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"The Ties That Bind"
Part 4
by Neko
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Summary: Set just after "Sexual Healing." It's a quiet weekend for the teens as they plan to celebrate Michael's emancipation. Meanwhile, Robin Daniels-McCallister and her team have arrived in Roswell. Their mission: to solve a mystery that has haunted her for the last fifteen years. Feed back is welcome.
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Authors Note: Robin, Andrew, Stone and Emerald are my characters.
Andrew let Robin sleep late. It had taken her a long time to fall asleep last night. She was exhausted from yesterday’s ordeal and he decided that breakfast in bed was an excellent way to make up for his not being around much lately.

He balanced the tray of food on one hand as he quickly passed the other over the door’s lock. He smiled with satisfaction at the click of the mechanism as the door gently opened. Pushing it open further, Andrew peered inside to see if Robin was awake yet. He was startled to find the bed empty and no sign of his wife in the room. He stepped inside quickly and called for his wife as he set the tray down on the table near the window.

“I’m here,” came her answer from the bathroom. “I’ll be out in a second.”

Andrew breathed a sigh of relief. For a moment he had thought she had given him the slip again.

Robin came out of the bathroom in Andrew’s bathrobe, her hair wrapped in a towel. He found himself staring at the plunging neckline created by the loosely belted robe. Robin noticed his stare and blushed as she closed the robe a bit. “Mine was still damp from last night,” she explained. “I hope you don’t mind.”

He reached out and pulled her close. “No, don’t mind at all,” he said as he began to nuzzle her neck.

“My, we are amorous this morning aren’t we?” Robin said as her husband kissed his way up her neck and removed the towel letting her fresh clean hair fall around her shoulders.

“You would be too, if you had to absorb all that extra energy.” His voice was heavy with his passion as he kissed his way down her neck across one collarbone and then across to the other.

By the time he was finished his robe had fallen away from her shoulders and hung loosely on her naked body. Robin placed a gentle hand on either side of his face so she could gaze into his eyes as she stepped back from him.

“So,” she smiled at him seductively as she picked up a piece of toast. “What do you want to eat first?” She dropped her arms and let the robe fall to the floor.

Andrew groaned as he marveled at the beauty of his wife. He knew every inch of her, loved her beyond mortal comprehension. Yet as she stood there before him with the new life growing in her womb he was both astonished and amazed by this most wondrous miracle. He reached out and gently laid his hand against her belly. In a flash his mind was reaching in to touch the small life that was their child. He cradled the new life with his mind and wrapped it in his love. Their love.

Quickly Andrew gathered up his wife and carried her back to their bed. Robin giggled as he set her on the bed and then crawled in beside her. Breakfast be damned. They’d eat later.

Later, as they hurriedly readied themselves. Andrew finally asked Robin why she didn’t tell him about the baby sooner.

“I had wanted to surprise you,” she said putting on her mascara. “I’m sorry. I just wanted it to be special.”

Andrew slid his hands around his wife’s waist and kissed her neck. Robin looked at their reflection in the mirror. “That’s how this all started, remember?” she teased.

Andrew chuckled. “I remember.” He breathed hotly against her skin.

Robin sighed deeply as he continued to kiss up her neck until he was sucking on her earlobe.

“Andrew,” she said as she felt the passion building inside her again. “We can’t do this right now.”

Andrew grumbled, “Why not?”

Robin frowned. “’Cause I have to be responsible.”

“Oh.” Andrew dropped his hands from her waist and stepped away.

Robin turned to face her husband and took hold of his hands as she smiled. “Have I told you how much I love you?”

Andrew smiled back. “Yes.”

“Have I told you I think you’re going to be a wonderful father?”

“You think so?” Andrew had his doubts.

“I know so.” She said emphatically then kissed him quickly. “Now get out of here so I can finish getting ready.”

* * *

Emerald was sitting behind a long table signing books and occasionally having her picture taken. Alex was there and he had managed to drag Maria along with him.

