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"The Summer of 2000"
Part 5
by Faile
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Summary: Can't wait till the fall, well this is what I think will happen over the summer! The story starts right where the season finale ends.
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Authors Note: Now we'd all like to believe that Liz realized her mistake and ran back to Max, that Michael crawled back to Maria, and Isabel ran to Alex for support, but let's be realistic and find out what could be in store the pod squad and their human companions.
Max looked into the window of the Crashdown at Liz, Kyle, Alex, and Maria. He had seen Kyle walk into the Crashdown from across the street. He knew that Liz would tell Alex and Maria everything and maybe Kyle too. It wasn't the ideal situation for all of them to know, but he knew he shouldn't stop Liz. She would need their support right now. Maria and Alex and even Kyle could give her the kind of support Max couldn't. Max had to focus on Michael, Isabel, and Tess. He was their leader and he needed to find a way to ensure their safety. They were safe from the FBI for now, but another danger is out on the horizon. One he can't see or control. Max turned away from the window and started to head down the street toward the Sheriff's station. Liz looked up from her table just in time to see Max walking away.

Michael, Isabel, and Tess had just helped Max finish cleaning up the museum. His boss would be returning tomorrow and Max didn't want Milton to think anything had happened there while he was gone. Cleaning up was also a good chance for him and the others to practice using their powers and also to learn to control them better. Tess was helpful in teaching them what they needed to know to develop their powers. It seems each of them has their strengths. Max is extremely good at manipulating molecular structure, that's why he is the one who has a knack for healing. Isabel is also good at manipulating molecular structure, but not quite as good as Max. She can't see and manipulate living tissue the way Max can. Isabel also has the ability to see inside people's heads, which Max can't do unless he is touching that person. Michael is slowly getting the hang of manipulating molecular structure, but he lacks the focus for anything complex. Michael's strength is a powerful yet ! dangerous telekinetic ability, which is how he killed Pierce. Max has a slight telekinetic ability, he used it to push away a gun when Everett Hubble came after him, but his ability is very limited, nothing like what Michael has done.

Tess, having been raised by Nasedo, has the most control over her abilities. She can manipulate molecular structures, but has never tried to manipulate living tissue. One of her abilities scares Max, she can make people see what she wants them to see. She used it to help Max escape and also to get rid of the FBI, but it makes Max wonder if she ever used it on him. Max had several day dreams about Tess that seemed incredibly real. He wanted to ask her about it, but at the same time he wasn't sure he wanted to know the truth. Tess has manipulated them from the start and Max still has a hard time trusting her. She may be like him, Michael, and Isabel, but she was raised by Nasedo. She never had human parents or even friends, because her and Nasedo moved around so much. It would take time to learn to trust Tess, if he ever could.

When Max arrived at the Sheriff's station, he was glad to see the Sheriff's truck out front. He had decided it was time to tell Valenti about Nasedo and who he really was. He would keep the information about the message from his mother to himself for now, because he felt that Valenti had no need to know about this yet. Max had made the mistake of withholding information from Valenti too many times, but they don't know enough about what will happen to start revealing this information to Valenti. Max was hoping Liz wouldn't tell Kyle, but if she does he will deal with that later.

Max went inside the station and up to Valenti's office. When he got to Valenti's door it was open. Max knocked on his door quietly seeing that Valenti was talking on the phone. Valenti waved Max into his office and motioned for him to shut the door.

"Look, Amy, we are doing the best we can. I have everyone of my men looking for your car. I promise I'll call you if I hear anything," the Sheriff smiles at Max mouthing to him it would just be a minute.

"Yes, we won't stop until we find the hooligans who took your carů. I have to go now, there is someone here who I really need to talk to. Take care and I'll talk to you later."

Valenti hung up the phone and looked at Max smiling, "You can make this easy, Max. Where did you and Liz leave Amy Deluca's car?"

Max looked at the Sheriff thinking about when him and Liz were shot at in the Maria's Mom's Jetta trying to get way from the FBI. Was that just two nights ago? "Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. We got shot at and left it on the side of the road near a bridge about 10 minutes from Eagle Rock. I'm afraid the windows were shot out and there might be other damage. I can't think of the road, but I can take you to it."

"That's not necessary, I think I know where you're talking about. I'll send a deputy out there to get it. You got shot at, huh? You and Liz were lucky to get away. I'll tell Amy that some joy riders used it for a robbery or something. So what are you doing here, Max?" Valenti looked at Max with concern. Valenti could see that the weight of the world seemed to be on the boy's shoulders.

Max wasn't sure how to begin. He knew that Valenti was on their side, but how could he tell him that the man responsible countless deaths, including Everett Hubble's wife, is now impersonating Pierce and working for the FBI and he is doing this to help Max out. Max didn't like what Nasedo had done in the past, but Nasedo was sent here with a mission and unfortunately saw humans that got in the way of that mission as an obstacle to be gotten rid of. Max looked at Valenti and decided that someday they may need his help again and if Max didn't tell Valenti about this, he may not be there for them. So Max started telling Valenti about Nasedo. Max told Valenti he was an alien from the crash and he was sent to help Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess and also protect them.

