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"The Journey"
Part 14
by Jamie Phelps
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. Never have, never will but would like to.
Summary: After finding out Maria's true identity, the gang deals with their feelings about the new-found knowledge. Could Maria's true identity be a danger to her?
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Please email and let me know your thoughts on this fiction. If you can see the possibility of a third part to this fiction, please email me and tell me what you'd like to see in a third part. If you haven't read my first fic, "Secrets", then this fiction will make no sense because it's a sequel. To read my first fic, email me ( or visit
Tess walked into the warehouse and looked around. Nothing had changed since she left. She walked to the back of the warehouse and through a set of doors. The men were sitting there, half asleep. She passed by them slowly and entered another room. There, in the very back sat a girl in a chair. Her arms and legs were tied to the chair and she had tape over her mouth. She looked very pale. Tess smiled to herself.

"Well hello there." She said, staring at the girl. "Did you miss me?" A shrill laugh exploded from Tess. "Our plan is almost complete. Iíve managed to lure everyone here, except Isabel. She wouldnít leave that blasted Mariaís side. I was so close to destroying her. Itís only a matter of time now though. Isabel will leave her side sooner or later and then Iíll move in for the kill." She walked over to the girl in the chair and ran her finger down her arm. The girl tried to pull away, but there was no use, she was tied to tight. "I donít think I ever had the chance to thank you. Did I?" She said, glaring at the girl. "Youíve been so helpful to us all. Without you, your memories, everything, I wouldnít have been able to lure Max and Michael to us. We even have some added bonuses - some humans, Kyle, Alex and Liz. Weíll destroy them as soon as we can." Tess smiled at the girl. "And just think, itís all because of you. Without you weíd never have found them. He," she said pointing through the doors. "would never have found his daughter. Maria just canít know about him. Itíd be too dangerous. Thatís why I have to destroy her. Youíve been such a big help." Tess looked up to see a tall, thin man standing in the doorway. She was surprised at first, but then recognized the beautiful green eyes.

"Torturing the prisoner?" He asked, walking into the room and standing next to Tess. "Iíve missed you."

The man pulled Tessís lips to his and kissed her. She broke the kiss first. "Iíve brought them."

The man looked at her and smiled. "Youíve done well. I take it they are looking for us?" he asked.

"Yes. Combing all areas that they can think of. It will be only a matter of time before they realize that there is no trace of you guys. Then Iíll lead them here." Tess said. "Iíll take care of the humans while you deal with them."

"Very good." The man said. "What time are you supposed to meet them?" he asked.

"Michael and Max are the only ones I could get to come with me." She began. "Isabel refused to leave Mariaís side."

"Damn!" he said. "We need the three of them together for our plan to work." He turned and faced the girl in the chair. "They donít know about her, do they?"

Tess laughed. "There is no way they could know. They donít even know she exists. I took on her identity the minute we found her."

The man looked at Tess and then at the girl. "Yes, I remember that." He said. "Poor them, never really knowing the real Tess." He said with a laugh. "And if my plans go right, theyíll never know that the real Tess exists."

"Itís just a matter of time now." The imposter Tess said. "Itís just a matter of time."

"You are a good wife." The man said, putting his arm around her. "Youíve done well. In less than 24 hours, Iíll be able to complete my plans."

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