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"The Summer of 2000"
Part 6
by Faile
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Summary: Can't wait till the fall, well this is what I think will happen over the summer! The story starts right where the season finale ends.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Now we'd all like to believe that Liz realized her mistake and ran back to Max, that Michael crawled back to Maria, and Isabel ran to Alex for support, but let's be realistic and find out what could be in store the pod squad and their human companions.
Liz looked up from the table to again see Max walking away from the Crashdown. It was like she could almost sense when he was near. She wondered what he had been doing all day. She, Maria, and Alex had just spent the last hour explaining to Kyle about Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess and about what had happened this past week. Kyle knew some stuff, but had a lot of questions. Mostly about the incident last fall here in the Crashdown and the subsequent trip to Texas and also about when Max got drunk. Kyle was surprised to find out Tess was also an alien. His dad didn't even know that. It was good for Liz to talk about these things. It kept her mind off what happened in the cave yesterday. Every once in awhile she would see Maria or Alex looking at her waiting for her to explain what had happened. They knew she was upset about something, but she didn't want to have to explain this to Kyle, so she waited.

At 7pm, it was time for Maria to start her shift so she got up from the table and went into the back to get ready. She came back to the table to inform Liz, Alex, and Kyle that Michael called in to say he wouldn't be working here anymore. Liz and Alex could see she was pretty upset about it, but was trying to hold it together.

Maria liked to talk things out. She liked to confront people and work through problems but with Michael this was difficult if not impossible. Michael had this habit of running away from things, especially when it comes to his relationship with Maria. In general, Michael has quite a history of running. If he isn't running away from something, he is running is toward the unknown. He is continually looking for answers about why he is here and where he comes from. This is of course understandable, but his quests have often times led him and others into danger. One example of this was when Michael stole Maria's Moms' car last year and made a spontaneous road trip to Texas. He dragged Maria along as an unwilling passenger and Max, Isabel, and Liz followed them. That was when Maria first started to understand Michael. Michael hides from the world. He can be incredibly sweet and caring sometimes, but he doesn't show that side of him very often because he is afraid of being hu! rt.

But this time Maria wasn't going to let Michael get away with running. He had pretty much told her that he was in love with her and even he though he thought that her may someday hurt her, she wasn't going to let him get off so easily. He needed her now, what he must be going through. He didn't mean to kill Pierce. He just doesn't know how to control his powers, but Maria can help him. She knows she can. Maria spent the next four hours at work focused on getting as much work done as possible so she could leave right at 11pm and go over to Michael's. Liz, Alex, and Kyle left around 8pm and went home.

At 11pm, she was about to head out the door. Maria was at her locker getting out her book bag as Liz came down the back stairs.

"Hey, Maria, I came down to see if you needed any help with closing? Are you done already?"

"Yeah, I'm feeling really tired and I just want to get home," Maria said without looking Liz in the eye. Maria doesn't like lying to Liz, but she doesn't want advice from Liz right now, she just wants to confront Michael and find out what is going on.

"I didn't get a chance to tell you or Alex what happened yesterday after Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess healed Nasedo, and I really should. Do you have time now? I'd rather tell you and Alex at the same time, but I can't wait anymore, I need to get this off my chest."

Maria looked at Liz and saw her eyes were all puffy like she'd been crying and right away Maria's heart went out to her. Whatever happened must have been pretty major to tear Liz apart so much. And Max hasn't been around all day. So what could have driven Max and Liz apart? Their connection was so strong. Maria wanted to help Liz, but she had to see Michael now. She was determined to make Michael talk it out. Show him that she wasn't going to leave him no matter what.

Maria went toward Liz and gave her a big hug, saying, "I can't talk now, but I swear I'll talk to you tomorrow. My mom is expecting me home early."

Maria then ran quickly out the back door without looking back. She knew what Liz had to tell her was extremely important, but Maria had set her mind on talking to Michael tonight and it was now or never. If she went home too late, her mom would ground her for a week, so at most Maria had an hour to go see and talk to Michael.

Maria drove toward Michael's in a rental her Mom got from the insurance company. The Sheriff convinced her Mom that her car was stolen, so luckily Maria is off the hook temporarily. As she drove up to the parking lot outside of Michael's apartment, she saw Max's jeep pull out and drive in the opposite direction. She wondered what he was doing here so late and began to feel bad for leaving Liz when she obviously needed to talk to someone. After parking Maria pulled out her cell phone and called Liz on her cell. Liz didn't answer, but Maria left a message for Liz explaining why she couldn't talk tonight.

Then Maria got out of the car and walked over to Michael's apartment. She stood out front of the door for a minute to gain her courage, knowing she was doing the right thing, then knocked on his door.

"Did you forget something, Maximillian?" Michael asked as he opened the door.

Michael looked at Maria unsure what to say or do? Why is she here? Michael felt his heart fall out of his chest. After what has happened the last two days, he wasn't sure he could take this now. He'd just spent the last four hours with Max avoiding the subject of Maria while Max avoided the subject of Liz. They watched some TV, ordered some pizza, both not wanting to talk about what was at the forefront of the minds. Now here she is, at his door step. Looking up at him with those beautiful eyes, waiting for him to do or say something.

