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"Time Flies When You're Having Fun"
Part 1
by Jennifer007
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Authors Note: A FORWARD BY THE AUTHOR THIS STORY IS TOTAL FANTASY SOME OF THE STUFF ISN'T EXACTLY CORRECT BUT I'M NOT A HISTORIAN. BUT FOR THE OBJECT OF MY STORY ALL THE COUPLES ARE REALLY BONDED NOT JUST TODAY BUT IT'S A BOND THROUGH TIME BUT WITH THEIR RELATIVES THROUGHOUT THE YEARS. SO YOU WILL SEE SOME FAMILIAR CHARACHTERS. AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT! THIS STORY ALSO TAKES INTO ACCOUNT THAT NOBODY HAS HAD SEX AS FAR AS THE COUPLES GO SO THERE WON'T BE SEX REALLY. THIS IS GOING TO BE REALLY LONG SO PLEASE BE PATIENT FOR PARTS IF YOU LIKE THIS BECAUSE I HAVE SCHOOL AND WORK TO DO TO. Dedication: To my Mom for giving me the idea. To the books I've read and the movies I've watched to give me the ideas for this. To my brain for actually remembering some of the stuff I was taught in High School. And to all the people involved with Roswell on the WB network thank you for creating a show that got some of my creative juices flowing again.
It's the July 4th weekend. Max, Michael, and Isabel decided to have a camp out in the desert and of course Liz, Maria, and Alex were invited.

It's the middle of the afternoon and the gang is setting up the tent. They decided to camp out near the crash site because Michael wanted to check out the caves.

"Iz did you bring extra batteries for the flashlight?" Max asks as he bangs the flashlight in his hand.

"Yeah they're in my backpack I'll get them."

Liz and Maria are setting up the campfire, they brought firewood and they have a big grill to cook stuff on. Liz also brought her dad's Coleman stove.

"Michael could you bring the propane tank over here please?" Maria asks Michael.

Michael goes and gets it grumbling about his back (it's heavy) he brings it over and places it where Maria wanted it.

Finally the camp is set up and Max, Liz, Alex, and Isabel are kind of sitting around listening to the radio. Michael and Maria are walking around talking

Michael is kind of looking around. "I always think I'm going to see something out here, Maria. I never do... just once I would like to find something, some piece of the puzzle."

Maria looks at him and puts her hand on his arm "I hope you find something someday too, Michael." He looks so forlorn so Maria pulls him to her and hugs him.

They're standing there and Michael is looking out into the desert he rests his head against hers and something sparkles and catches his eye. But he can't make it out, he pulls away from Maria and walks the short distance to it. He picks it up and looks at it and Maria is there looking at it with him. There's symbols all over it and Michael knows that it's from his home. "MAX, ISABEL,... COME HERE... HURRY!!"

Max and Isabel followed by Liz and Alex go running over to Michael. Michael is holding the thing in his hand it almost looks like a remote control except it's as thin as a credit card.

"Max I found this right here I don't know what it is but I know it's from home."

Max looks at Michael's discovery. Isabel touches it and immediately gets a vision the minute she touches it.

*FLASH* (an image of people fighting a battle)

*FLASH* (an image of herself in a fancy dress)

*FLASH* (an image of people on a ship)

*FLASH* (an image of Max in a suit with a gun)

*FLASH* (an image of Michael and Maria making out in a car)

*FLASH* (an image of people dancing at a dance in bright clothes)

*FLASH* (an image of the 6 of them standing right where they are)

Max is looking at Isabel "What did you see?"

"I don't know really... none of it made sense to me they were just all images."

Max nods his head

Michael is looking at his discovery and he turns it over, he sees more symbols on this side but their kind of raised up. He goes to touch one and Max stops him.

"Don't touch it Michael we don't know what it is."

"Max will you quit worrying about everything, it's been out here all this time nothing's going to happen!"

Michael touches the button and they all of a sudden they hear a rumbling from deep in the earth they look down and see a black hole appearing and it gets bigger and bigger until one by one they've been swallowed up by the blackhole. They fall through space, there's swirling colors all around them. The girls have their mouths open like their screaming but there's no sound coming out. They keep falling and falling until all of a sudden they stop.

They've landed in what can only be called space there's bright lights from the rainbow of swirling colors. Max looks at Michael "Damn it Michael I told you not to touch that thing! Now what?"

Michael glares at Max "How was I supposed to know that we would travel thorough space."

They all hear a voice speaking to them "You're not in space you're in another dimension."

They all look around trying to see who's talking.

Max finally speaks "Umm who are you?"

"I'm the watcher of this dimension." Says the voice.

"Do you think you can help us?" asks Max.

"What do you need help with?" Asks the voice.

"Well my friend found this thing, we're not sure what it is but he pushed a button and we ended up here."

"Your friend found a time travel unit" says the voice.

They all look at each other and Liz mouths to Maria "Time Travel?"

"Yes Time Travel" say the voice.

Liz is surprised that it read her mind.

"Well how do we get home?" asks Isabel

"Where is home?" asks the voice.

"Roswell New Mexico" Isabel tells him.

"No what year is home?" Asks the voice.

They all kind of shake their heads not really believing this is happening

"Home is July 2nd 2000" Max tells the voice.

"Well the time travel unit you hold in your hand can get you home you just have to go up through the buttons till you get where you need to go."

"What do you mean up thorough the buttons we can't read this we don't know what's up and what's down." Michael tells the voice.

"Oh you must have found one in a different language..." a few seconds pass and the voice says "what about now?"

"What do you mean..." Michael looks at the unit and the symbols are changing before his eyes into English. Michael stands there bewildered and reads the unit.

1. To travel up thorough time push the button with the arrow pointing up to travel up in time.

2. To travel back in time push the button with the arrow pointing down to go back in time.

"Well that's simple" Michael tells them.

"Yes it is normally but you have come to the space dimension and to get home from here you have to travel thorough six different eras in time."

"What do you mean six different times?" Max asks.

"When you push the button for the first time you will be transported to another place in time I don't know when but you will be bounced six times till you get to your home."

"So we're going to travel thorough time until we get back to 2000?"

"Yes, also when you get bounced you won't necessarily all be together you will be in the same area but you will be living as your relatives have lived... you will be living their lives and you cannot change anything whatever happens has to happen... and you can only bounce to another time when you are all together the gate for the other side won't open till then. So please follow your heart when you do this because one change in the past could wreak havoc on the future... I really can't stress that enough."

"Umm well that's good for them but well us three," Max points to Isabel and Michael. "Well we're not from Earth."

"Your soul is what counts, bodies are just the vessels that hold us until we cross to the other dimension so no matter where you're from your soul has been around since the beginning of time."

"So when we bounce there will always be us in that time?"

"Yes so to speak, it's your soul but sometimes your body will look different... but you will know it's you."

The gang looks at each other and Maria looks at them and sighs "Well it looks like we don't have any choice."

"Thank you for the help" Max says.

"You're welcome and remember follow your heart if you do everything will go the way it's supposed to."

Michael pushes the button and a swirling blue light opens in front of them.

"You have to step thorough together" the voice says.

The gang grabs hands and steps thorough...

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