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"The Summer of 2000"
Part 12
by Faile
Disclaimer: Roswell and the characters, and situations are owned by the WB and Melinda Metz. No infringement intended.
Summary: Can't wait till the fall, well this is what I think will happen over the summer! The story starts right where the season finale ends.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This section is center around the pod squad, especially Max, but no Tess because as far as I'm concerned she is not a member of the pod squad. It's a break in the action as far as the 'box' goes and no couple action, sorry. I will have some couple action eventually, but the rating is going to remain PG-13 so don't expect anything hot and heavy. This section is an attempt at explaining the 'connection' between Max and Liz which I'd hinted at in previous parts. A little foreshadowing to what is in the 'box' too, but you probably won't pick up on it.
Max couldn't sleep. Isabel got back around 1am and Max could tell she'd had a great time. When she got in, she stopped in to see what Max was doing. He was still laying on his bed and listening to music. Only he had switched to Counting Crows. She tried to cheer him up, but it was useless so she went to bed.

Max had once again reached out to Liz a little after 11pm to see what she was doing. Max had expected Liz to be either cleaning up at the Crashdown or at home or maybe with Maria. What he didn't expect was to find her with Kyle and very excited about something. As soon as Max realized who Liz was with, he broke off the connection. He didn't think he could handle feeling Liz's excitement when she was with another guy. Max knew he was being silly. Liz wasn't interested in Kyle, but he couldn't help but be jealous of him. Kyle had dated Liz at one time after all.

Max decided that he shouldn't use this connection he had with Liz to see what she was doing anymore. It was an invasion of Liz's privacy and he was also torturing himself with it. Max did wonder where this connection with Liz came from. He thought at first it was from the healing, but he had healed Kyle and he couldn't make a connection with Kyle from a distance. Max mentioned something to Isabel about it when she stopped in after her date, but she didn't understand what he was talking about and she told him she would talk with him about it in the morning.

Max had to figure out what this connection was. He knew the best way was to ask Tess or Nasedo, but they were both against Liz and he didn't trust them to be honest. They also didn't understand human emotions, such as love, so they couldn't understand what he felt for Liz.

At 7am, Max decided to get up. He had been laying on his bed for the last 6 hours staring at his ceiling and listening to Counting Crows. He was literally sick of this behavior. He needed to get out of this funk he'd gotten himself into over the last week. Max felt he was only going through the motions. He went to school had lunch with Michael, Isabel, or Tess. After school he would either go to work or meet up with Isabel, Michael, and Tess at Tess' house or Michael's apartment so they could all work on developing their powers. Around 7pm he would head home to have dinner with the folks and then Max would do his homework. He would try to go to sleep around 11pm, but he was never very successful mainly because of nightmares. Max was terrified of being captured again. That is the one the main reasons he asked Nasedo to impersonate Pierce. If the FBI put someone new at the head of the special unit, they would surely come after him. Max hoped Nasedo was wiping the FBI computer clean of any information they had regarding Max and everyone else here in Roswell. Max hadn't heard from Nasedo yet, but he was hoping he would soon.

Max got ready and then headed into the kitchen to see if there was any food to be found. When Max stepped into the kitchen, he saw that his mother was already awake. She was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee, and reading the paper.

"Good morning, Mom," Max said as he opened the fridge to get some milk.

"Good morning honey. What are you doing up so early?" Diane Evans asked her son with concern. She had noticed Max had been out of sorts lately. She thought it probably had something to do with the fact that she hadn't seen Liz lately, but she didn't want to push her son. He wasn't the type to confide in her or his father. She just hoped he confided in someone, whether it be Michael or Isabel. It wasn't good to keep things inside.

"I couldn't sleep. I guess I'm just excited for school to out. We have only one week left, you know," Max said smiling at the only mother he had ever known. "Have you and Dad decided on the family vacation for the summer, yet?" Max sat down at the kitchen table with his Mom.

"No, not really. Your father has been so busy working on that Real Estate case in Carlsbad that we aren't sure if we can take a vacation this summer. It might end up being a quick trip to the Carlsbad Caverns or if we have more time maybe the Grand Canyon. It's been awhile since we've been there. My parents are visiting in July though, so that should be nice."