Standing behind her they could see the tall blonde man that was with Emerald the day before in the diner. He was dressed in men-in-black/secret service/ bodyguard attire. Black suit, white shirt, skinny black tie and cool shades with his spiky blonde hair. He’d even bought one of those fake earpieces. He looked like some monolithic statue just behind her and to the right.

In the line Alex was telling Maria more about the series of books that Emerald had written. Not that he hadn’t been talking about them for the last week. For all of her apparent disinterest Maria was starting to enjoy the snippets of story he had been telling her.

A few people ahead of them a couple of other geeky boys were getting their books signed. One of them made a comment that Maria couldn’t hear but the look on Ms Braaten’s face was surprise for a moment and then nothing, just a smile. A very cold smile. Emerald’s reaction surprised Maria. Why didn’t she say something? Just then the man standing behind her leaned forward and asked in a loud stage whisper. “Is everything alright ma’am?”

Emerald didn’t even look at him as she brushed him off. Stone stepped back and touched his earpiece. “We have a situation here.”

Emerald looked up to see a rather terrified look on the young man’s face. The teen started looking around him scanning the area for some one who was going to “remove him”. Unshaken by his reaction, Emerald finished signing his book and handed it back to him smiling that same very cold smile.

“I’m sorry,” he stammered, openly terrified.

“Apology accepted.” The teen moved on as she took the book form the next person in line.

Maria watched as the cold smile faded and was replaced by one that was genuinely filled with warmth.

Soon it was Alex and Maria’s turn. Alex handed her the other seven books in his set. Most of his set was hard back. Emerald smiled, he was really hooked if he couldn’t wait for the paperback editions to be released.

She looked up at him with one of her patented winning smiles. “Hi. I remember you from yesterday. Alex isn’t it?”

Alex beamed. She remembered him. Well, it had only been yesterday when she had seen him last. He’d never really thought of himself as being that memorable. But she remembered him and his name. That was cool. “Yeah. I hope it was okay for me to bring all of these.”

Emerald grinned. “That’s fine. So I guess you really like the series.”

“Oh, yeah. I love it. The Circle is so awesome.”

“Thanks.” Emerald kept signing.

“So, who’s the Kevin Costner wannabe?” Maria asked.

Emerald looked up at the attractive young blonde woman. As she sat back in her chair “Who him?” She reached back and poked Stone in the stomach.

“Oof.” Stone’s impersonation of a monolith was irreparably damaged as he winced and took a step back out of her reach. “He’s just my goon of a husband. He thinks it’s funny to scare the britches off some of my more impressionable fans. You should have seen him at the last convention. He’d look their direction and they would cower.”

Maria just smiled. Michael had one of those looks too. The kind of look that could wilt flowers. “He’s a terrible tease, but I love him anyway.” Emerald signed another of Alex’s books.

“How long have the two of you been together?” Maria asked.

“That depends on how you want to look at it.” She looked up to see Maria frowning. “We’ve known each other since we were six. We dated on and off, on and off, and on and off for several years.”

“That sounds familiar.” Alex said sarcastically. Maria swung at him fully aware of the gentle jibe her friend was making.

“After college I went my own way for a few years. Then I returned to the Twin Cities. Stone and I caught up with each other and we haven’t been apart since.” There was such love in her voice. Maria was awed by the totality of Emerald’s confession.

“So, you're like…soulmates?” Maria asked. Emerald laughed. “No, Robin and Andrew...” She pointed to her friends standing over between two of the bookracks. The two of them were standing close together. Arms wrapped about the other and staring into each others eyes. They both had that totally-lost-in-each-other gaze that Max and Liz always seemed to get. “Now they’re soulmates. Stone and I just belong together. I can’t imagine being with anyone else, ever.” She handed the last book back to Alex. “I’m so glad you came by today.” She thanked them.

“Thanks again.” Alex said.

