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"The Summer of 2000"
Part 16
by Faile
Disclaimer: Roswell and the characters, and situations are owned by the WB and Melinda Metz. No infringement intended.
Summary: Can't wait till the fall, well this is what I think will happen over the summer! The story starts right where the season finale ends.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Now that the truth is revealed, what will the Pod squad do?
Max put the orbs back into the box and closed the lid. Automatically the box sealed itself. Max wondered what the box was made of. His memories were still a little bit sketchy. Mostly he remembers details about the people in his life and the conflict his planet was in, but he can't remember what his home planet was like or what his people really looked like. The images he got from the orb could have easily come from this planet. He couldn't wonder about this now though. First he had to deal with Tess.

Max looked to Michael and Isabel, neither of who had said a word since they had discovered the truth about Tess. Max knew they had to do something, but what? He was the leader, but he had no idea how to deal with this situation. Tess had betrayed them. He didn't know the details, but if it weren't true, Tess would not have hidden this from them. So how do they deal with this? Do they turn their back on Tess and what about Nasedo?

"We need to figure out what to do," Max said hoping that Michael or Isabel would have an idea. In his previous life Michael and Isabel were his lifelines. Without them, he would have never succeeded as a leader. They helped him accept his new role after his father died and were really there for him when he took over as ruler.

"Do, why do we need to do anything?" Michael asked angry at everyone and everything. He finally found his family and soon it would be ripped away from him.

Max looked to Michael. He could only imagine what Michael must be feeling. To find out his own beloved sister betrayed him. Max remembered when he first met Tess. She was so angry at Michael for not being there for her when she was growing up. Max had thought that it she'd gotten over that, but maybe she just got better at hiding it.

"We need to confront this, Michael," Max said looking to both Michael and Isabel. "Both Tess and Nasedo wanted to keep this from us. We know why Tess would want to hide this, but what is Nasedo's motive. He is supposed to be here to help us in our mission. The information we got today is the only information we have on our home planet and vital if we ever want to help them."

Michael knew Max was right, but the thought of his little sister betraying him in that way was unbearable. He had to talk to her. He had to see her alone. Michael went to the couch and picked up his boots that were nearby and started to put them on, not looking at Max or Isabel.

When he was finished, he got up looked at Max and asked, "Can I borrow your jeep?"

"What are you doing, Michael?" Isabel asked.

"I'm going to go talk to Tess alone. She's my sister and I feel that it is my responsibility to find out why."

Michael had a determined look on his face. Isabel knew that it was useless to try to change his mind, but she also knew that it was not a good idea. Michael felt extremely guilty about not being there for Tess and Tess would manipulate that guilt if she could.

"I don't think that is a good idea, Michael. We should go talk to her together," Max said after seeing the concern on Isabel's face.

"No. I need to talk to her alone. She's my sister, Max," Michael said carefully trying to hold back the emotion he was feeling. "If you don't lend me the jeep, I'll just walk over there."

Max looked to Isabel who shrugged her shoulders. Both of them knew it was useless to argue with Michael about this. They just hoped he would be okay.

Max threw Michael his keys and watched as Michael left. After Michael left, Max looked to Isabel. He could tell she was about to lose it. He walked to Isabel and took her into his arms. "It's going to be okay, Is," Max whispered. "He'll be okay."

Max wasn't sure he believed what he said though. Tess was manipulative and in his previous life, Michael felt a great deal of responsibility for her.

"Max," Isabel said trying to regain control, "these memories are overwhelming. I keep seeing images of you and Michael dying. It's just too much."

Max didn't remember how he had died in his previous life. He remembered when the attack started he guided Tess and Isabel to safety and then he and Michael started to organize the defenses of his home, but after that there was nothing. He wished he could help her. Max stroked Isabel's hair with his hand and said, "Try to focus on the good things, Isabel."

Isabel took Max's advice and tried to focus on her mother and how wonderful she was. She also remembered the day Michael proposed to her and how happy she was.

Suddenly, Isabel pulled away from Max. She was so in love with Michael in her previous life. What does that mean now? She loved Michael like a brother, not a lover, didn't she?

"Are you okay?" Max asked Isabel wondering what she was thinking.

"I'll be okay. I just hope Michael will," Isabel said quietly. Isabel regained her composure and said, "Look, I think I'm going to go see Alex. Do you want a ride home?"

Max knew Isabel would be okay. She was strong, much stronger than he was. "No, I think I'll walk. I need some time to clear my head. But Is?"

"What is it, Max?"

"Maybe you shouldn't tell Alex about this yet. We need to figure out what it all means first."

Isabel nodded that she agreed and left. Max watched Isabel walk out the door. He wished he could go see Liz. But Max knew that before he could tell Liz, he had to deal with Tess and Nasedo. Max didn't want Liz to be involved until he understood what Nasedo was up to.

Max sat down in Michael's apartment and waited for Michael to return. He knew Michael would need some support when he got back and Max also needed to find out what Tess told Michael.


Michael drove quickly to Tess's house. He had no idea what he was going to say, but he knew he had to see her. He pulled up into the driveway and jumped out of the jeep.

When Michael got to the door, he didn't bother to knock. He used his powers to unlock the lock and then opened it. The entrance was filled with boxes. Michael wondered what was going on. Was Tess fleeing? Michael couldn't help it; he was starting to get angry. How dare she run?

