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"The Summer of 2000"
Part 17
by Faile
Disclaimer: Roswell and the characters, and situations are owned by the WB and Melinda Metz. No infringement intended.
Summary: Can't wait till the fall, well this is what I think will happen over the summer! The story starts right where the season finale ends.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Now that the truth is revealed, what will the Pod squad do?
When Max pulled into the driveway at his house, he saw that Isabel was waiting for him out front. "What's up?" Max asked as Isabel climbed into the jeep.

"Michael just called. It seems Nasedo is back in town."

Max put the jeep in gear and sped off. "Do we need to pick up Michael?"

"Yeah, swing by his place."

"Did you get a chance to see Alex?" Max asked with concern. Isabel still seemed a bit upset.

"I went over to his place, but I couldn't go in. I just ended up sitting outside in my car. I don't know what to tell him, Max. I don't want to hurt him."

"Look, Isabel, Alex knows the deal. He just wants to be there for you. Give him the chance."

Isabel looked to her brother and said, "Like you've given Liz a chance."

Max turned to his sister, surprised at what she said. "Liz walked away from me, remember?"

"Oh, Max, did she really? If it weren't for her, we would never have found out the truth about Tess and Nasedo. It couldn't have been easy for her to get a hold of that box." Isabel looked at her brother who was concentrating a little too hard on driving. "You need to go to her, Max. Explain to her about this connection you've noticed between the two of you. Find out if she is having similar experiences."

"I know Isabel."

"You know, but you don't do anything. Why?"

"I'm afraid she walk away from me again," Max admitted out loud for the first time as he pulled in front of Michael's apartment building.

Isabel didn't get a chance to respond to her brother, because Michael was waiting out front. As soon as Max stopped, Michael jumped into the back of the jeep and they took off.

The ride over to Tess's was quiet. When they pulled up to her house, Max asked, "Does Nasedo know that we know?"

"No," Michael answered as he jumped out of the jeep. He started toward the door, not waiting for Isabel or Max.

Max and Isabel caught up with Michael at the front door. Michael knocked and Tess opened the door immediately. "Hey guys," Tess said hesitantly, obviously uncomfortable. "Come on in."

Michael, Max, and Isabel walked past Tess into the house where Nasedo was waiting.

At the sight of Nasedo, Max froze. He had sudden image of the time, not too long ago, when he was captured and tortured by Pierce.

Isabel, noticing Max has stopped, reached out and took Max's arm to reassure him.

"So Tess tells me that you all had some questions for me," Nasedo asked.

Max walked toward Nasedo. He decided that it would be better to get information from Nasedo regarding the FBI before asking him about the box.

"I was curious if you had a chance to clear the FBI computer of information regarding me."

"I've done what I can, but I'm afraid that I might have missed something, considering how much paper floats around that office," Nasedo said carefully. "But that is not why you are here, is it Max? You knew that was the first thing I would do once I got access to the bureau. You've got something else on your mind, what is it?"

Michael looked toward Tess. Did she tell?

Tess couldn't look Michael in the eye. She had called Michael when Nasedo's car pulled up. But as soon as Nasedo walked into the door, he could tell something was up. She tried to pretend nothing had happened, but he could tell she had been crying. So he took her arm and connected with her to see what had happened. Nasedo had never done that to Tess before. As soon as he connected with her, Tess saw images of people dying. Tess could only assume that he saw images of what had transpired over the last few hours. When he let go, Tess collapsed crying uncontrollably. She had betrayed Max, Michael, and Isabel again. Nasedo was his normal heartless self and instructed her to pull herself together, because they would be here soon.

Max looked to Tess and saw that she was getting uncomfortable. 'So much for Nasedo not knowing,' Max thought.

"So you know why we're here," Max started trying to remember that he was talking to Nasedo, not Pierce. "Why don't you explain to us why you would want keep that box from us?"

When Nasedo didn't respond, Max continued, "Because of what was in that box, we now know better what we are up against and why we must succeed." Max was beginning to get angry. That smug expression Nasedo was wearing was starting to get to him. "Why?" Max said taking a step closer to Nasedo. "Tell me why?"

"There were many reasons," Nasedo started. "The first of which if you knew the truth, you would push Tess away, and you need her."

Max looked to Tess. He did want to push her away and out of their lives, but he didn't see how he would ever be able to do that. Now that they know Tess is Michael's sister. Michael would never let that happen. Max looked back to Nasedo and asked, "And what were your other reasons?"