“Yeah, thanks a lot.” Maria waved at Stone and smiled sweetly. “By Mr. Costner.”

* * *

Later at the diner Alex was sitting at the counter with his nose buried in his book while Maria talked with Liz. “You know she was really cool. She was telling me how their relationship was on again off again. But they still wound up together. Like they knew they were suppose to be together even though one of them was fighting it.”

“She sounds like a really neat lady.” Liz turned and refilled Maria’s glass.

“No!” Alex pushed the book away from him. “She can’t do that! He can’t die!” He scrubbed his face with his fingers. Then reached out and pulled the book back. He found his place and went back to reading ignoring the looks of his friends.

Liz and Maria just shrugged and went back to their conversation.

* * *

As they approached the Crashdown Café the four of them were acting more like teens than thirty-something’s. They laughed and teased each other as they walked into the diner.

Robin grabbed her friend’s arm as she bent over laughing. “Kevin Costner wannabe! Oh, gosh that’s funny.”

Andrew looked over at his friend and Stone just shrugged. “I was kinda hoping for more of a…Tommy Lee Jones / Harrison Ford look, but Kevin Costner’s fine.” Andrew just shook his head.

“You’re incorrigible. You always have been, you always will be.”

As they took a seat at a booth Liz came over to greet them. “Feeling better today?” she asked Robin as she set menus on the table before each of them.

Robin smiled brilliantly. “Yes, thank you.”

Andrew slipped his arm around his wife and gently squeezed her shoulder.

“What can I get you to drink?” she asked pulling the order book and pen from her apron.

“Three ice teas and…” Stone looked at Robin. She grimaced. She really wanted tea. “Water for me. I’m not suppose to have caffeine.”

“We have decaffeinated tea.” Liz offered.

Robin smiled at Liz relieved. She hated drinking just plain water. “That would be wonderful.”

Liz nodded and headed back towards the kitchen.

Robin leaned against her husband. Taking his free hand in hers she began playing with his fingers.

Emerald smiled as she watched her best friends. Then she turned to her husband. “I can’t believe how mean you are. You scared those poor boys on purpose.”

“Yeah, they deserved it after what they said. I can’t believe you didn’t say anything.”

Emerald poked him. “You’re still a tease.”

“I am.” He leaned over her forcing her to lean back into the booth and he did his monolith impression again.

She started beating on him Faye Wray style. “Stop it, Stop it!”

Robin and Andrew started to laugh as Liz arrived with their drinks. “What can I get you?” she asked in a cheery voice.

Andrew answered rather sheepishly, “You know we haven’t even looked. Could you give us a few more minutes.”

“Sure.” Liz slid her order book back into her apron as the door chimed. Liz turned to see who was coming in. A smile spread across her face as Max walked in followed by Isabel and Michael.

“Hey,” he said as he walked past her.

She beamed in return. “Hey.” She abruptly turned back to the table like she’d been woken suddenly from a deep sleep. “Just let me know when you’re ready,” she said as she hurried away.

Emerald and Robin just shook their heads. “She’s got it bad.” Emerald said.

“What?” Stone asked.

“Real bad.” Robin agreed.

“What are you talking about?” Andrew asked.

Emerald sighed dramatically. “Amore, amore.”

Both men looked at each other and frowned.

“They’re young and they’re in love.” Robin looked at her husband. “Has it been so long that you don’t remember what that was like?” she teased.

“I’d be surprised if either of you know what not being in love is like,” Emerald teased.

Robin smiled but Andrew still had a confused look on his face.

“Andrew, when did you know you loved Robin?” Emerald asked.

Andrew shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“No seriously, when did you know?” She pressed him.

Andrew thought about it for a moment then shrugged. “I guess I’ve always known.

Stone nodded. “Yeah, I think you two were born in love with each other.”

“And you looked a lot like those two,” Emerald added indicating the teens behind them. “In fact you look a lot like them right now.”