"Can I come in?" Maria asked getting a determined look on her face. She was not going to let him run away from this. She was going to make him talk this out.

He knew she wanted to talk, but did Liz have a chance to tell her what happened yesterday? Before Michael had a chance to say no, Maria pushed past him and into his apartment. She walked over to the couch and sat down, setting her book bag on the ground next to her feet. Then she looked up to him waiting.

Michael started to protest, but realized it would be hopeless, so instead he just closed the door and walked over to the couch to sit by Maria. Michael was exhausted. He wasn't able to sleep last night. Every time he closed his eyes he saw Pierce's face. That was another subject he was avoiding with Max. Michael couldn't believe he was responsible for someone's death. But when Michael saw Pierce pulling the gun on Valenti, all he could think about is what Pierce did to Max and what he would do to all of them if someone didn't stop him. He wasn't sure what he did to Pierce, but he is dead now and nothing Michael does will ever change that.

When Maria looked over at Michael, she could see how exhausted he was. She wanted to help him, if he would only let her. Michael had said that he loved her too much to be with her in the museum two days ago and since then Maria has realized how much she loves Michael and that she would do anything to take his pain away.

"I'm sorry to come here so late, but I just needed to talk this out, Michael. I need to know that you are okay. You were so upset at the museum…" Maria reached over to take hold of Michael's hand.

Instantly Michael jumped up, pulling away from her. Her touch was too much for him. It burned into his heart. "So much has happened since then. What happened in the museum means nothing now," Michael says unconvincingly.

Maria looked at Michael seeing that it's untrue. She knew he was haunted by Pierce, who wouldn't be. If only she could take the pain away like she did that night when he was having problems with his foster father. All Maria wanted to do was hold him.

"I don't know what has happened Michael, but I know what happened with Pierce is tearing you up inside. I can see it. You pushed me away at the museum, please don't push me away now. Let me be here for you and help you," Maria says as she gets up from the couch and walks over to Michael.

Michael looks at her, wanting to let her in, but knowing that what he is involved in now Maria cannot be apart of. He has to concentrate on learning to control his powers so that he can someday help save his home planet.

Maria takes Michael's hand into her own, lacing her fingers through his. She steps closer to Michael and kisses him softly, slowly, first on the jaw then on his mouth. When Michael doesn't pull away, she puts her hands on his chest, and kisses him harder and faster wanting to take the pain away.

Michael felt he should push her away, but instead Michael pulls Maria toward him passionately and starts returning her kisses wanting so much to forget everything in Maria's arms. He pulls her over to the couch and continues to kiss her with reckless abandon. She is so beautiful and everything Michael has ever wanted.

Suddenly, Maria's cell phone starts ringing in her book bag.

Michael stopped and looked at Maria realizing that if he didn't pull away now, he never would. He couldn't be with Maria, not now, not ever. He pulled away from Maria and sat on the couch just out of Maria's reach.

Maria, realizing what Michael must be thinking, looks at him, ignoring her phone, and says, "Michael, I love you, don't you realize that no matter what happens I want to go through it with you and help you. You need me and I need you, can't you see that?"

Maria hesitates waiting for a response from Michael. When he doesn't move, Maria moves toward him and again takes his hand, saying, "I'm giving myself to you, Michael. I want to be with you."

Michael finally looked at Maria, realizing what she was saying. He wanted so much to love her, to show her how much he loved her, but it couldn't happen. He needed to be alone. He couldn't let himself become more emotionally involved with her. She meant so much to him, that he couldn't let her get close only to hurt her later on.

She obviously doesn't know about what happened in the cave, and Michael couldn't explain it to her now. Michael got up from the couch and walked toward the door. He opened the door and stood by it, waiting for Maria to get the hint and leave.

Maria looked at him trying to figure out a way into that shell he has placed himself into. He was continually running away from her and away from his feelings for her.

"Michael, I'm offering myself to you and you kick me out. What kind of guy are you?"

Michael looks at her trying not to lose it in front of her. He wanted her so bad, but it just wasn't possible. "I'm an alien, remember? Now if you don't mind, I'd really like to get some rest."

Maria slowly got up from the couch and picked her book bag up from the floor. She didn't want to give up and leave, but she could tell Michael wasn't going to give an inch. She'd seen that look too many times not to know what it means. She walked toward the door and stopped in front of Michael looking up at him.

"You can't push me away this easily, Michael. I'll go for now, but I will not give up on you or on us….I can't."

Maria reached up to Michael, lightly kissing him on his cheek and then walked out his front door not looking back.

Michael watched her for as long as he could then slowly closed the door behind her. He then walked over to the couch and touched the area where Maria had sat trying to re-capture her for just a minute. Michael knew he had done the right thing, pushing her away again, but it was more painful than he thought it would be and the thought of having to do it again was unbearable.

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