"Yeah, it will be nice to see Grandma and Grandpa again," Max said absently. He had picked up part of the paper and noticed an advertisement for Senor Chow's, where he and Liz had their first date. Just his luck, everything reminded him of Liz.

Diane Evans looked at her son with concern. He was obviously thinking about something or someone else. "Are you hungry dear? I can fix you some breakfast."

"Thanks, Mom, but I can wait till Dad and Isabel get up," Max said putting the paper aside.

"Your Dad is up. He actually went for a run. He's decided he needs to get back in shape." Diane smiled at her son and continued jokingly, "He wants me to fix him a southwestern omelet when he gets back. I told him that defeated the purpose of running, but he said he wanted to start running so he could eat more, not less."

Max smiled at his mother. His parents had such a great relationship. He wanted to have that someday, but. Max stopped himself. He had to focus on something else. "I'll go cut the lawn and water the garden. By the time I'm done, Dad will be back and Isabel will be up."

"Isabel came in pretty late. She might not be up for awhile."

Max smiled at his Mother and said, "I plan to have the lawn mower running especially long outside her window."

Diane Evans laughed as her son headed out the back door.

----- Around 11am, Max and Isabel left to go to Michael's. Max wanted to talk with Michael and Isabel about this connection he shared with Liz. He wanted to see what their theories might be and if they shared similar things with Alex or Maria.

Michael was his usual chipper self when Max and Isabel showed up at his door step. "What do you two want?"

"Ask us to come in already, Michael," Isabel said as she pushed past Michael into his apartment. "My god Michael don't you ever clean!" Isabel went into Michael's kitchen area and started to pick up the dirty dishes that were laid about.

Max followed Isabel in giving Michael a sympathetic look. Max knew that Michael hated it when Isabel gave him a hard time about his cleanness.

Michael closed the door behind Max and said, "Yes I do clean. It just so happens that I was working late last night. Give me a break! I didn't get asleep until 4 am. What the hell are you two doing here so early? Don't tell me we have practice using our powers today. Even God got one day to rest." Michael walked over to the couch and cleared away his covers. He didn't have a bed so he just slept on his couch. He had hoped to get a hideaway bed, but he wasn't able to find one second hand yet and new ones are pretty expensive.

Max laughed at Michael. He was a bit of a slob, but that was Michael. Being neat and clean wasn't a priority for him.

After Michael cleared away his covers, he went into the kitchen to stop Isabel from actually doing his dishes. "I'll get to them later," Michael said grabbing the dish cloth out of Isabel's hands and turning off the water. "Now again I'll ask. Why are you two here so early?" Michael asked looking to Isabel who gestured to indicate that it was Max's doing.

Michael and Isabel both looked to Max. He wasn't sure how to start. He didn't understand what was happening. How could he explain it to them?

"So what's up Maxwell?" Michael asked taking a seat on a stool next to the kitchen counter.

"It's about Liz," Max started hesitantly.

"I'm not interested in hearing about your heartache," Michael said turning in the stool to grab a soda from the fridge.

"Give him a chance, Michael," Isabel said defensively.

"A chance to do what, run back into Liz's arms and confess his undying love for her. Come on, we all know it can't happen. We have to focus on why we were sent here and including humans in our lives just makes it harder, and it also makes us weaker," Michael said. He then popped open his soda can close enough to Isabel to spray her with the fizz.

Isabel knew that Michael was intentionally antagonizing her, but she wasn't going to let him get away with it. "So now you are hinting that I shouldn't be seeing Alex. Look, just because you decided that it would be better not to be with Maria, doesn't mean that the rest of us have to miserable right along with you."

"Can you two cut it out?" Max started he wasn't in the mood to referee or even part of an argument. He wanted to get some help understanding what was happening between him and Liz. "Look, this is important. I've noticed something recently and I wanted to know what your thoughts are on it."

"What are you talking about?" Michael asked reluctantly seeing that he wasn't going to be able to divert the topic.

"Ever since Liz told me goodbye in the desert I've noticed that when I concentrate, I can sense her presence," Max started slowly.

"What do you mean Max?" Isabel asked as she sat down on a stool next to Michael.

