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"The Journey"
Part 17
by Jamie Phelps
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. Never have, never will but would like to.
Summary: After finding out Maria's true identity, the gang deals with their feelings about the new-found knowledge. Could Maria's true identity be a danger to her?
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Rating: PG-13
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"Did you guys find anything?" Tess asked as Max, Michael and Liz got out of the jeep.

"Nope, nothing." Max said. "What about Kyle and Alex?" he asked.

"I havenít talked to them yet." Tess said. "Are they still here?"

"Yeah, they were going to check the phone directory." Liz began. "I doubt theyíve had any luck either."

Just then, Kyle and Alex strolled through the motel lobby doors. "Hi." They said in unison.

"Find anything?" Michael asked.

"Only about 14,000 Mark and Davidís. Where should we begin?" asked Alex.

There was definitely no way they could call and eliminate 14,000 Mark and Davidís. It would take them weeks just to get through them. They didnít have weeks. They had one more day. Michael slammed his fist down on the jeep.

"Damn it!" He said. "I thought for sure weíd find something this time."

Tess looked down at her feet. It was now or never. "I know where they are." She said. Everyone looked at her surprised.

"At the mall I had thisÖthis vision. I saw them at a warehouse near the river." She said.

"River?" Liz asked.

"Thereís are river that runs through the center of Grand Forks. It separates North Dakota from Minnesota. They are in an abandoned warehouse near there. I know it."

They all looked at Tess speechless. How did she know that?

"Well I guess we should check it out then." Max said, looking around the group. "What are we waiting for?"

They all jumped into the jeep and followed Tessís directions. They drove to downtown Grand Forks. Sure enough, a large river ran right through the heart of it. Many old warehouse lined the river banks.

"Thatís the one from my vision." Tess said, pointing to a gray building. "Thatís where youíll find Mark and David."

"Well letís go." Michael said hopping out of the jeep.

"Wait!" Tess said. "Itís near supper time. I doubt theyíll be there. Lets wait until after 5:00." She said. "They maybe out eating now."

"Alright." Max said. "Weíll sit here and watch for them to get back. Then weíll go in." he said.

Max, Michael, Kyle, Liz, Alex and Tess sat in the jeep waiting for the two men to return. Sure enough, around 5:00 P.M. the men returned.

"Theyíre back." Michael said. "Letís go."

The six of them got out of the jeep and crossed the street to the warehouse. Tess lead the way. They were about to go into the warehouse when Max got a strange feeling. He turned his head in time to see Mariaís Jetta driving by.

"Maria!" He yelled.

The Jetta came to a complete stop. Max ran over to the car. "Maria, weíve found them!"

"Max. Donít. You canít go in!" Isabel cried.

"What are you talking about Iz? We could finally get the chance to meet our father. Iím going." He turn and ran to the others. "Park and come with us! Please!"

He didnít give them time to respond.

"Weíve got to go in there." The real Tess said. "Listen, we donít have much time. Iíve got to fill you in on something that you arenít supposed to know. Your powers combined, Isabel and Maria, are stronger than any other power out there. Together, you can destroy almost anything. When we get in there, we have to destroy Tess. Your father and Michaelís will have to be destroyed also. When the ship crashed, Mark and David lost their memory. Aliyah reprogrammed their memory to be evil aliens. The only way to get rid of them is to kill. It will be hard on you, but you must do it. Your friends lives are in your hands. Do you understand?"

Isabel and Maria looked at each other. So thatís why there was such a connection. Their powers combined were deadly. Maybe thatís why Isabel had believed Maria whole-heartedly.

"What are you thinking?" Tess asked. "Whatís wrong?"

"Nothing." Isabel said. "JustÖwell is that why I believed in Maria from the beginning?"

"I donít want to scare you, Maria," Tess began. "But if Maria wouldnít have believed in you, youíd have been dead by now. Tess knows that your combination of powers is deadly. She doesnít know you know about them though. She wouldnít try anything as long as you two were together. She thought sheíd be able to lure Isabel away, but because Isabel was the only one that trusted you, you were safe. Ironic isnít it?"

Maria was shaking. It was hard to believe that she could possibly not be standing there. "Iím glad she believed." She said smiling at Isabel.

"Me too." Tess said. "Are you guys ready?"

"Letís go." Isabel said.

They jumped out of the Jetta and crossed the street. Isabel led the way into the building and into the room that they had found Tess in. There in the center of the room stood Max, Alex, Michael, Kyle, Liz, Tess, Mark and David. Max turned around as he heard them enter.

"What took you guys soÖ" Max broke mid sentence.

"There you are!" The tall man exclaimed. "Grab her!" he said to the average man beside him. "David, grab her."

"Stop right there!" Isabel demanded. "Donít come any closer. What the hellís going on?"

"Thatís what Iíd like to know." Max said. "Isabel, this is our father. And Michaels." He turned to Maria.

"And yours. He confirmed it. He wants to prove to you. Go with Tess and sheís going to show you, Kyle, Liz and Alex proof!"

"No, Maxwell." Maria said. "Itís a trap!"

It was then that Maria moved out of the way and exposed the real Tess standing behind her.

"What theÖ" Max started.

"Tess," she said, looking towards Aliyah. "is not who she says she is. That one, is Aliyah. This," she said,

pointing to the petite blonde behind her. "is the real Tess."

"I donít get it?" Max said.

