs away with it. Isabel chases him screaming "Give me back my doll Alex."

Alex continues to run and then acts like he's going to give it back, but then just as she reaches for it he turns and runs again. She gets close to him and slugs him in the arm, hard. Alex starts to cry. He puts the doll between his legs, swings it up into the air, and it lands in a tree to Isabel's horror.

Wiping his eyes Alex says, "Now get your doll... you dumb girl."

Isabel starts crying, "I hate you Alex."

The girls are on one side crying and the guys are on the other just glaring at the girls and each other.

Liz looks at Michael "I want to go can we leave, I don't want to thay here anymore."

The other's nod in agreement. They all want to leave. Michael gets the time travel unit and pushes the button, the swirling lights appear.

Maria speaks up, "I know you don't like girls, but we have to hold hands when we go thorough."

The boys grudgingly agree, they all hold hands and walk through the gate.

--------------------------------------------- Max sees Liz standing in front of him then he sees that he's in a car. He looks around and notices there is a car to the left of him. In it is the Kyle look alike. He sees that Liz is nervous, she then puts her arm up and waves a handkerchief. He hears the car rev next to him and he looks and Kyle is giving him a dirty look. Then the Kyle look alike speaks.

"Just remember first one to jump out is chicken."

Max nods his head and then looks at Liz who gives him a silent plea with her eyes. She then drops the handkerchief. And the cars take off...

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