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"The Way It Was"
Part 3
by Chris Uecke
Disclaimer: All of these characters are the property of Jason Katims and Warner Bothers studios. No Copyright infringements are intended. And I would just like to thanks them for developing such a good show that inspires me Try and fill in the blanks.
Summary: This is what took place the week leading up to when Future Max went back in time to stop Liz and his past self from falling in love and chasing Tess away.
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Rating: PG
After they all finish their meal, Alex walks over to join the others sitting around one of the larger tables in the room. He pulls up a chair and sits down with them. This is the most focused he has seen them in quite a while. He looks down on top of the table to see a large map of Roswell laid out in the middle of it.

“Okay, this is where we came across the Skins the other day before we were ambushed.” Michael says, while looking up to see Max’s jaw tighten a little at the thought. “I think this is where we should consider starting our search for their home base.”

“Yeah, they sure had a lot of reinforcements for that area.” Liz comments.

“There was an old shipping storage facility over here, if it is still standing.” Valenti comments.

“Yeah, that would be perfect. They would have the space necessary for them and their equipment.” Alex adds.

“Okay, saying that’s the place, what is the plan for attack? It’s not like they won’t be able to see us coming.” Max points out.

“Now would be a great time for Tess’s ability.” Kyle comments, but he as he looks over at Liz she gives him a dirty look. “What?” The looks at Max. “Oh, sorry.”

“No, he’s right, we lost quite a bit when Tess left, but that is in the past. So, the question is, how to get there without being seen?” says max.

“I would recommend that we go at night time. Less chance of being seen.” Valenti adds in.

“Agreed.” Alex adds.

“Okay, have we seen any movement out of them today?” Asks Max.

“Nothing, not a single one has been spotted yet.” Michael answers him.

“Doesn’t that seem a little odd?” Asks Kyle. “ I was quite surprised myself not to have seen any of them when we came back into town.”

“Which means that we will have to be on our toes, and be ready for anything that they throw at us. We have already seen that they have some weapons that we have yet to see.” Max adds looking over at Isabell for a second. “Ok, so tonight will be a reconnaissance mission. No conflict with them if at all possible.” He looks at Michael as he says this.

“Got it. But I’m going to be ready for anything.” Michael snaps back.

“Agreed. Bring anything we can carry, that can help should we have a stand down with them.”

“Let me tell you, if I’m going to go down, I’m going to take several of them with me.” Michael adds, noticing the mixed reactions around the table. Some agreeing with him, and some a little shocked that he just said that.

“Just be careful out there, I don’t want to lose anyone.” Max responds, breaking the silence. “Ok, we’ve got about 12 hours until sundown. Liz, you and Alex watch the computers, for any activity. Kyle and Valenti, you get the weapons ready. Michael, you and I will go check the perimeter for any signs.”

“OK!” they all respond. Each going their own way to carry out their tasks. Michael noticing Liz walking stand next to Max, decides to wait for him.

“Max, I know you feel responsible for Isabell, but don’t do anything crazy out there. I wouldn’t want to lose you too.” Liz looks deep into his eyes as she says this.

“Don’t worry Liz. I’ll be back here for you before you know it.” He responds trying to keep her from worrying about her, but deep down he knows that she will no matter what. Just like all the times he has worried about her. Now, with everything happening he realized that there is a chance that they all may not make it out of this.

“You better be.” Liz tries to smile while saying this, and gives him a playful jab in the side.

“Well, if you guys are done batting your eyes at each other.” Michael jokingly reminds Max that they should get going.

“He’s right. I’ll see you in a while.” Max bends down and give her a big kiss before going over with Michael towards the door.

Kyle follows behind them, and bolts the door behind them. Then he turns back to help his father with the weapons.


It takes a minute for Max’s eyes to adjust to the bright sunlight after being inside for the last day and a half. Michael walks up to stand next to him as they survey the area. They see burnt out shells of cars in the street, the collapsed shell of the Crashdown Café across the street. Looking up into the sky, Max sees that it is yet another cloudless sunny day, like he expected anything else? He smiles at the thought of this, and Michael notices him, and returns the smile.

“Something you would like to share with me Max?” Michael asks.

“It’s nothing really, it just seems so wrong to have such a beautiful day like this, and know that we can not enjoy it.” Max answers.

“Know what you mean Maxie boy. We all miss the easy days.”

“Well come on Star Child, lets see what we can find.” Max jokes back with him. They both chuckle a little at this and continue on walking, keeping their eyes open for anything.