Robin turned so she could glance back at them.

Liz was sitting in a booth next to Max resting her head against his shoulder.

“So,” Emerald questioned leaning over the table towards Robin. “Do you think it’s him?”

Robin smiled. “What, you mean the tall, dark haired one with the soulful eyes that makes your knees all jelloy when you look at him”

Emerald snickered. “That’d be the one!” Both women laughed.

Stone looked at his wife, a hurt expression on his face. “Do your knees ever get jello-ey when I’m around?”

Emerald looked up and leaned towards her husband a sensual, man-eating tigress expression in her face as she started to twirl his skinny black tie around her finger. “Oh yes… absolutely! All the time baby cakes. Depending of course on what you’re wearing…or not, as the case may be.”

Andrew let go with a laugh. “Do we need to get the two of you a room.”

“Maybe.” Stone replied with a wicked grin.

At the Counter Alex closed the book he had been engrossed in and spun around to see who else was in the diner. He was surprised when he saw Isabel, Michael and Max. He hadn’t even noticed that they had come in. But he reminded himself he had been a little preoccupied. Some books were like that they absorbed you into the action and conflict until you were a part of it. Emerald Braaten’s books did that. This one sure had, but Alex was mad, really mad.

He saw Emerald and her husband sitting with their friends eating. Normally he wouldn’t even consider interrupting someone who he could at best call an acquaintance while they were eating. That was just way too fannish and rude. But this was different. He needed some answers and he needed them now. He ran his fingers through his short black hair as he started purposefully towards them. “Hey, Alex.” Isabel said in a cheery voice.

Alex glanced at her. “Hey,” and kept walking towards the other booth.

Isabel frowned and turned to see where he was headed with such determination. She was surprised when he stopped in front of the booth directly behind her.

“Excuse me, Ms. Braaten?” The adults all turn to look at Alex. “I’m sorry for interrupting your meal, but can I talk to you?”

Emerald examined him carefully, puzzled by the frown creasing his forehead. “Sure Alex.”

Stone slid out of the booth so his wife could slip out. She gently took hold of Alex’s arm and steered him towards an empty table nearby. “What’s on your mind?” She asked gently, trying the ease the distress she saw on his face.

“Well… it’s just…it’s the way you’ve left us hanging at the end of “The Gray War”. Kale’s dead!” Emerald nodded finally beginning to understand his distress. “How can they survive? Kale was the glue that held the Circle together. Sure, maybe Miri or Damek could have kept the Circle together, at least for a while, but they’re dead too. How can they possibly win the war after the death of their leader, his bride, his sister and his second in command? You just eradicated the royal family!” His voice filled with grief.

Emerald smiled slightly. She didn’t want him to feel that she was in anyway laughing at him or his embittered condemnation of her choice of endings. Alex was passionate about those characters, a passion that she shared even more so now. He was looking for answers; she could give them to him. There was, of course, Stone’s Prime Directive. They couldn’t tell them the truth, reveal who they were or their reason for being here. These teens needed to develop and mature on their own. But he never said she couldn’t tell them a story. She looked at the others siting nearby, both his companions and hers. “What do you want to know?”

Alex leaned forward watching her intently. “How will the Circle survive?”

Emerald smiled at him impishly. “You really want to know?” She could see that their conversation had drawn the attention of the other teens. When Maria pulled a chair up next to Alex so she could listen as well, Emerald knew she had their attention, but could she get the other’s attention as well. She took a deep breath; she had to try.

“I want to know.” Alex asked very clearly and Maria nodded in agreement.

Emerald took a quick look back at her companions. Robin and Andrew were smiling and Stone… he just shrugged and nodded. They knew where her inspiration for the stories had come from. She had a unique opportunity to share a bit of their own history with them. A history they wouldn’t learn for another several years. And besides, as far as they were concerned, it was only a story.

