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"The Year 2020"
Part 2
by Ali
Disclaimer: Unless they're up for, sadly. I only own Annette, Victoria, Evans, and V.D.
Summary: Future fic-after living for almost 2 decades apart, the gang returns to Roswell with a mission for their children to fulfill.
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Rating: PG-13
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“Would you like a hot towel, Mr. Guerin?” asked a flight attendant with all the happiness he could muster. Michael turned his attention away from his daughter to that of the attendant. “No,” he said briefly, then turned away. The flight attendant didn’t even blink, but continued walking forward.

“Are we getting rid of our jet too?” Annette asked from her seat. “I doubt Roswell will be big enough to hold it.”

“We’re keeping it at an airbase, dear,” Maria said, trying to lighten the mood just a bit.

Annette didn’t reply, just turned her attention back to the entry she was scripting in her journal. “Are we there yet?” She said impatiently, not bothering to look up from her materials.

“We are 15.3333333333333 minutes away, Miss Guerin,” came an automatic voice. Annette gazed out the window, put away her journal, stretched out her legs, then took out a mirror, then used her powers to freshen up her makeup, and make her hair absolutely perfect. “Fifteen minutes will not do,” she said finally. “Make it ten.” The plane immediately sped up.

“Annette?” Maria asked, leaning over into the aisle. “Are you okay?”

Annette extended her hand out in front of her and examined her perfectly manicured nails. “Perfect,” she said, her voice cold and casual. It hurt Maria. This was hurting her daughter much more than she was letting on.

The plane started its rapid descent onto the desert area where Michael had decided to build his new airbase. Annette could see her limo waiting for her.

Fifteen minutes later, Annette walked off the plane to see nothing but sand. “Lovely,” she muttered under her breath, glaring at the hot sun through her dark glasses. Hell couldn’t have been hotter.

She used her powers to subtly brush the dust away from her, as to not mess up her hair, makeup, or clothes. She gracefully made her way to the car, holding herself as upright as possible. She wanted to collapse and cry. This was horrible!

The ride to her new home was quite uneventful. She just gazed out of the dark, tinted windows at the passing desert. It was all a blur. Why? Why was this happening to her?

They eventually wound up in downtown Roswell. Daddy had torn down a lot of the old, ugly buildings, and built a house that would make anyone green with envy. It had just about everything you can imagine in it.

“Everything except New York,” Annette noted. She stepped out of the car, and then walked up the marble staircase into her new home. “I’m going to go see Victoria,” she said immediately, having not been in the house more than five minutes. She quickly hopped back into her limo. Five minutes later, she stood outside another huge home.

Annette impatiently rang the doorbell. Immediately, their butler opened up the door. “I’m here to see The Valenti family,” she said. “Tell them it is Miss Guerin.”

The butler’s eyes widened at the name. “Come in! Come in!” He said bowing. She didn’t need to be told twice.

“Annette!” she heard her Aunt Tess call. She immediately brightened. “Aunt Tess!” she exclaimed, embracing her favorite aunt kissed her hello. “How are you?”

“I’m fine, dear,” she said, pulling her at arms length to look at her. “You look fabulous!” she exclaimed.

“As do you!” she said. She had missed her aunt a lot!

“Is Victoria home?” Annette asked, glancing to the top of the tall, marble staircase that lead into a balcony. Uncle Kyle’s baseball career allowed them to live quite comfortably.

“Yes, I believe she’s upstairs,” Tess said, after thinking for a minute. “I haven’t been home, so…” she smiled expectantly. Annette smiled in return, then made her way up the staircase.

“West Wing, first to the left!” called Tess as Annette reached the top. Annette gave a wave of acknowledgement, and then continued down the hall. She found the room with no problem, but found it closed. She reached for the large door handle, but found it locked. She knocked lightly.

“I TOLD you!” came Victoria’s irritated voice. “You’re not living in bloody England any more, Katherine. I do not take tea at four o’clock.

“Really?” Annette said, smiling. “I find it to be quite relaxing.” The French doors immediately flew open.

“Annette!” Victoria screeched. She lunged at Annette, enveloping her in a hug. “You’re here!!! Thank God! I’m not going to be stuck in this nothing town alone anymore!”

“You were never alone to begin with!” snapped a voice. Annette stiffened. She hadn’t thought of anyone else being over.