When Tess came into the room, she saw Michael standing near the entrance looking at the boxes she had packed for Nasedo. She knew he would come to see her as soon as he knew the truth.

"Michael," Tess said hesitantly.

Michael turned. He didn't want to be angry with her. He didn't want to lose her before he had a chance to get to know her again. Michael took a deep and calmly asked, "Are you leaving?"

"I wasn't planning on it. These are Nasedo's. He asked me to pack his things, so he could take them to DC," Tess said quietly. She took a step toward my Michael and asked hesitantly, "So you know?"

"Yes, we all know," Michael replied looking at his little sister and wondering why she would want to hurt him so much that she would endanger their whole planet.

"Michael, there is nothing I can say to make you understand," Tess started, searching for the words that could explain her actions. "I was so hurt and angry after Mom and Dad died. Then you left to help Max and all I wanted was for you to be there for me and you weren't."

"I thought you said earlier that this wasn't my fault," Michael said still trying to hold back his anger.

"It's not, Michael. I didn't mean that. I was just trying to explain what I was thinking," Tess explained taking another step toward Michael. "I felt so alone. You were busy with work all the time and a virtual stranger was raising me. You would only spend time with me when I was in trouble. So I would continually get into trouble just so I could see you. When I got older and I got to know Max, I thought I'd finally found someone who would love me and be there for me. But he was so busy with his duties as ruler, so I again I felt alone."

"You felt alone. That is why you betrayed us."

Tess started to cry. She wanted so much for Michael to understand and to stand by her, but how could he after what she had done.

"I didn't know what I was doing, Michael. I befriended the mate of their ruler and she used our friendship to get information out of me. I was so young. I didn't know," Tess sobbed.

Michael looked at his little sister crying in front of him. He wanted so much to take her into his arms and let her know it would be all right, but he couldn't. "How did she get information out of you Tess."

Tess caught her breath and then looked up at Michael. "She made me believe they were allies and they only wanted to help us, but they could only do that if they had access to our technology. It was stupid to believe her, but she was really there me. She treated me like an adult. You and Max always pushed me away when I wanted to get involved in your work. She let me in."

Tess took another step toward Michael. "You must believe me that I didn't mean it. After the attack, when I realized it was my fault, I volunteered to join you, Max, and Isabel on this mission, so I could help you and somehow make up for what I did."

Michael felt his heartbreak. She volunteered to die so she could right her wrong. If only it could be that easy. Michael reached out for Tess and took her into his arms. He couldn't help but feel responsible. If he had been there for her, like he promised his parents he would be, then this would not have happened.

Michael and Tess stood for several minutes just holding each other. When Michael finally let go, Tess could tell that he had been crying. He wasn't going to leave her. She was sure of it.

Michael stepped back and tried to regain his composure. "So you've explained to me why you hid the truth from us, but what was Nasedo's motive?" Michael asked calmly.

"I don't know," Tess stated.

Michael believed her for some reason. He hoped he wasn't being foolish for doing so. "When are you expecting Nasedo? Max will probably want to talk to him."

"I'm not sure, but I'll call you when he gets here. I promise," Tess said trying to convince Michael that she was on his side.

Tess looked down at the ground, scared to ask her next question. "Michael, will Max and Isabel ever forgive me?"

Michael wanted to assure her it would be all right, but he honestly didn't know what would happen next. He reached out his hand and lifted her chin. She seemed to be the same little girl who waited up late for him when he was late getting home from work. If only he could go back and make it right. If had been there for her, this never would have happened.

"It will be okay, Tess. I'll be here for you, no matter what," Michael said, again taking her into his arms.

Max was about to leave Michael's apartment, when Michael showed up.

"There you are," Max said. "I was about ready to go after you."

Michael wasn't happy that Max was waiting for him. He needed to be alone. "I told you I needed to talk to her alone. Didn't you trust me to come to you and tell you what happened?"

"Of course I trust you, Michael," Max exclaimed, surprised that Michael was being so defensive.

"Then why are you here waiting for me?" Michael asked heading into the kitchen. Right now he really wished he could have a beer to help him relax. That always seemed to work for Hank. If only Hank could stop at one beer.

"I just thought you might need someone to talk to," Max said following Michael into his kitchen.

"You wanted to find out what Tess said."

"Of course, I'm curious, Michael, but I'm here to help you, not interrogate you," Max was starting to get angry. There was no reason for Michael to lash out at him like this.

"Well, she messed up, okay. She became friends with their leader's mate and unknowingly gave them information. She was young and foolish. It's that simple."

"Michael, it can't be that simple," Max said carefully. "Her foolishness cost millions their lives."

Michael looked Max in the eye and said, "She realizes that, and that is why she came here to help out in our mission."

"She chose to come?" Max asked surprised the Tess he remembered would chose to die and leave her old life behind. "Did she explain to you why Nasedo wanted to hide the truth from us?"

"She didn't know. She said she would contact me as soon as Nasedo came back into town."

"When will that be?"

"Soon," Michael said simply. "If you are done with you're interrogation, I could really use some time alone."

"Michael," Max started, looking for the words to reassure Michael that it would be okay.

Michael turned around to face Max and said, "I know it will be all right, but I just need some time to myself right now."

Michael tossed Max's keys to him and then reached in the fridge for a soda.

Max stood in place watching Michael, wanting to say something, but having no clue what he could say to make things better for him. Finally, Max turned and left Michael alone with his thoughts.

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