Emerald smiled slightly and then turned serious. “After Kale, Tania, Miri and Damek are murdered the Circle was despondent. They had little time as the enemy was closing in on their position. They decided that the only way to save their people was to bring Kale back from the dead.”

“But that’s not possible!” Alex interrupted.

Emerald smiled. “It’s my universe, Alex.” She chided him gently. “Now let me continue.” He nodded grimly as she continued. “They gathered the essence of each of their fallen comrades. As others worked quickly to prepare a ship so they could leave the planet, still others prepared incubation pods for the clones of their beloved leader, his young bride, his sister and her betrothed. The clones would mature during the long flight to a safe world that the Circle chose as a sanctuary until they were ready to mount a counter strike.”

“Haven.” Alex said solemnly with great reverence.

Emerald nodded in reply. She took a moment to look at the other teens. They were all watching her with keen interest. She had dangled the bait out before them and they had taken it. She had their attention. Now she could tell them.

“The hardest decision was who would travel to Haven with the precious pods and look after Kale and the others once they reached their destination. They would only be children when they arrived. Damek’s pod sister demanded that she be allowed to travel with the clone of her brother. But the Oracle, Kale’s mother advised against it.” Emerald looked over at Robin. She could see her friend’s discomfort as she barely skirted the truth. “Instead the Oracle advised that there be other pods prepared, ones that would follow in other ships with the essence of other members of the Circle. Once they reached their destination they would be raised as part of Haven’s native populuce. They wouldn’t even know their own history until they were old enough to shoulder the responsibility. But the enemy discovered their plan; there was a traitor in the midst of the Circle. The Resurrection launched without incident and made its way to Haven. Yet they couldn’t know that the enemy was swiftly catching up with them.” Emerald paused for a moment and reached for her glass of tea.

“Oh, please,” Liz begged. “Don’t stop now.” Emerald sat the glass on the table beside her. “Alright.”

By the time Emerald’s story was finished the sun had set and they were all a bit weary. She turned to Alex. “Does that answer your question?” Alex nodded.

“Tell me that’s not just one book.” Michael stretched as he climbed out of the booth.

“No,” Emerald shook her head. “That’s probably two, maybe three books worth of story.”

“Don’t you ever worry that you might forget some of it?” Maria asked.

“Nope. Never.” She went to stand next to her husband.

“That story’s incredible.” Max said as he climbed from booth. “Alex has been bugging me to read the series since he heard you were coming to town. I guess now I’m gonna have to.” He was standing before her.

Emerald smiled shyly at his praise. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“It’s interesting how while they’re on Haven they’re not really hiding.” Max told her.

“Hiding in plain site is a perfectly good defensive tactic.” Emerald told him. “Besides, they make themselves part of the society. If someone were to question their integrity most people would react with disbelief or see it as a jealous attack. You know it would be like me telling you that Robin and Andrew were actually aliens. And that they were here to take over the world.”

She could see the shocked looks on the faces of her friends out of the corner of her eye, but she focused back on Max. “But who’d believe me. A few crackpots, maybe. Most people would go: they’re young executives with successful businesses and a prominent future in the community. They would question my motives before they ever questioned Robin or Andrew. So therefore Kale and the others are safe until it’s time to free their people.”

Max smiled and nodded thinking back to the file he had read the day before in Milton’s office.

Andrew sighed and looked at his watch. “Speaking of successful businesses, I have one to run in the morning and we still have to fly home.”

Robin glanced at her watch. “Oh goodness. How did that much time disappear?”

“Easy!” Alex answered, “Because Emerald Braaten tells the best stories.”

Stone groaned. “I better get you out of here before your ego gets so big I can’t get you on the plane,” he teased his wife.

Emerald laughed. “Thank you Alex.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out a business card. “Here,” she handed it to him. “There’s my e-mail address, if you have anymore questions or just want to chat. I’m contemplating a new facet to the Circle and I could use some fresh ears to bounce it off of. They’ve heard my ideas so many times…”

“That we don’t get excited about them any longer.” Robin finished for her.

