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"The Truth of it All"
Part 3
by Michael Sim
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Summary: Taking place before Christmas time, Max learns certain truths about himself and those around him after facing a familiar enemy.
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Rating: PG
We catch up to Max, walking towards the Crashdown, wondering what Liz’s message means. He goes into the alleyway next to the restaurant as he usually does. Then a figure comes out of the shadows.

Nicholas: So I see you got my message.

Max: What are you doing here?!

Nicholas: Well, if you want to get a “job” done right, you should do it yourself.


Nicholas: You know, I remember when I was a respected and trusted colleague of yours. You could have been a great ruler with a beautiful bride, an even more beautiful sister…

Nicholas pauses as if recalling a memory.

Nicholas: But you just had to try to change things. Our world was fine the way it was. And that twit for second in command… I would have and could have been a much better advisor to you.

Max: I don’t remember any of this.

Nicholas: Of course not! Your parents wanted the royal four to start off fresh. Renew your ties to each other so that you could be stronger than when we destroyed you. Too bad we had to kill your sister.

Max: Leave her out of this.

Nicholas: Leave her out of this… Tsk, tsk, tsk. You really were Swiss cheesed weren’t you. You need a refresher. Your beloved Vilandra, she’s the one who betrayed you. She really was a flighty one, but SHE knew who could rule our world. She chose Kivar over you and she’s the reason why you and your family lost the throne.

Max: Isabel is my sister, I trust her. I don’t believe you.

Nicholas: Or is it you don’t want to believe. You were always too trusting, believing people were better than they really were. Huh… then let me help you remember your miserable past, your highness.

With that, Nicholas raises his right hand in attack mode. Max tries to put up a force field, but before he can, he crumbles to the ground in pain, a blinding white light surrounding his head.

Nicholas: (screaming) Do you see it now Max! Does it come back as clearly as I remember it!

He continues to zap Max, who groans and screams in pain.

Nicholas: I hope you enjoy it before I kill you!

Nicholas continues to attack Max.

Moments before, down the street, we see Michael and Maria walking down the street.

Maria: Thanks for dinner Michael.

Michael: Yeah, people gotta eat.

Maria: I’d like to start over again. You know, between you and me. I know nothing happened between you and Courtney. I’m just tired of all this separation between us. I care for you and I think you care for me…

Before she can finish her thought, Michael grabs her and kisses her. This one is long and passionate, like the kind they used to share in the eraser room. They would have gone further had it not been for the light and noise coming from the alley next to the Crashdown.

Maria: What’s that?

Michael: I don’t know, but we should check it out.

They run across the street, Michael ahead with Maria in tow. They come upon Nicholas zapping Max.

Michael and Maria: Max!

Surprised, Nicholas stops what he is doing and looks up just in time to get a blast from Michael’s outstretched right hand. Nicholas is flung back several feet, but gets up quickly.

Nicholas: (while sweeping off dirt from his clothing) My lucky day. Kill the king and his minion in one fell swoop.

Michael: Let’s see you try, squirt.

Maria: Oh my god, oh my god…

Michael and Nicholas look at each other, ready to go at it, when suddenly, a car comes around into the alley. The headlights beam onto Michael and Nicholas. It’s the Jeep. Isabel and Alex get out and come up behind Michael.

Isabel: Michael! We saw you running across the street… Max!

She quickly goes to Max.

Nicholas: How ironic that you should care about your brother, Vilandra.

Isabel: (looking to Michael) What’s going on?

Nicholas: The time is coming soon when loyalties will be tested, dear Vilandra. Kivar and I will be expecting you, again… And you, Michael, Mr. Right Hand Man, not even your loyalists can stop me.

Outnumbered, Nicholas turns and runs to the opposite end of the alley. Michael is ready to go after him, but Maria grabs his arm.

Maria: Don’t… we need you here.

Everyone turns and watches as Max lay in Isabel’s arms, diaphoretic and convulsing.

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