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"The Journey"
Part 7
by Jamie Phelps
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. Never have, never will but would like to.
Summary: After finding out Maria's true identity, the gang deals with their feelings about the new-found knowledge. Could Maria's true identity be a danger to her?
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Please email and let me know your thoughts on this fiction. If you can see the possibility of a third part to this fiction, please email me and tell me what you'd like to see in a third part. If you haven't read my first fic, "Secrets", then this fiction will make no sense because it's a sequel. To read my first fic, email me ( or visit
"MARIA!" Isabel continued to scream. "Max, come on, there’s something wrong, we’ve got to go."

"Isabel!" Max said, trying to get Isabel’s attention. "Would you PLEASE calm down? Let’s just get this stuff packed back up and go meet the others. I’m sure she’ll be there."

"No, Max!" Isabel said. "Something’s wrong!"

Isabel left the room running. Max knew there was no since following her. Maria would probably just be back in the Sheriff’s office waiting for them. He watched as she rounded the corner and then commenced to putting all the notes and memos back into the box. He had to be back in the office by noon.

Isabel didn’t know where she was going. All she knew is that she had to get to Maria fast. She didn’t know where Michael and her had decided to look through the files at. The Roswell Police department wasn’t that big of a building. She had covered just about every place imaginable when she rounded the last corner. Sitting on the floor, just inside the door way was Michael. He had Maria in his arms and was crying. Isabel could tell that right away. NO! She thought! She couldn’t be too late. "MARIA!" She cried.

Maria sat straight up out of Michael’s arms. She looked down the hall in time to see Isabel running towards her. She jumped up to her feet and met Isabel half way with a hug.

"Hey, Hey…..what’s wrong." Maria said. Isabel was crying hard. She had obviously been very upset. "Hey, it’s going to be ok, tell me."

Isabel took a step back. "It was you. What happened? I felt sick and dizzy and then fear and…and I thought something had happened to you." She looked at her sister with worry in her eyes. "God, Maria, I just don’t know what I’d do if anything ever happened to you."

"I’m ok." She said, pulling Isabel in for another hug. "It’s just…well…I found some information that kind of startled me I guess. I was kind of overwhelmed and I passed out." She released Isabel. "I’ll never leave you, Iz, I promise." She released her from the hug.

Isabel looked down at Michael as if to make sure she was really ok. Michael stood up. "She scared me too." He said. "But she’s fine now." He smiled down at her. She was so beautiful.

"Let’s get back to the sheriff’s office and report what we’ve found." Michael said, eyeing the box on the floor. "I am curious to see what everyone else had found."

"Max is already back there. He said you’d be there too. He didn’t care that you could be hurt."

Tears welled up in Isabel’s eyes again. "I just don’t understand him anymore."

Maria grabbed Isabel’s arm. "Listen, you can’t keep letting him get to you. Iz, you’re drained. If he doesn’t think I’m his sister, fine. It will all come out sooner or later. You have to believe with your heart. Like you do. Max doesn’t yet. You guys need to get back on speaking terms. I’ll stay away for a while if that helps."

Isabel looked at Maria. "No!" She said stunned. "You can’t stay away. I don’t’ think I could take it if you weren’t around. I think that would just make me resent him that much more. I can’t deal with this without you, Maria."

Maria knew Isabel was right. If she weren’t there, Isabel would have no one. She hugged Isabel and said, "I know, we’ll figure something out. The truth is out there somewhere, and we’re going to find it together."

"With my help of course." Michael said with a laugh. "Did you forget about me over here."

The two girls laughed. They could always count on Michael. Both of them knew that.

"What do you say we get back there now?" he said picking up the box of bills.

"Let’s go." Maria said, putting her arm around Isabel.

When they arrived back in the sheriff’s office, everyone was there. They all stared as Michael walked in with Maria and Isabel.

"Way to go Michael!" Kyle said as he smiled at him. "Two beautiful chicks, sexy guy….gotta admit that makes for a pretty dangerous combo would you thing?"

"Very funny Valenti!" Michael said. "So what did you guys find?"

"Nada!" Alex said. "We went through the entire box of pictures and found nothing. No one that looked like the other pictures we’ve seen. No one with those green eyes either."

"Liz, what did you guys find?" Max asked from the corner of the room. "Anything important?"

"Tess thought she had found something, but it turned out to be nothing. There wasn’t anything in our box but a bunch of government phone numbers and addresses. Pretty much a waste of time." She smiled at Max. It had been days since she’d spent any time alone with him.

He smiled back at her. God she was pretty. It was all he could do to keep from going over to her and kissing her right then and there. "Well I didn’t have any luck either. I guess." He said staring at the others. "We found a list of names, us included, and address that we could possibly look into. There were two others listed besides us. I think this could be who we’re looking for."

"Really? Max, where?" Michael said.

"North Dakota…what did you and Maria find out? Anything?" Max looked at him skeptically.

"We found a report that was written up discussing the crash. Three men survived and were taken to a government compound. They all escaped within days. Never to be seen or heard from again." Michael said.

"Until recently, that is." Maria added. "They had been studying and following two men from…you guessed it…North Dakota." She looked at Max. "I think we can safely say that we are looking at a trip to North Dakota."

Max looked around the group. "All right," he said. "We leave first thing Friday morning. Tell your parents we’re going camping. We’ll try to be home late Sunday night. We’ll stay in motels so bring some money along." He looked around the group as his eyes settled on Maria. "We’re all going to meet at my house."

"All of us?" Maria asked.

"Everyone." Max said staring at the group. "We’re all involved with this now, and I think we could use all the help we can get.

Maria looked over at Isabel. She could see the anticipation in her face. She smiled back at Maria as if to say she’d fought for that one. She knew Max hadn’t wanted her to go. She was proud of Isabel for standing up to Max. It was those little gestures that made Maria know that Isabel truly loved her and believe that she was their sister. That meant more than words could describe to Maria.

Michael was up for the challenge. His fingers found Maria’s and they interlaced. "I can’t wait." He said. "We’re going to find our fathers, Max. Yours, Isabel, Maria’s and mine." He smiled, squeezing Maria’s hand. "I just know it."

Max looked at Maria, and then at the rest of the group. "I guess we’ll find out soon enough. We leave in two days."

The group looked at each other. Two days seemed like so far away. Maybe too far.

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