Michael is happy to see Max is such spirits, it’s been quite some time since they were able to laugh with one another. Ever since all of this began, Max has been blaming himself for everything that has happened. And now with Isabell, he thought that Max might withdraw into himself even more, and that thought scared Michael more than he thought. Michael may be a strong fighter, but he didn’t have Max’s ability to plan everything out, and make sure things would work like they should. He may not agree with all of Max’s decisions, but he knows deep down that they are for the best.

They round the corner to see some movement down behind one of the building. Michael instinctively pushes Max back behind the corner, as he steps back himself.

“What? What is it?” Max asks.

“I thought I saw something.” Michael explains as he peers around the corner to see if he can see it again.

“Still out there?”

“I’m not sure. I think it stepped behind the old corner store.”

“Was it one of the skins?”

“Not sure.”

“Here let me take a look.” Max tells him as he slides over to where Michael was standing. He peers around the corner and sees the Store, or at least what is left of it. At first he doesn’t see anything, and is about to turn back to Michael, when something catches his eye. He looks over to the object and can see something sticking out of the edge of the building. “There is something over there. Can’t be sure, but it might be one of the skins.”

“Think it’s a trap?” Michael wonders.

“I’m not sure, but we should be ready for anything. As we already learned, they have weapons that we don’t even know about.” Max explains.

“Ok, what’s the plan?”

“Alright, you circle back around the other side of the building, and let me know the moment you are there.” Max starts to plan.

“Ok.” Michael responds, waiting for the rest of the plan.

After a couple of seconds, Max continues. “I will try to sneak up from this side, and hopefully they will notice me first, while you try to stay out of visible range of them. I will try to draw them out after me, and when they do, that is when you strike.”

“Gotcha.” Michael responds.

Michael is getting ready to go around the building, when Max stops him. “Be careful.”

“Don’t worry, you just make sure you take care of yourself. I wouldn’t want to have to fill your place with Liz.” Michael jokes back, trying to make Max feel more relaxed.

“Like you ever would have a chance.” Max laughs back at him, hitting him in the arm. “Now go.”

Michael leaves, and Max continues to peer around the corner trying to see anything that he can. He notices a couple more glimpses of movement come from the spot and he is now sure someone of something is over there. He looks around in road between them and sees the wrecks of several cars, which he can use for cover while try to make his way over there. He continues to try and set up some plans for trying to make it over there, while he awaits the signal from Michael.

After a couple of minutes, there is a flash of Miss July in his mind, and is takes Max a second to keep from laughing at Michael’s choice of ‘Signals’. He slinks down as low as he can and makes his way over to the closest car, and once making it he pops up to look over the car door, to see a little bit better into the alcove next to the building. He can see for sure that someone is in there. Unfortunately the sun’s shadows are preventing him from making any kind of determination as to who or what it is. All he can tell is that there is only one of them in there, and of humanoid form. He looks over to the left to see Michael has started making his way into position. Max looks back to the alcove to see if the person has noticed Michael, and if they have, they are not making any sign of it. He continues to watch the person, as Michael makes his way into position. Once Michael makes it into position, he looks over to Max and nods.

Max takes this as his sign that it is his turn. Max looks around left to right and tries to decide on the best plan of attack. He decides that the best idea, would be to let his whereabouts be know. He stands up behind the car, knowing that it will offer a little bit of cover, should the person decide to attack he won’t have much time to react. To his surprise, either the person hasn’t noticed him yet, or has decided against attacking. Not know which to expect, he begins to circle around the car, keeping his eye on the person. As he does so, he notices the person start to straighten up. Not knowing whether the person will attack or flee, he prepared himself for any attack. He raises his hand to be able to throw up his shield should he need to, but to his surprise, the person begins to walk towards him, but is keeping their hands at their side.

Michael has made his way across the street without the person noticing, he slowly makes his way into position. He wants to make sure that he is in a spot that he can easily attack from, while being able to duck into a safe place should he need to. He finds the doorway of one of the shops nest to the store is open and he should be easily able to dive through the open door should he need to. He decides that this will be the spot of attack. He looks over to Max and nods to let him know that he is in position and ready. He notices Max Stand up, and gets ready for the fight, but much to his surprise nothing happens. He notices Max slide around the car and begin making his way over towards the alcove. Michael raises his hand in preparation of the upcoming battle, wanting to be able to strike at a moment ’s notice.