"I can tell where she is and what she is doing. I can feel what she is feeling," Max said watching the reactions of Michael and Isabel. From there reactions, Max could tell nothing like that has ever happened to either of them. "I don't understand it and I don't know how I do it, but I can."

"Could be a special ability you have?" Isabel asked. "Like the way I can walk in people's dreams and Tess can make people see things that aren't there."

Max shook his head and said, "I can only do it with Liz."

"How about Kyle? You healed Kyle like you healed Liz, maybe it has something to do with that," Isabel said searching her head for an explanation.

"I've tried, but I can only do it with Liz."

Michael and Isabel were as confused as Max. They were all just beginning to understand their powers and each day was a new discovery for them, but because Max could only make the connection with Liz meant that this was something different.

"You can only do this when you concentrate on Liz, right?" Michael started. "Well the solution is obvious, don't think about Liz anymore. No more Liz, no more sensing what Liz is doing. Seems simple enough to me."

"That's not the point, Michael," Max said angrily. Michael always knew how to Max's buttons. "The point is that I don't understand where this connection is coming from and I don't understand why I can only do it with Liz."

"You're madly in love with the girl, maybe it comes from that," Michael said standing up from the stool and walking over to his couch. He plopped down on his couch reach for the remote and turned on his stereo.

Max looked toward Isabel. He could tell she was sympathetic toward him, but she didn't understand it either. "Have either of you ever had flashes like I've had with Liz? Or what about Alex or Maria? Have they ever seen things when you were close to them?"

"You mean when we were kissing them or making out with them," Michael said with a sarcastic tone to his voice.

"Michael, please," Isabel said trying to prevent Michael from starting a fight with Max.

Michael looked at Isabel who was obviously getting irritated with him and decided to be straight with Max. "I've had flashes from Maria when we were kissing, but she's never gotten anything from me."

Isabel nodded as if she were agreeing with Michael.

"I guess getting flashes from physical contact is normal for us, because I also got flashes from Tess when I kissed her that one night in the rain."

"What night?" Isabel asked.

"That's not important, Is. What is happening with Liz is what I'm worried about?"

"But Max if flashes from physical contact is normal then why I haven't gotten flashes from any of the other guys I dated."

"When the V constellation aligned, it awakened our sexual drives. Maybe that is why we started having flashes," Max explained. "It is also possible that you have never felt as close to those other guys as you feel to Alex," Max finished smiling at his sister.

Isabel looked down because she could feel a blush coming on.

"Look it's useless to speculate. We should ask Tess or Nasedo about it," Michael said standing up from the couch and walking over to the kitchen.

"No," Max said firmly. "I don't want them to know. Neither of them understand the relationship I have with Liz. I'm afraid that they might do something to her if they found out about this. I don't trust them."

"You don't trust them! They are the closest thing we have to family on this planet. We have to trust them," Michael said obviously on the verge of starting a fight.

"No Michael. They aren't family. We three are family. We love each other and trust each other and that is what makes us family," Max explained carefully. "Because of circumstances we are forced to interact with Nasedo and Tess, but they are not family. Maybe in time, I will learn to trust them, but for now I only trust the two of you."

Michael stared at Max. That is the first time Max has ever called him family. He has thought of Max and Isabel as family ever since he realized he would never have a real father or mother, but he never thought Max felt like that. "Okay, Max, I won't say anything to Tess or Nasedo about it, but what are you going to do? You obviously need to find out what is happening."

Max was quiet for a minute. He didn't know what he was going to do. He wanted to talk with Liz about it. She had a scientific mind and was thus really good at rationalizing weird things, but Max didn't want to bother her. He wanted to respect her decision to stay away from each other. "I don't know yet. For now I'll just go on as normal. Maybe the answer will reveal itself in time."

Michael and Isabel looked at each other. They knew what Max wanted to do even if he wouldn't say it out loud.

"I better get going. I have to work this afternoon. Come one Is, I'll give you a ride home so Michael can get some more beauty sleep."

"He obviously needs it," Isabel said smiling and dodging Michael's fake punch. "Just drop me off at Alex's, we were going to do some studying for our final tests."

"Studying, is that what they call it?" Max said smiling at Michael who couldn't help but laugh.

Isabel smiled too and then opened the door and left waving goodbye to Michael. Max followed saying, "See ya tomorrow!"

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