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"This World"
Part 2
by Erin
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the 'Roswell' characters. They belong to those awesome people at the WB and I am borrowing them. Please don't sue me. I'm a poor high school student without a job, who writes fanfiction to let the muse out. If you do, I promise you that you won't get anything important, other than my violin or guitar and some picture albums...
Summary: All right! I was listening to my Caedmon's Call CD and I got inspired to write this piece. If you have the CD, you know what song I'm talking about, but I'm not revealing it at this point, it'll ruin the fic! So...
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Rating: PG-13
"That was..." Michael began but Tess cut him off.

"Weird?" she suggested, twirling her hair around her finger.

"Exactly," Michael replied.

He was still amazed that Tess had become so close to them in the past five years. They all had changed... a lot.

Michael then turned his gaze back to watching Maria... his Maria... or at least she used to be his.

Tess, who was waving her hands wildly in front of his face, broke him from his preoccupation.

"What do you want?" he asked in disgust, smirking at her.

"Look at them," she said, motioning to Max and Isabel.

Both were searching the Crashdown frantically, obviously looking for their previous love interests.

Just then, the bells rang on the door and Alex walked in, with a tall blonde right behind him.

Isabel smiled when she saw him enter the cafe, but her look quickly turned to one of disgust when she saw the other woman with him.

When Alex saw Isabel, he waved and smiled at her. He made his way over to their table, the blonde still at his heels.

"Hey, Isabel, Max, Michael, Tess," he said in a friendly voice. "What brings you back to Roswell?"

"We're visiting, actually," Isabel replied, eyeing the blonde who was now standing next to Alex.

"Guys, I want you to meet Vanessa, my cousin," Alex introduced her.

Isabel's sigh of relief could be heard miles away.

Alex just grinned when he realized what Isabel thought. Maybe she did still care about him, even though she had abandoned him years ago for her 'destiny.'

"Nice to meet you," the all replied automatically.

"Care to join us?" Isabel asked, hope in her eyes.

"Actually, we just came by to get Maria and Liz... we're all going to a movie tonight. Bonding time, you know, the usual. But, I think that we can sit with you for a second while we wait for Liz and Maria," Alex paused.

"I'm going to go on, Alex. Have a good time," Vanessa smiled at them, "Nice to meet you." And then, she walked confidently out of the restaurant.

When Vanessa was gone, Alex sat down and asked quietly, "So... what's the real reason for you coming back to Roswell?"

"It's over. The evil aliens are gone and we came back to see you," Max replied, his voice also a whisper.

"Have you spoken to either of them since you've been here?"

"Maria took our orders, but we haven't seen Liz and Maria didn't seem too friendly," Michael responded, remembering what Maria had said to him and the tone that she had said it in.

"Well, just to warn you," Alex began as he leaned over the table, "they cried for months after you left. I don't know how willing they're gonna be to let you into their lives now. Especially Maria. She was hurt the longest."

Max turned his head, obviously trying to shield his incredible sadness. Isabel's eyes glistened with unshed tears. Tess frowned. And Michael got up and walked out of the restaurant.

* * * * *

Michael cursed as he paced behind the Crashdown Cafe. His existence depended on Maria and she wasn't willing to let him back into her life. He ran his hands through his hair, making it even spikier.

They should have never left.

They should have never run away from the people who they loved.

They should have never run away from the people who loved them.

If they hadn't, who knows where they would be today.

Max and Liz would probably be married, after Max finally convinced her that she was part of his destiny. They'd probably have two or three little Maxs and Lizs running around Roswell.

Isabel and Alex would probably be married, too, and they would still have the perfect relationship.

When they left town, Isabel was the only one of them who called one of their humans and told him that she loved him and that they were leaving. But something told Michael that she also told him that he was her destiny and that she'd come back one day to get him.

He and Maria... he didn't know where they'd be. They could be married, dating, or just friends. But in any of the three, they'd still be bickering.

He smiled. It had been a long time since he actually did. But he did at the thought of fighting with her.

Then, he got back his nerves and walked back into the crowded restaurant.

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