Max, continues to walk slowly towards the alcove and the person in it continues to slowly make their way towards Max. This confuses Max, not knowing if they meant to attack and how they would attack. HE starts to worry that this might be an attack, and begins to look at the surrounding area, but fails to notice anything. He looks back at the person making their way towards him. Just as they are about to make their way out into the open, an easy target for Michael, the sunlight begins to creep across their face. Max sees that it is a woman, and one that he recognizes, and it is he that has to react quickly now, because she has made their way out of the safety of the alcove.

Before Max can stop Michael, he has taken the opportunity to strike. Max just barely manages to get his shield up between Michael and the woman, stopping Michael’s attack. “Michael No!!!!”

Michael is confused, and begins running towards the person. Not knowing why Max stopped him from attacking, and Max runs over to stop Michael. “Max, why?”

“It’s Sarena.” Max answers.

“Are you sure” Michael Asks as he pushes Max out of the way and grabs the woman, who is really confused by all of this. Michael grabs her arm, and while holding it spins her around so that her back is to him, He lifts the back of her shirt and begins to feel all around her lower back, trying to find the tell tale opening of the husk the skins use. When he doesn’t find one, he finally lets her go. “Precautions.”

“I wouldn’t expect anything else.” Sarena responds. She is an attractive woman, about five and a half feet tall, long reddish brown hair, and carrying a large bag.

“Sarena, what are you doing here?” Finally asks the questions they all want to know.

“I got here this morning, and didn’t know how to approach you guys. I was working on those figures that Liz gave me, and wanted to talk to her about them.” Sarena explains.

“You are lucky Max here intervened when he did, otherwise we would be spending the next few hours trying to explain to Liz why we killed one of her best friends.” Michael notes.

“He’s right. There has been a lot going on lately, and we can’t afford to make any mistakes. Which reminds me, we had better get out of the open. Michael Grab her bag and let’s get going.” Says Max.

“As you command.” Michael responds sarcastically, but he is surprised by the weight of it when he grabs it. “What do you have in here? Bricks?”

“Books mainly.” Sarena answers as they all begin to cautiously cross the street.

They make is across the street and back to the UFO center, without incident. Which makes Max feel a little bit better, although it worries him too, not knowing where the skins were. They make it to the back door of the UFO center, and Max knocks on it, then looks up into the camera above it. After a few seconds he can hear the sound of all the locks and bars being opened. The door opens a few seconds later, and they all go inside.


Inside the UFO center, Max and Michael walk in following Sarena. It takes a second for Sarena’s eyes to adjust from the sunlight outside to the lower lights of the indoors. They adjust just in time to see Liz jump her and hug her.

“Sarena! What are you doing here?” Liz asks excitedly.

“Actually, I came to find you.” She answers.

“Why? Why would you risk your life to find me?”

“I wanted to go over some number’s I have been running with you, and hopefully get you thoughts on them as well.” Sarena continues.

“Well, don’t mind us, we’ll just slide right past you.” Michael states sarcastically, as he pushes his way past them, since they are blocking the hallway.

“I see not much has changed around here.” Sarena responds to his remarks.

“Well, you would be surprised. Here come on over with me.” Liz takes her arm.

They go off to sit at the table and talk together.

“I don’t trust her Max.” Michael says quietly to Max.

“I’m not sure if I do either, but while she is here, we can keep our eyes on her.”

“Don’t you think it is kind of coincidental that she just happens to show up in town, without any trouble reaching us.”

“That is a little weird, but not as weird as the fact that we have yet to see a skin since the attack 3 days ago.”

“Yeah, that is a bit on the weird side. Wonder what they are up to?” Michael responds.

“Wish I knew, but from what we already know it can’t be anything good. Why don’t you go work out the plans for the attack with Valenti. Don’t take any chances, look at every possible means of attack.” Max explains.

“Eye, Eye Sir!” Michael sarcastically salutes him, and walks off.

Max just sakes his head and walks over towards Isabell’s cot. He knows that is can’t be that much longer now. Her wound has been getting worse and worse, and all of Max’s attempts to heal it has failed. Isabell no longer even allow him to try, saying that he needs to conserve his strength for the upcoming battle. Max knows that she is right, but it still pains him to see her this way. When he gets over to the cot, Alex is sitting there lightly applying a wet towel to her forehead. Max, walks up silently and places his hand on Alex’s shoulder, and Alex jumps a little.

“Sorry.” Max tells him.

“No, my fault. I’ve been really jumpy lately.

“We all are. So, how is she doing?” Max inquires.

“Not well. I don’t think she will make it through the day. She hasn’t even awaken today.” Alex answers him.

