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"The Summer of 2000"
Part 14
by Faile
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Summary: Can't wait till the fall, well this is what I think will happen over the summer! The story starts right where the season finale ends.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Tess is of course up to no good!!
Tess was having a good day. Her 3rd period test went well, of course she hardly ever had any problems with school. Lunch was nice. Alex specifically asked her to join him and Isabel for lunch which really surprised her. Max and Michael were there too and for once she felt welcome. It was probably because of all the extra effort Alex went through to include her in on the conversions. He was a really funny guy. He was explaining a funny movie to them and Tess actually spent most of the lunch period laughing. She couldn't remember the last time she laughed.

Tess went straight home after school. Today was one of the days Max had to work so she wouldn't get the chance to work with him, Michael, or Isabel tonight. Tess needed to pack up Nasedo's things so that was probably a good thing. Also, Max, Michael, and Isabel really didn't need her help much anymore. They were learning that all it took to develop their powers was to use them regularly and have focus and patience. Michael still had a hard time with the focus and patience part, but in time he would learn.

Tess went upstairs to her bedroom to put away her book bag. She wasn't the type to leave anything lying around. When she got to her room, she took the books out of her bag and put them on her desk and then placed her bag on the back of her desk chair.

Tess then picked up the picture that was on her desk. It was a picture of her and her 3rd grade teacher, Mr. Brown. It was taken when Nasedo had disappeared for a few days and left Tess all alone. She had confided in Mr. Brown that she was home alone, so he took her in. On that Saturday he took her to a local amusement park and that is where the picture was taken. That was probably the happiest day of Tess' life. The next day Nasedo showed up at Mr. Brown's house and took her away. They of course had to leave the area after that, because Mr. Brown would more than likely make an issue of leaving an 8 year old girl alone. Tess had cried for a week after that. Nasedo, of course, didn't understand what the problem was.

Tess remembered Mr. Brown well. She actually checked up on him a year ago. She learned that he was killed in automobile accident a week after her and Nasedo left town. That is when she pulled out the picture and framed it. She was too scared to do it before, because of what Nasedo might say. But she realized now that was stupid, Nasedo had never stepped foot in her bedroom and probably never would. Tess put the picture down. She was feeling extremely emotional right now. Mr. Brown was the first person and maybe the only person that did something for her just for the sake of being nice.

She was always afraid that the time she spent with Mr. Brown had something to do with his death. That maybe the FBI Special Unit had killed him, because he had spent time with her.

Tess put the picture back and then went over to her closet to put away her shoes and put on some sandals.

When she touched the closet door, she had a flash of Liz being in her room. "What the hell was Liz doing here?" Tess said aloud, suddenly getting very angry.

Tess looked around the room and noticed that nothing was out of place. "Oh no," she muttered as she went into the hallway and used her powers to open the attic door.

When she climbed up the ladder, she noticed right away one of the boxes was out of place. She grabbed the box that contained the pictures of Max and the box that she found in the pod chamber and noticed it was lighter than it was supposed to be. In anger, she threw the box across the attic. 'How did Liz find out about it?' Tess wondered. 'Has she shown Max yet?'

Tess didn't have any time to lose. She had no idea how Liz found out about the box, but that didn't matter now. Now all Tess could do is damage control. She had to somehow stop Liz or at least slow her down, but what could she do? She couldn't hurt Liz. Max, Michael, and Isabel would find out and never talk to her again. She couldn't lose all three of them at once. If only she had listened to Nasedo, and let him take care of the box. He would know how to destroy the message. And if only she knew how to get in touch with Nasedo, he would know what to do.

Tess decided her only option was to go to Michael and fill him in on the truth. He was the only one of the three that would stick by her after knowing the truth.

As Tess ran down the stairs and out the front door, she hoped Michael was home. She also hoped Liz didn't get to him first.

When Tess arrived at Michael's she could hear Beck blaring from his apartment. She knocked on the door, but the music was so loud he didn't hear her. Tess used her powers to unlock the door. She then went into Michael's apartment closing the door behind her. Still Michael was oblivious. He was laying down on his couch and concentrating on balancing a basketball over his head using his powers.

"Michael," Tess yelled trying to get his attention, but it was no use, the music was too loud.

Tess walked over to the stereo and turned it off.

Michael lost his concentration and the basketball fell on his nose and then bounced onto the floor. "Ouch!!" Michael exclaimed holding his nose where the ball hit it. He looked over at his stereo saw Tess standing there and asked, "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I need to talk to you Michael," Tess said carefully walking over to Michael so she could sit on the couch next to him.

Michael sat up and made room for Tess. "What's up?" he asked still rubbing his nose.

"I've been keeping something from you, Max, and Isabel," Tess started.

Michael stared at her. He wanted to trust her, but he hadn't let himself because of Max. Maybe Max was right about her after all.

Tess could tell Michael was getting concerned. "You have to give me a chance Michael," Tess said grabbing his hand. "I wanted to tell you everything, but I was terrified what would happen to me if I did."

"What would happen to you?" Michael questioned. "Why would anything happen to you?"

"I found out some information about our past lives, Michael. I know who I was before I came here."

"You were Max's bride. We already knew that."

"There's more to it Michael," Tess hesitated. She wanted to tell him everything, but was unsure how he would react. For now Tess figured it would be better if she focused on the connection she shared with Michael to try to gain his loyalty. Michael, like Tess, never really had a family. He spent a lot of time with Max and Isabel, but he was on the sidelines when they spent time with their parents. He would probably want to protect her after he found out the truth.

"What is it?" Michael asked.

"You were my older brother," Tess said looking at Michael straight in the eye.

Michael pulled away from Tess for a minute unsure what his reaction should be. "What are you talking about?" he asked.

"I was your younger sister. There was a large difference in our ages, and you raised me after our parent's died."

Michael was shocked. He somehow knew she was telling the truth. He stood up and walked over to the kitchen. "How did you find out about this?"

"I can't explain that now, but you must believe me. You'll find out about everything soon, but for now just know that I am your sister," Tess said as she walked over to Michael. "I made some really bad mistakes in my previous life. Mistakes I will never be able to live down. I just want you to know that the mistakes I made were not your fault. There is nothing you could have done."

"What are you talking about Tess?" Michael exclaimed. He was getting frustrated, because Tess was obviously not telling him everything.

Tess looked down and tears started to form in her eyes. "I'm too ashamed to tell you everything, but soon Max and Isabel will come to you with a box containing information from our previous lives. You'll discover everything in there. You'll see my mistakes. I just hope you can forgive me."

Tess started out of the room. She had said enough for now.

Michael grabbed her arm and stopped her. "Are you going to be okay?" he asked.

Tess smiled through her tears and said, "I'll be fine. I just need to be alone now."

When Tess left Michael's apartment, she felt relieved. She had done well. Michael would think twice before deserting her, even after he found out the truth. If only she could prevent Liz from sharing the information with Max and Isabel or steal the box back. She knew it was hopeless. Liz wasn't going to waste any time going to Max. She was probably with him now.

Tess got in her car and headed home. She would go ahead and finish packing Nasedo's things. She just hoped he would call tonight so she could tell him what was happening.

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