"Your memories are not essential to your mission. In the end, they will only make you weaker. When we were sent here, our scientists didn't really understand humans, they just saw their potential. But after being on this planet for over fifty years, I see that these human bodies and minds you have, come with a high price. Human emotions are erratic and hard to control. You must learn to detach yourself from your human side and focus on the mission."

"Detach ourselves?" Isabel said, not believing what she heard.

Nasedo looked toward Isabel and continued, "It will be difficult, I know, especially for you three, because you were raised by humans. But you must." Nasedo turned back toward Max and said, "Tess has been struggling with this all her life, but she is able to block out her emotions when necessary. You all must learn to do that."

"We are part human. We can't change that," Max stated.

"But," Isabel started looking to Max for support, "in the message from our mother, she seemed so loving?"

"Your perception of your mother was a product of your human mind," Nasedo stated looking from Isabel to Max.

"And what of the message from the scientist, Kolos," Max said. "He thought that it might be possible for us to work with humanity to defeat this enemy."

"Max, Kolos and the others on our home planet knew nothing about this planet. I have lived here and interacted with humans. I know what this species is capable of. They are not equipped to help us."

"You've never given them a chance," Max said trying to control his anger.

"When the ship crashed, I was willing to give them a chance, but the time I spent in their labs showed me they would never understand. Two of my companions died on impact and two of us were taken to the same military installment that Pierce took you to."

"I know," Max said.

"You don't know what they did. We needed time and interaction to learn the language, but they isolated us so we were unable to communicate with them. After awhile I was able to escape, but my companion wasn't. What they did to her is unspeakable."

"How do you know what they did?" asked Michael.

"She was my mate, so therefore we were connected. I saw and felt what she did."

"You sound like you care. Wouldn't that be a human reaction?" Max asked.

"I cared only because she could have been extremely helpful to us in our mission. I do not experience emotions in the same way you do. I am here to perform a mission. There have been many drawbacks, including the crash and the death of my companions, but I was able to set up the incubation pods and prevent the army from obtaining at least one of the communication orbs. I've done the best I could. Now it is up to you, Max. You must lead us and together we will defeat our enemy and return to our home planet."

"How can we return?" Michael asked.

"We will find a way once we defeat the enemy. But, you must trust me when I say, humans can never be our allies."

Max didn't trust Nasedo. He couldn't. "We are human, Nasedo," Max said carefully looking to both Isabel and Michael for support. "We must go with what we know. You can't expect us to change who we are. You're mission was to get us here and to raise us, teach us how to use our powers, and about our mission here on earth. You failed. We were raised by humans. This is our home planet and when we fight this enemy we do it for earth."

"So you will not help your people."

Max knew he couldn't abandon those he remembered in his former life. Even if those memories were distorted. "We won't abandon them. If we succeed here, we will find a way to help them, but this is our home."

Nasedo looked at Max, Michael, and Isabel. "You do not understand. Humans are weak. They will not be able to help you and if you do not separate yourselves from these humans, I will not help you."

"You'll abandon us?" asked Tess.

Nasedo looked at Tess and said, "I will do what I must to save my planet and if that means finding my own solutions, then so be it. I have many resources."

Max didn't know what to do. He was scared what would happen if he pushed Nasedo away. Nasedo had the capability of really hurting him, Isabel, and Michael. Would he hurt them? Or would he just leave and work separately? 'Oh, God, please let me make the right decision,' Max thought. 'I must go with my instincts.'

"So be it," Max stated, sounding more assured than he felt.

Max turned and motioned for Michael and Isabel to follow.

"It's as simple as that," Nasedo said to Max as he walked away. "I could have the FBI come after you again."

Max turned. "You won't. You'll be putting yourself at risk if you do that. We will continue with our mission and someday we will succeed."

"But what about me?" asked Tess, who felt like she was being torn in half.

"The decision is yours, Tess. You can stay here in Roswell with us or you can go with Nasedo," Max said turning back toward Michael and Isabel. "Let's go."

They all left together. Michael couldn't believe what was happening. He wasn't about to let Tess leave, he couldn't. How dare Max even suggest that Tess could leave with Nasedo?

When they got to the jeep, Max jumped in the driver's seat and Isabel jumped in the back, but Michael hesitated. "Max, I need to go talk with Tess."

Max knew that this was tearing Michael apart, but the decision needed to be Tess's. "It's not a good idea, Michael."

"I don't care. I need to talk to her and persuade her to stay."

"She needs to make the decision on her own."

"You're not going to change my mind, Max," Michael said turning back toward the house. "I'll catch up with you tomorrow."

"Max?" Isabel whispered watching Michael hed back up to the house.

"It will be okay, Isabel," Max said starting the jeep. "It has to be okay."

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