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"Time Flies When You're Having Fun"
Part 6
by Jennifer007
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The cars are flying down the dirt covered road. Max is flooring it. *What's going on he thinks*. The Kyle look alike is a little bit behind him, then he catches up to Max. They're neck and neck with each other, Max looks ahead and can see the road ends up ahead. They're getting close to the end of the road. He then realizes what is going on. *It's one of those old chicken races like they used to do in the 60's*. He notices that the Kyle look alike isn't slowing down, and then does what comes naturally.

Max stops the car. The look alike stops his car after seeing that Max did. Max gets out of his car and stands there. The crowd runs towards them and Liz runs up putting her arm's around Max. Michael, Maria, Alex, and Isabel are there to he notices and they come up to Max as well.

The look alike drives his car over and stops it. He then gets out of the car. "I always knew you were a chicken Max." The look alike says.

One of the look alikes friends comes up and stands next to him saying, "well Jim, he may have gotten your girl but he's a coward and you aren't."

Jim nods his head, "Yeah I always knew he was" then he looks at Liz "Hey Beth, it's not to late to be with a real man you know?"

Liz looks at Jim "Max is five times the man you'll ever be."

Jim looks at her, "Yeah well not when it comes to racing he ain't."

They hear the crowd parting and lot's of hushed voices saying it's the Sheriff.

Jim's friend looks at him. "Shit Jim, it's your dad."

A man walks up to the crowd and looks around and spots Jim. "What in the hell is going on here?" He walks up to Jim. "I asked a question Junior, what is going on?"

Jim looks at his dad "We were just hanging out talking sir."

The man looks at Jim eyeing him, "Well we got a report about some noise and disturbance out here, you wouldn't know anything about that?" He looks out at the crowd of people. "Would any of you know anything about that?"

Jim's friend speaks up for the group of people. "No Mr. Valenti we don't know about that, do we?" He looks at the others. Everyone shakes their head and says no.

The man looks back at his son. And then at the crowd. "Well I think it's time for all of you to get back home, it's late and your parents are probably all worried."

Jim goes to get in his car and his Dad stops him, "No, I want to talk to you before you leave."

The crowd mumbles but they start getting into their cars and driving off. The gang gets in Max's car and drive off.

Jim Valenti, Sr. alone with his son starts talking to him. "Look son, you know that I can't bend the rules for you that much now. I'm already in enough trouble with the department, and I can't prove anything went on here tonight, but I can't have you making thing's harder for me."

Jim Jr., stares at his Dad in disbelief. "Harder for you? Do you have any idea how hard YOU have made things for Mom and me? We're the laughing stock of town. Everyone is always asking me if you've had any new alien sightings.

Jim Sr looks at his son, "That will be enough out of you..."

Jim Jr. cuts him off. "No Dad, it's not enough, it's never enough, dad if you don't stop this alien nonsense, something bad is going to happen. And you're going to lose everything."

Jim, Jr. walks to his car, he gets in and speeds off.

Jim Sr. sits there and then gets up. He gets in his cruiser and drives off. As he's driving he notices a car parked in the woods. *Probaly some kids making out* he thinks to himself. He gets out of his car and walks up to the other car, there's no one inside. He looks around and sees a group of people gathered around. He walks over towards them. "Hey!!!"

Michael sees the sheriff coming. "Damnit it's the sheriff." He pushes the up button on the device and the gate opens. The gang grabs hands and steps thorough.

Sheriff Valenti sees the bright lights and the people walking towards it. But it's so bright he can't see much. Then the lights disappear. The sheriff walks up to where the lights were, and nothing is there. He shakes his head in confusion. He walks back towards his car and then he notices that the other car is gone.


Liz blinks her eyes, she hears voices arguing. She looks around and realizes that she's in the Crashdown cafe. *What are we doing here?* she thinks.

She hears the voices getting louder and angrier. She hears Maria shout "LIZ!!!" Then she hears a gunshot, and everything gets really dark.

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