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"The Real World …. Roswell Style"
Part 13
by RBS722
Disclaimer: This is a purely fun parody of the show the Real world. I do not refer to any real world cast members in anyway, and I do not mean to offend any real world fans. Also, I love all the Roswell characters. The dialogue I made is for entertainment and for laughs only. I am not in anyway bashing any character. There are also many sexual innuendos and undertones, so if you do not want to read any of that nature, I suggest you leave the thread. Teddybehr ****** Due to the popularity of the story I felt everyone should have a chance to read it. I in no way wrote this story I just compiled this all together straight from the Roswell 1 FanForem board and ran a quick spell check, I gave credit to everyone who participated and I'm submitting this with permission from the original author teddybehr. Hope you like. Faith Evans
Summary: This part was written by shortiegrl510
Category: Other
Rating: R
Isabel in the confessional.

Isabel: I've had it. I am sick of my non existent sex life. I am sick of using the vibrator that has been around the house more times than the aqua bra. I am the most popular girl in school and I should be busier than a bunny but the two guys that I can get it on with are watching the best of Barney, making out with sock puppets or having more hair issues than me!

Isabel walks into the living area with a video in her hand, where Alex is watching the Best of Barney in his Superman pjs and whispering to Lampchop.

Alex: Hey is that the best of volume 2?

Isabel: No it's a porno video Alex. I am going to get sex from you yet. I mean I have needs here and I am not using the vibrator tonight.

Alex: Why not?

Isabel: (blushes) It's Maria's night. But that's besides the point (puts the video in)

(cut to later)

Liz and Maria are sitting in the living area. Kyle is moaning in the background "Oh Buzz!"

Liz: Have you seen Isabel? Or Alex?

Maria: Listen.

Isabel: (moaning loudly) Oh yeah Superman! Save me! Save me!

Liz: What did Isabel do to make Alex stop watching Barney?

Maria: Used a porno. Which by the way I am using so before you get all happy thinking that you can use it, I get to first. Maybe Michael will focus on my hair after watching it.

Alex: I’m Superman baby! I am the man of steel.

Valenti rushes in.

Valenti: Where’s Kyle?

Maria: Watching the monitor and next time can you guys be neater?

Valenti doesn't say anything and runs away.

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