Valenti's reaction to the realization that Nasedo was responsible for endless murders was better than expected. He didn't like what Nasedo has done, but agreed with Max that the only way to keep the FBI out of Roswell was to have Nasedo impersonate Pierce. Valenti was somewhat surprised when Max said he could control Nasedo's action so there was no reason to believe that Nasedo would kill again. Max wasn't positive he could prevent Nasedo from killing again, but he felt that Nasedo respected him as his leader and would thus listen to what Max says.

"Look, Max, I understand why you needed to replace Pierce, but you aren't telling me something. Why was Nasedo sent to protect you and who is he protecting you from? Why are you so sure you can control what he does? And if he is from the same place you are, how can he shape-shift and you can't?"

"Sheriff," Max hesitates unsure of what to do. "We found out something yesterday. Something about where we are from and why we are here. I wasn't going to tell you about this yet, because there's no need for you or anyone else to be involved. We aren't here to hurt anyone I can promise you that. But we haven't grasped what it all means and it's just better that I don't tell you anything right now. Will you trust me?"

Valenti looked at Max with a thousand questions, but held back. He stood up and walked around to the book case by the door and picked up a picture of his son, Kyle, in his football uniform. He did trust Max, and although he was afraid of what Max might be withholding, he had promised Max after Max saved Kyle's life in the UFO Museum that he would be there for him no matter what and Valenti always stood by his word. "I'll trust you for now, but you have to promise me that if there is ever any danger to this town or my son, you have to tell me." Valenti then looked back at Max. "Also realize that I want to help you, but I can't do that if you keep me in the dark."

"I promise I will tell you someday. It's just better, for right now, that we keep this from you and everyone else." Max was relieved the Sheriff didn't push the issue.

"What about Liz? Does she know?" Valenti remembered when Max was taken by the FBI, Liz was beside herself with fear and worry. They seemed to care about each other a great deal.

Max hesitated, not sure if he could hold it together. The thought of a life without Liz was unbearable. "No she doesn't, but I've decided it's best we stay apart," Max lied. He then looked at the Sheriff. "I'd really appreciate it if you wouldn't ask her about this."

Valenti looked back at Max and wondered what could have made Max drive Liz away.

"I better get going," Max said standing up and getting ready to leave. "Thanks again for covering with my parents. It was one less thing I had to worry about."

"No problem. You let me know if there's anything else I can do."

Max left the Sheriff's office, relieved that he got through that in one piece. Max trusted the Sheriff and appreciates what he has done for him in the past couple of days, but he wasn't sure what the Sheriff would do when he found out about who Nasedo really was. The Sheriff must feel, like Max, that although Nasedo isn't the ideal solution to their FBI troubles, it is better to have Nasedo inside the FBI than have another head of the unit appointed. If the FBI knew Pierce was dead, they would just appoint someone to take his place and that person would come after Max again, and this time he might not stop with Max. He would come after all of them, including the Sheriff. What Max experienced while Pierce had him, no one should have to go through. And Max couldn't go through that again and wouldn't let anyone he knew go through it either. It's terrifying to think that people like Pierce exist. He was so inhuman and heartless. He would have hurt Liz and anyone else Max ! cared about if that meant making Max talk. The thought of Liz was the only way Max made it through that ordeal with Pierce. She was so much apart of him, that it seemed unreal that she wasn't a part of his destiny. For the past 24 hours ever since Liz walked away from him, Max felt he has been going through the motions of life but not really living.

His life before he saved Liz's life was simple and quiet. He, Michael, and Isabel went through the motions of being normal teenagers without ever getting too close to anyone. Then Liz got shot in a freak incident at the Crashdown last fall. When he saw Liz laying on the ground with her life's blood flowing out of her, he knew he had to save her no matter what the consequences. He couldn't let her die, she meant so much to him. Seeing her at school everyday made his days brighter, but he had never let himself get too close, knowing that once he did, he would never be able to pull away. Isabel used to kid him about Liz, saying he had a crush on her, but it was more than that. From the beginning there was something about her. The way she smiled and laughed with Maria and the way she always so serious in bio lab. Liz knew what she wanted and went after it. After the shooting incident Max knew couldn't lie to Liz, she was too smart. She actually took scrapings from a pen! cil in bio so she could look at his cells. Thinking back on it now, Max couldn't help but laugh.

Her initial reaction was what he expected, she was scared and confused, but she came through for him. She helped get the Sheriff off his back so he, Michael, and Isabel could stay in Roswell. Liz brought Max out of his shell and taught him what it meant to be human. What it meant to love someone and live your life for that one person. Max couldn't imagine his life without Liz.

Max was lost in thought as he was walking down the street. He was just a block from the Crashdown when he looked up to see he was again in front of the Crashdown. He looked in the window quickly to see if Liz was still there. She was still in the booth with Kyle, Maria, and Alex talking. He hoped she wasn't telling Kyle about the message that he and Isabel got from their mother, but Max knew he shouldn't interfere. He turned and ran quickly across the street to his jeep knowing that it is better if she doesn't see him.

Max got in his jeep and headed toward Michael's. Michael had said he was supposed to work today, but he thought it was better to stay clear of Maria and the Crashdown. After seeing Liz, Max felt that the he could use some moral support from Michael and Michael could probably use some as well.

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