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"The Game"
by Lauren
Disclaimer: Roswell and all characters associated with the show are property of the WB Network and Melinda Metz. Don't bother to sue me, because I don't have any money anyways. Also, as a side note, I refer to some other stories in The Game such as - Roswell Elementary (usage of Dogface, etc) and Roswell High Series (usage of auras).
Summary: Pre "Crazy"
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Rating: R
Authors Note: Feedback: is a MUST. I love getting feedback and e-mail! Challenge Info/Summary: This story is answering one of the Challenges by Christina found at: and this is the challenge: 1. M/L, M/M, A/I 2. Max meet Nacerro/Nasedo (however you want to spell it - I'm from AZ and here we roll our R's!) 3. He is forced to go back one year before and see if things would be the same if the shooting hadn't occurred. 4. He has to get the courage to get Liz to go out with him and become intimate without telling her he is an alien. (Intimate doesn't necessarily mean sex, this is any rating) 5. He has to get Michael and Maria together - he does this by locking them together in a room. 6. He has to get Isabel and Alex together, but this is new because they aren't together in the other universe. 7. If he doesn't accomplish this in thirteen days, he has to leave Roswell and go with Nacerro to another place as his slave. 8. The story must be very tense. 9. You have to post it on my board ( and anywhere else
Okay, I'll admit in retrospect that I should have realized that my life was going a little too smoothly. I was in love with the beautiful, smart, wonderful Liz Parker, who accepted me for who I am and loved me for it. My best friend, Michael Guerin, was actually letting someone other than Isabel and myself past his defenses... That someone? None other than the quirky, passionate Maria DeLuca. Michael was far happier than he would ever admit, but I could see the change in his eyes. What about Isabel you ask? Well, Izzy and Alex Whitman weren't going out yet, but I could see that she was warming up to the idea of having someone to talk to about all of this craziness. And finally, I had a circle of friends that I could trust completely and I think deep down, I knew nothing could separate us if we were together.

I think I was the happiest 17-year-old alien in Roswell...

That was, until I met Nasedo.


This whole problem started on May 17, 2000. Exactly nine months after I saved Liz's life in the Crashdown Café, the moment that changed all of our lives forever. I always consider that day when my life really began. As I write this, I realize that maybe Liz and I were always destined to be together, no matter what the circumstances... But, I apologize; I'm getting ahead of myself.

I woke up early that morning because I was planning on visiting Liz before going to school, she had been sick lately with allergies and I wanted to cheer her up. All thoughts of aliens, obs, and angry parents were far from my mind. I just wanted to be with Liz.

"Max Evans." I heard a muffled voice say behind me from my window as I got up from my bed.

Surprised, I turned around to see a strange older man in a suit standing there. He looked to be about 50 years old, with a thin long face. "Yes?" I asked very cautiously, my mind already worrying about the implications of this strange man at my window.

"So, we finally meet. I am the one River Dog refers to as Nasedo." Nasedo raised one hand, opened my window and effortlessly stepped through it. I was in shock, I couldn't believe that Nasedo was here and I could feel that he was every bit as dangerous as I believed him to be. His dark gray eyes stared at me as he spoke again. "I've seen Max, that you've been a very naughty little alien. Falling in love with humans? Tsk, tsk... Now, don't you think that your human is only in love with you because you saved her life and you're... different?"

"Don't question our love, Nasedo. Liz would love me no matter what." I said through clenched teeth, furious that he could challenge our love for each other.

Nasedo laughed, a dark evil laugh, and continued. "I doubt it. Besides, your predestined mate will be arriving in Roswell shortly."

I stared at him, laughing at my love for Liz. "Predestined mate?" I asked. "Don't bother, Liz is my soul mate, my reason for living, my life and my love." Shaking my head, I started to turn around.

Unfortunately, this was a bad move to do with Nasedo. He promptly used his powers to pin me against the wall in my room and moved towards me angrily. "I don't believe that you could throw away your life for... for... just a HUMAN!" He roared.

"Believe it Nasedo. Besides, the others... are in love too, with humans." I whispered quietly. I watched the shock register on his face. I knew in that instant, he knew about Maria and Michael, Isabel and Alex.

"This ruins ALL my plans... You were supposed to go so far... Now, you're in lloove." Nasedo spat as he began to pace around my bedroom. "No. I won't believe it, nor will you..." The evil grin returned to his face. "Max Evans - are you willing to put your love for Liz on the line? Are you willing to test the love that your friends have?"

From my pinned position against the wall I whispered, "I would do anything to keep my love for Liz, to keep my life, to keep the love my friends have." I shook my head. "You don't scare me Nasedo."

Nasedo stopped in mid-pace. "Oh you will be Max Evans. You will be. I say we'll play a little game... a little game that will determine your fate and prove to me what this llloooove you're talking about is made of. I am sending you 9 months back in the past, into your old body... Once there, you have 13 days to prove to me, and you bet that I'll be there too watching, that Liz Parker loves you and will date you if she doesn't know you're an alien, that Maria DeLuca loves Michael and will date him if she doesn't know he's an alien and that Alex Whitman loves Isabel and will date her if he doesn't know she's an alien. If you cannot accomplish these three tasks within the 13 days - you lose. If you tell ANY of them what's really going on - you lose. If you use your powers and get caught - you lose."

"What happens if I win?" I asked forcing myself to look calm and collected.

"If you win - and I seriously doubt you will... You can live your life with the humans. All of them can be happy and your fate when you discover it, will be important but not as important as the bond the 6 of you have. If you lose - you will become my slave for eternity, away from Liz and married to your pre-destined mate. You will always remember Liz but can never be with her again." Nasedo began to laugh. "You will lose this game, Max Evans."

With some concentration, I broke the force connecting me against the wall and I dropped free. "When does the game begin?" I asked, hoping to tell the group of this before the game began.

Nasedo snapped his fingers, instantly changing the scenery from my bedroom to across the street from the Crashdown Café.

"The game begins now."

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