“Well, at least if she is not conscience, she can’t feel the pain.” Max tries to find anything positive to help Alex’s pain. He knows how much Alex loves her, and will miss her as much as he will. Every time Max thinks about this it angers him even more. He knows that it is wrong to blame himself, but he still does. Now the only thought on Max’s mind is to end this entire war. To take back their life and world.

If Alex had noticed the pause and anger that crosses Max’s face, he doesn’t mention it. He just continues to take care of Isabell.

“Let me know the moment anything changes.” Max tells Alex, and then goes off to join the others.

“Yeah, sure.” Alex responds more to himself than to Max, since Max had already turned and began to walk away.

Max begins to walk back towards the others, looking over first to see Sarena and Liz sitting at the table going over several notebooks that they had laid across the table. Deciding that he probably wouldn’t understand a single word of what they were talking about, he decides that it might be better to join Michael, Valenti and Kyle. He crosses the room to come up next the them. They are huddled over a stack of crates piled up with a map laid out in top of them.

“…would be the best line of attack.” Max catches the end of Valenti’s statement as he is pointing to an are on the map.

“Ok, but what if they have set up sentries in the buildings to either side.” Kyle points out.

Max looks down at the map and notices them pointing as a side alley that leads up to the storage facility. Max also notices that the buildings that Kyle is pointing to. “Well, we only have to worry about one of those. The other one is the one that Michael knocked down a few days ago. So, we just need to worry about securing the other one.”

“I could always go in and take the other one out.” Michael responds.

“That would just let them know we are coming and let them know where we are coming from.” Max answers.

“Just a thought. Hey, wait a minute. Maybe we could use that to our advantage.” Michael says.

“What do you mean?” Kyle questions.

“It’s like in all those old TV shows, you know when the bad guy is trying to find the good guy. The good guy pick something up a rock and throws it to distract the Bad guy and get him going in another direction.”

“I don’t think they will fall for a rock, Michael.” Max answers him.

“No. I think I know where he is going with this.” Valenti adds in. “We can create a diversion on the other side of the building than we are coming from.”

“Exactly.” Michael states holding his head up.

“Ok, but it would have to be a pretty big diversion to get their attention.” Max replies.

“I think that should be easy enough.” Michael responds by cracking his knuckles.

“No, Michael. We are going to have to conserve our powers. I’m pretty sure that we are going to need them.”

“Ok, we brought back some explosives with us. Set up properly, it should be enough to take out an entire building with the noise level we are requiring, but the question is which one?” Valenti chimes in.

“Well, since we already have a path to this building, we can silently make our way in to set the explosives, and then our point of attack would be over here. There won’t be much cover for us, so we will have to time it perfectly.” Max responds, letting the leader in him come out. It has been a while since he has had to take charge like this, but he doesn’t want to lose anyone else. “Ok, now we need to try and do some surveillance of the area, and see if we can find out what they have been up to. Have we managed to get any of the cameras up in that area?”

“Unfortunately not. Alex has been trying, but he has been a little preoccupied as of late.” Michael answers him. “Not that I blame him. However, he doesn’t think that there is a problem with the cameras themselves, but rather, some form of interference.”

“What kind of interference?” Kyle asks.

“What do I look like, some electronic specialist.” Michael answers him defensively.

“Come on guys.” Max cuts them off, know they all have been pretty wound up lately.

“Well, we do have the brain here now, maybe she can figure it out.” Michael says as he points back at Serena with his thumb.

“Actually, that’s not a bad idea, Michael.” Max responds before walking away from the group to make his way over to the table that Liz and Sarena are sitting at.

Max walks up behind Liz, and places his hands on her shoulders and looks over the notebooks spread on the table. There are a lot of calculations all scribbled out all over the books. “Did someone forget to do their math homework?” Max jokes with them.

Liz just looks up at him, and gives her the Not Funny smile. “No. She was explaining to me something she came across, it could help us out.”

“Well, I’ve got a small problem that needs you most intelligent minds to work out.” Max responds.

“Ok, I know that tone when I here it. What’s the problem Max?” Liz asks him.

“I need you guys to see if you can figure out what the problem with the cameras in the area of the warehouse is. Alex seems to think it is some kind of interference. It would be a great amount of help if we could figure out what they are doing over there.”

“Sure think Max.” Liz says standing up and giving him a kiss before she and Sarena head off to the computer screens.

Max just watches as they go over, and takes the moment to look around and see the disarray that things have gotten to. Isabell nearly dead, the world coming under attack from a world that he still has no idea where is and him stuck in the middle of it all.

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