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"The Baby Nexus"
Part 6
by Syndee Thomas
Disclaimer: The characters are THE WB'S.
Summary: Combines the already running theme from Tess to TESS and Treasures Found (Crashdown Fanfics.) Liz and Max are anxious about a Physical exam Mrs. Parker is adamant Liz takes Birth Control.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
"Max, I'm already late, just drop me off here and come back for me in an hour," Liz tries to dismiss Max knowing that he will feel uncomfortable if he has to wait in the waiting room of OB/GYN.

"Liz, I really don't mind waiting for you. I'll find a parking space and meet you inside." He smiles to reassure her as she steps out of the jeep and onto the curb.

Max was lucky to find a parking space close to the building so it's not long before he ventures into the building in search of the OB/GYN section of the hospital's outpatient clinic.

There are large panels of glass on either side of the door leading into the area designated OB/GYN and Max spots Liz standing at the registration desk. She probably didn't expect him to find a parking space as fast as he did because she looks bewildered to see him or maybe she's getting scared.

Max rushes through the door only to stop suddenly when he realizes he is the only male in a room filled with mostly pregnant women.

Suddenly the room goes quiet and all heads turn to the handsome young man who appears to have stumbled into the wrong section of the hospital and seems rooted to a spot just inside the entrance door.

Liz soon joins Max and ushers him out into the hallway.

"I told you that you would probably feel uncomfortable here and that I'll be okay by myself. Why don't you just come back for me in an hour." Her words are more convincing than the tone in her voice or the slight tremble of her lower lip.

"Honey, I'll be okay. It's no big deal. I'll sit in the waiting room and read a magazine." He takes her arm and they enter the waiting room together and sit holding hands until her name is called.

Liz hands Max her jacket and followers the nurse through a large double door. She looked back once and he hoped he was able to relay with his eyes what he feels in his heart.

Max has thumbed through three ladies magazines and has just picked up the fourth when someone is trying to get his attention. "Young man, can you help me?"

Max looks over to a young woman who is struggling to get out her chair but is hampered by her girth, which is roughly the size of a Volkswagen.

Max immediately goes to her aid and supports her by the elbow until she is steady on her feet.

"Thank you, you better get use to this." She says with a smile.

"I beg your pardon." Max's brow forms a frown of confusion as to what the women is talking about.

"Your wife." She nods towards the door were Liz was led.

No, we're not married," He stammers.

"Oh." The woman nods her head in misunderstanding.

"No, she's my girlfriend but she's not pregnant. She's just here for a routine examination." He suddenly feels all eyes on him and this is confirmed when he looks around to see all the smirks and condemnation on their faces.

Max takes his seat and checks his watch. She's only been in there for twelve minutes. He picks up a magazine and pretends to read an article but he's really using it to hide his face.

"Max?" The familiar voice has him wanting to sink through the floor.

Max slowly lowers the magazine, which he has been hiding behind, only to see the shocked look on his mother's face.

"Hi Mom," as he stands to acknowledge her presence. "What are you doing here?"

"More to the point, what are you doing here?" Mrs. Evans crosses her arms as her glaze encompasses the room of mostly expectant women.

"Mom, I'm here with Liz but it's not what you think." He steers her out into the hall and away from the curious onlookers.

"If it's not what I think then what is it?" There was an edge to her voice that Max doesn't recognize.

He indulged in a single hard swallow before rapidly spilling the whole story. "Liz's mom insists that she uses some form of birth control and I'm here for support but Mom these women are looking at me like I'm Jack the Ripper."

Diane Evans peers around Max to see the entire waiting room's eyes directed to the conversation going on between mother and son.

"How long has she been with the doctor?" She has relaxed enough after her initial scare to smile.

He looks at his watch and back to his mom, "Twenty minutes," he confirms.

"She shouldn't be too much longer, why don't I wait with you?" She said with a shrug.

He turns to look into the waiting room where upon everyone snaps their head away from the scene in the hallway as though they haven't been watching the confrontation between him and his mother.

"Don't you have to get back to work?" He queries not wanting to inconvenience her just so that she can hold his hand.

"Actually I took the rest of the day off to visit Anne Bail, you remember her. She had minor surgery yesterday." She moves to enter the waiting room and he grabs her arm to stop her.

"Thanks mom." He leans down to kiss her cheek.

The Estrogen Patrol have decided to give him a break since he has the support of his mother so the stares have lessened but curiosity is peaked again when Liz returns to the waiting room.

Liz falters for a second when she sees Mrs. Evans but she walks into Max's arms to receive a light kiss.

Mrs. Evans lightly touches Liz's arm and executes an air kiss. "How are you Liz dear?" As she continues her contact by rubbing up and down Liz's arm.

"I'm fine thank you," she looks from Max to his mother and is confused as to why Mrs. Evans is here.

"Max dear, I'll see you at home." She squeezes his hand in affection and turns to Liz. "Liz, nice to see you again, you guys enjoy the rest of the day, bye," she leaves them standing in the middle of the waiting room.

Hand in hand they walk out of the still crowded waiting room but not so many eyes are watching.

As soon as they are away from the building and sitting in the jeep Liz arches a brow in question. "Why was your mother here?"

A devilish smile curves his lips. "Those women were shooting me daggers like I had stolen your innocence so I called my mother to defend me." He laughs at the look on her face.

"You did not." She playfully pushes him and then puts her arms around his neck.

"No, she was visiting a friend and saw me in the waiting room. She rescued me from their prying eyes and questions."

She boasts a triumphant; "I told you so."

Max pulls her over the gearshift and into his lap. His mouth is moving over hers and she is responding to him, her body melting against his as his mouth moves more determinedly over hers. His lips trace the shape of her lips before gently probing them apart.

It is the longest, sweetest, most loving, cherishing kiss she has ever known. Max continues to caress her lips, his hand cupping her face, stroking her skin, his heartbeat thudding fiercely beneath her hand, which is curled possessively into the front of his shirt.

Max reluctantly pulls away and tucks a loose strand of her hair behind her ear and lets his hand slide down her face to her neck. "So, how did it go?"

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