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"The Summer of 2000"
Part 1
by Faile
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Summary: Can't wait till the fall, well this is what I think will happen over the summer! The story starts right where the season finale ends.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Now we'd all like to believe that Liz realized her mistake and ran back to Max, that Michael crawled back to Maria, and Isabel ran to Alex for support, but let's be realistic and find out what could be in store the pod squad and their human companions.
"What happens now, Max?" asks Tess.

Max is at a loss for words, his love, his life has left him. How can he hope to conquer the challenges ahead without Liz by his side? He looks at Tess, Michael, then Isabel, knowing that he is their leader, he is responsible for their well-being and also knowing his home planet is relying upon him to save them from an enemy he doesn't know. Then he whispers quietly, "Liz, why did you have to leave me now?"

After what seems like an eternity of silence Max finally answers, "We go back home," looking at Isabel for comfort.

"Tess, can you stay at your house without Nasedo?" asks Max as he turns to Tess trying to sound in control. He looks at her wondering, how could he have been married to Tess? Did he really love her in his previous life? Were they soul mates, like him and Liz were? No, that didn't matter now, because he loved Liz more than anything, more than life itself.

"Yes, Nasedo paid for the house upfront, so I can live there. I don't know any of my neighbors so it should be okay for now," explained Tess.

"Good, so Is and I will go home and find some excuse to tell the folks and Mi…"

"But what about what we just learned?" interrupts Michael. "Don't we have to find this enemy your Mother told us about?"

"Look, Michael, according to what Nasedo said, they will probably find us before too long, but for now we need to act normal. We have spent the past twenty four hours manipulating the FBI so we could return to Roswell, and despite what we've learned we should still go home. We need to learn to control our powers and develop them so we can protect ourselves," Max explains as he looks at Michael. "If we can only recognize them by the evil within, then they probably can't recognize us, right? We need to play it safe for now and learn as much as we can about our abilities and our home planet."

"You're acting so calmly, do you realize what just happened! We found out our home planet has been enslaved by an alien race and they expect us to save them!" exasperates Michael.

"Michael, I know what has happened," Max says slowly, "and I realize our responsibilities. It's just a lot to deal with right now. We don't remember anything about our past lives or about the conflict that enslaved our planet. I'm having a hard time feeling responsible for a planet I know nothing about and a war I don't remember." Max then looks in the direction that Liz ran, thinking 'especially when the love of my life is gone.'

"I need time, Michael, to absorb all of this. Do you understand?" asks Max turning to again look at Michael.

"Yeah, Max, I understand," Michael says looking knowingly at Isabel.

"Alright, then we go back home and act normal, once again," says Isabel trying to lighten the mood. "Maybe we should check in with the Sheriff to make sure Kyle is okay and get our stories straight."

"Good idea, Is. We'll need Valenti to help to explain to our parents why we were gone for three days," says Max as he fights to maintain control.

Max then turns again toward the path that Liz took out of the desert wondering how he can go on without her? He could almost feel her despair, even now. The look in her eyes as she looked at him for the last time before running out into the desert. Maybe it isn't only her despair that he is feeling, but a combination of both hers and his own. It can't be the end, can it? He knew that she did the right thing. They both needed time to absorb what was said by his mother, but the thought of spending even one day without her was unbearable. He had a right to choose his own destiny, didn't he? How could he be expected to save a race of aliens he didn't remember? He is essentially human now, isn't this his home planet? 'Liz, why did you leave me?'


Max turns around to see Isabel reaching out for him.

She gently grabs his arm and says, "We better get going."

"Yeah, you're right," Max whispers as he notices that Michael and Tess have already started back toward the cave.

"Is, we'll be okay, won't we? Just the four of us, I mean?" asks Max with a desperate pleading look in his eyes.

"We'll be okay. You need some rest and some time, but we will all be okay." Isabel says as she pulls Max toward her and hugs him knowing the pain he must be feeling now.

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