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"The Truth of it All"
Part 4
by Michael Sim
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Summary: Taking place before Christmas time, Max learns certain truths about himself and those around him after facing a familiar enemy.
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Rating: PG
Scene shifts to the pod chamber. Kyle and Michael are carrying Max, now covered by a cocoon, into the middle of the room. Tess, Isabel, Alex, Maria, and Liz follow.

Kyle: So much for a nice non-alien evening.

Tess: I’m sorry, Kyle.

Kyle: It’s not your fault.

Liz: (to Maria) What happened?! One minute I’m at dinner and next you’re dragging me out of the restaurant. What happened to Max?!

Maria: That little creep, Nicholas paid us another visit.

Isabel: (breaking their conversation) Come on, we need to start…

Isabel hands a healing stone to Michael, Tess, Maria, and is about to give it to Liz.

Liz: I don’t know…

Isabel, impatiently shoves the stone in her hand.

Isabel: Do whatever you want.

Isabel takes her place in the circle with Michael, Maria, and Tess, who are holding the healing stones, trying to focus on the task at hand. Kyle stands at the entranceway, looking disgruntled. Off to the side, Alex holds Liz, who appears very upset and concerned. After some time, nothing has happened.

Isabel: (now very frustrated) Dammit, it’s not working!

Michael: It worked before…

Tess looks up at Liz.

Tess: He needs you to be part of this.

Tess stands and reaches her hand out to Liz, who seems to understand. She takes Tess’ hand and slowly walks towards Max. Liz takes her place in the circle next to Tess. They all begin to concentrate again, this time, the healing stones begin to glow.

We return to the same dark room as in the opening scene. Max sees the same visions as we saw earlier. Suddenly, the scene shifts to the bright desert. Max stands in the center of the group who are attempting to heal him. He is dress in regal attire, with a purple cloak on his shoulders. Max, Isabel, and Tess are dressed as in the previous setting.

First to approach is Michael, with Maria by his side. Max and Michael smile at each other and clasp hands, as close, old friends would. They pat shoulders and hug. Max and Maria share a smile.

Next is Isabel. She looks happy to see him and goes quickly to hug him. Max is slow to return the affection, but eventually does. Behind Isabel, we see Nicholas and the mystery man we now realize is Kivar.

Max turns to Liz. She is resplendent in a long gown, glowing in beauty. They hold each other, kiss, and look at each other lovingly. But he releases himself from their grip and walks away, towards… Tess.

Back in the pod chamber, the five surrounding Max are bathed in the yellow light of the healing stones. Max’s cocoon slowly disappears and Max suddenly sits up. Everyone in the circle open their eyes.

Isabel: Max!

Isabel instantly comes from behind Max and hugs him as he sits on the floor. He does not return the hug, instead he looks around. Michael approaches and as he pats Max on the shoulder.

Michael: I thought we lost you, Maxwell. I wasn’t ready to be fearless leader quite yet.

Max responds with a nod and finds what he was looking for… Liz. Max stands up and walks towards the weepy Liz. He places his hands on her arms.

Max: Liz, look at me. You know that I love you…

Liz: I know Max… and I love you too!

As they hug, Max looks to the side, at Tess walking away.

Max: (looking Liz) But there is something I have to do.

Max releases her and walks towards a retreating Tess, who is ostensibly walking towards the exit, and Kyle. Max takes her by the arm and slowly turns her towards him.

Max: Tess, I saw… felt the things that you remember… I remember.

Tess: (looking longingly in his eyes) Max…

Max: But I also have a new life… here. (beat) Max: We… I just want to make sure that you don’t leave. We need to stay together.

Tess: (as she caresses his cheek) Max, YOU are my king. I could never leave you.

She turns back around and leaves with Kyle, who gives a suspicious look to Max. Everyone has watched this including a shaken Liz.

Later, back in Max’s room, Max sits in his chair while Isabel is standing by the window, looking out at the stars.

Max: I saw things from the past, Isabel. From back HOME.

Isabel turns around.

Isabel: What did you see?

Max: We were at war. I knew people… our people were dying, but somehow, I knew inside that what I was doing was right. (beat) Max: I saw things about me and Tess, how much we… cared for each other.

Isabel: How about…

Max: We were all there, Michael and you too…

We see Max is struggling with what he is about to say.

Max: You were beautiful… even more beautiful than you are now.

Max pauses and just looks at Isabel, who acts as if she is already guilty.

Isabel: What?!

Max: You… you betrayed me Isabel. You betrayed our family, our people… for Kivar.

Scene ends with Max and Isabel just looking at each other, in deathly silence.

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