The minute those words made it out of his mouth, the power in the warehouse went out. There was a struggle, and when the lights came back on, Aliyah, Mark and David were tied to chairs. Michael stood beside his fatherís chair, Isabel next to Marks and Alex next to Aliyah.

"Are you guys crazy?" Max shouted. "Let them go!"

"No Maxwell!" Michael said firmly. "Not until I get a few answers."

They watched as the tied up Tess began to shape-shift. She morphed back into her original form. She struggled to free herself, but there was no use. They had used their powers to lock the ropes in place.

Max looked at the unidentified woman near Alex. He couldnít believe what he was seeing.

"Explain." Michael demanded, pointing at Aliyah

"You want me to explain? There is nothing to explain. I assumed Tessís identity to lure you here. Everything would have worked out fine if she hadnít gotten free." A small smile spread across her face. "She was the one who helped me find you. Youíre fathers want you to go back to your home planet with them. Prepare for another trip back to earth. That time, youíll begin the final transition of taking over earth. You guys will be second in command to your fathers."

"What about us?" Liz asked. "Why did you bring us too?"

"Youíre just an added bonus." Aliyah said. "We thrive on killing humans and what better than three humans to kill."

"Three humans?" Isabel asked.

"Thatís right." Aliyah said. "Maria isnít human." She looked at Mark and saw the disapproval in his eye. "Maria, meet your father. Good old dad. I sure hate to break it to you, but dear old dad wants you dead. He doesnít want you to know that heís your father. But you know what? That doesnít matter because thereís no more proof that youíre his. Besides I have this feeling that he wonít have to worry about you for long."

Isabel was all over Aliyah. She felt the surge of power building. She knew that Aliyah was getting ready to break free and throw a ball of power at Maria. Isabel sent a quick, silent message to Maria. She understood. Isabel reached over and grabbed Mariaís hand. They had to be prepared.

"I had you all believing. Everyone accept Isabel and Maria. Max was so easy to convince. The others were harder. Max and Maria?" she said, looking towards Liz and Michael. "Never happened. I made you guys see that. I knew that would be the easiest way to make you not trust Maria. It got you guys here, didnít it? Now my question is, whoís idea was it to capture us in these chairs?"

"Mine." Michael said from the back his father. "When Maria pulled up I saw, Tess in the car. I instantly knew something was the matter. I knew that you werenít the real Tess."

"You did it?" Maria asked, astonished. "I thought you were mad at me?"

"Weíll talk later." He said, smiling at Maria.

"Well, isnít that just nice. I thought my only problem was Isabel and Maria. Theyíre connection is stronger than any of youís realize. Together, theyíre deadly." Aliyah smiled. "But donít worry, itís all over."

Without missing a beat, Aliyahís hands broke free of the rope and she shot a ball of power straight at Maria. Just as they had anticipated, Maria and Isabel focused all their power back towards Aliyah. The two balls of power collided and blew apart. Then Maria and Isabel sent another power surge straight at Aliyah. She had no time to react. The ball hit her in the stomach and she instantly began to dissolve.

"Aliyah!" Mark shouted. "Noooooooooooooooo!"

Within seconds, Aliyahís body no longer existed.

"Sheís gone." Isabel said, looking at Maria.

"You know what you have to do." Tess said from behind them. "Itís your only hope."

Isabel and Maria joined hands and walked to where their father sat. Michael moved his father over beside Mark and then stood by Max.

"Iím sorry." Isabel said. "I wish things were different."

"Sweetie, please," Mark began. "you donít mean it."

"I do." Isabel said. "You wanted to kill your own daughter. Thatís not right."

"Maria," he said, looking at Maria. "please donít do this to us. Aliyah was lying. It was all in her head."

"I wish we could believe you." Maria said. "But we heard you. It came out of your mouth. You had no intentions of letting me live. You didnít want me. Your own daughter and you wanted me dead. My only question is why?"

"You are a bad memory of the past. You didnít need to know about me. You didnít need to know the truth about who you were. I only wish you wouldnít have discovered it." He looked away.

"Tell me. Are Max and Isabel my brother and sister?" Maria stared him straight in the eye.

He looked away and then down at his hands. "Yes. Iím one hundred percent sure."

Isabel looked at Maria and then at Max. She noticed that his expression was almost dumbfounded. There was no denying it anymore. Maria was their sister. Isabel still had a hold of Mariaís hand when she turned to their father.

"We love you, dad." She said with tears in her eyes.

It was then that she and Maria both noticed the movement of Davidís hands. Heíd gotten unloose from the ropes and had pulled a gun up to the side of him. It was now or never. Maria and Isabel turned away from their father and then quickly back. They were in time to see David pull the gun from his side and aim it straight at Isabel. A huge surge of power struck both men simultaneously. The gun never went off.

"Nooooooo!" Max screamed!

The ball of power had completely desecrated Mark and David. Nothing was left of them.

"How could you!" He screamed. "That was our father!"

Michael walked up behind Max and put a hand on his shoulder. "It had to be done Maxwell. They were evil. As evil as Aliyah was. You saw your self that they were ready to kill."

Kyle, Alex, and Liz stood in disbelief at what just had happened.

Isabel and Maria walked out of the building without looking back. Both had tears streaming down their face. The others didnít understand how hard it had been for them to kill their own father. Maria reached over and hugged Isabel. "Weíre all ok now. Weíre all ok."

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