Victoria’s voice grew cold. She shot a look at Annette and sent her emotions through her eyes into her best friend. Annette gave a slight nod of the head. Victoria did not like him.

“I don’t believe we’ve met,” Annette said stepping past the lively blue-eyed girl with the long blond hair, and into Victoria’s sitting room. She coldly extended her hand. “Annette Guerin,” she said, meeting him dead in the eyes.

“Evans,” was all he said. “Call me Evans.” He didn’t take her hand. She covered a smile, then with an even colder eye, looked him up and down. She smirked. “So you're Evans,” she said slowly, looking him over again, then continued to smirk. “I see what you mean,” she called over to Victoria, who was standing by her doors, enjoying the whole conversation. Another boy jumped up from the couch. “I’m V.D.”

She took the hand and gave it a light squeeze. “Pleased, I’m sure,” she said, then turned her attention back to Evans. Anyone who went by their last name had to suffer. Especially if he snubbed Annette. She thought back to a conversation she had previously had with her father. “No one has any right to treat you like you are not perfect, Annette,” he said, stroking her hair. “You are perfect. You always will be.”

“I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything,” Annette said, pasting a smile on her face and turning back towards her friend. Victoria smirked, then shutting the doors behind her, moved over to her “the-Dr.-Is-IN” couch as Annette had once named it. She stretched out in it luxuriously, allowing her hair to fall over one shoulder.

“Absolutely nothing!” Victoria said, waving her hand to coincide with her statement. “Evans was just babbling again.” Annette smiled, then moved to sit down. She noticed Evans giving her a hard stare.

“I don’t see what’s so special about her,” he growled. “She acts like a more composed Victoria. That’s the last thing we need around here.”

Annette slowly shifted her eyes over to him. She gave a little laugh. “I’d watch out, if I were you,” she said carefully. “I don’t think you know exactly what you’re dealing with.”

“Is that a threat?” he said, his voice getting deeper, and his eyes turning a darker brown. Annette couldn’t help but feel a little alarmed. He was like a mad dog, you never knew when they might snap the chain and bite you. Naturally, she didn’t let a bit of it show on her face. She leaned forward a little bit.

“I don’t have to threaten,” she said, her tone gathering strength, but keeping her tone still cold. He retracted back, obviously feeling the vibes of control she had sent out. She sat back, and smirked at him again. Victoria could barely keep the grin off her face.

‘That’s my girl’ she sent mentally to Annette. The corner of Annette’s mouth struggled to remain firm.

“What exactly can you do?” V.D. asked slowly. Victoria looked over at Annette. “Prepare to be dazzled!” Victoria exclaimed, leaning forward anxiously. Annette just laughed. “Most anything I want,” was the reply. Victoria sighed in disappointment. “Annette!” she border-line whined. “Just show them! Show them anything!” She added mentally ‘Evans thinks he’s just the best at everything. I will die before I let him get that satisfaction!’ Annette just sighed. “Fine,” sighed, rolling her eyes.

Evans just laughed. “Yeah, let the little girl show her tricks, and then I’ll show you some real power,” Annette cocked her head over in his direction.

“Really?” she said, disbelieving and almost mocking. She uncrossed her legs, then stood up from her position. “What exactly can you do?”

He stood up and faced her. “What can’t I do?” he shot back.

Annette just stared into his eyes. ‘How about read people’s thoughts from a distance?’ she screamed mentally, directing it towards him. He covered his ears, winced, then screamed. “Why did you make it so loud?” he yelled. Annette’s face didn’t change expression. Suddenly he froze. Annette laughed. “You obviously haven’t figured out basic mind control yet, have you?” She said. She waved her palms in a circular motion. Evans fell to the ground, and then regained control of his emotions. He looked up at her with dark, deep eyes, then lunged at her.

“I’m sorry,” she said, then pushed her hands up the ceiling. Evans suddenly found himself floating at a very large height.

“Put me down!” he yelled. Annette waved her hand over her mouth. Surely enough, Evans went silent. His mouth was still moving up and down in a rapid motion, but not a sound could be heard.

“I’ve had my fun,” Annette announced, and snapped her fingers. Evans soon found himself in the original position in which he started. He stared at her in shock, which quickly turned to suspicion.

“How come you're more advanced then us?” He stated carefully. Annette just looked back at him, as if he was nothing.

“I don’t bother with simple questions,” she stated, matter-of-factly. He stared in awe.

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