Robin turned to Michael and gently touched his arm. This time there was no rush of memories. She smiled at him. “Thank you.” She could see the confusion in his dark brown eyes. “For yesterday,” she explained.

Michael seemed uneasy with her touch and pulled away slightly. “Oh, you're welcome,” he answered as he moved towards Maria.

Robin tried not to let the disappointment show. The truth was she wanted to throw her arms around his neck and tell him everything. Testify to the world that she was his pod sister and didn’t want to be separated from him again. But Michael was safe for now. He was independent, he was living on his own and not with some brutal foster father. Maria was head over heals in love with him if he’d only admit that to himself. He and the others were hidden in plain sight.

If she told him now it would only endanger them. No, she would have to be patient and guard her secret for a little longer.

“Robin.” Andrew stood behind her, his hand extended towards her. “Coming?” She smiled as she reached for him.

“Thank you again for your hospitality,” Emerald said to Liz as well as the others. “Alex, I’ll talk to you soon. Okay.”

He was grinning from ear to ear. “Sure.”

As the door closed behind them Max joined the others as they stood at the back counter. “Hey Alex, can I borrow one of the books?” Max asked.

“Sure. Here you go, “What Price Freedom” book one. Enjoy” Alex clapped Max’s shoulder.

* * *

The Sierra Nevada Mountains were beautiful in the spring. Robin knew that was one reason that her parents had loved this area so much. The years they had spent there in the commune had been idyllic. At least her childhood memories of it were idyllic. It had been one of the best presents Andrew had ever given her when he had bought them the property that the old commune had been on. Their first memories were of this place. They had been so innocent, clean slates just waiting for a history to be written on them.

Robin breathed in the clear mountain air. The rich smell of pine and early spring flowers made her relax. She loved this place. She climbed from her chair carefully. The growing bundle in her womb was getting bigger each day. Instinctively she caressed the life within her.

“You alright, Robin?” Emerald asked from the rail along the edge of the deck.

Robin smiled as she walked over to her friend. “I’m fine. I was just thinking how much I love this place.”

“Me too.” She turned to lean on the rail and gaze out across the crystal lake that the house overlooked. “I finished the next book last night.”

Robin nodded. “I thought you were up awfully late. Actually, I’m surprised it’s taken you this long.”

Emerald grinned. “I have to admit the morning sickness hasn’t helped.”

“I tried to warn you about that.” Robin laughed. “So how’s Stone dealing with the idea of Fatherhood?”

“Amazingly fine.” Emerald beamed.

Robin wrapped an arm around her best friend. “I’m so happy for the two of you.”

Emerald hugged her back. “I am so glad we are going through this together.”

“Me too.” Robin laughed.

“Hey, what’s with the two of you?” Andrew asked as he and Stone joined them.

Robin turned and hugged her husband. “Nothing,” she sighed. “Just how happy we are.” Stone wrapped his arms around Emerald and held her tightly.

“Oh.” He kissed her forehead. “Well, the grill is ready anytime you are.”

“I’ll go get the meat. Be back in a couple.” Robin kissed him then walked back into the large log home that Stone had constructed for the four of them. Their home away from home, their Haven, right down to the spaceship hidden in the cellar of one of the old barns.

Suddenly there was a crash from inside. Andrew ran the few steps to the French doors. “Robin?” he stepped inside but couldn’t see his wife. He called her again.

“In here,” she answered from the great room. The three of them hurried into the two-story room.

She stood in front of the enormous fieldstone fireplace her eyes fixed on the mantle. Set on the mantle, an onyx black stone the size of a cue ball rested in an elaborate three-pronged stand. In the center of it a red pentagon blinked as it emitted a high pitched pulsing tone.

Robin turned to face the others, there were tears streaming down her cheeks. “It has begun.”

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