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"The Anonymous Letter"
Part 1
by RJ
Disclaimer: I do not own anything except my head, especially including, but not limited to, Roswell, all the characters, episodes, etc.
Summary: An anonymous letter is found, but who wrote it? Set after Max in the City.
Category: Other
Rating: PG
It was the second week back after Christmas break, and things were back to the normal routine, except one thing. The latest edition of the school newspaper had come out, and the whole school was buzzing about a particular article. There was an anonymous letter, an editorial almost. The letter was only addressed to “My dearest,” and signed “Yours always.” The editors added a note saying that it was found on a classroom floor, and the paper staff thought it was so moving, they included it in the Social Section of the paper. Isabel and her friends were discussing the article at lunch.

“That letter is so sweet! I feel bad for that poor guy. If I knew who he was, I’d comfort him,” Isabel’s friend said with smile.

“Well, I think a girl wrote it,” Isabel contradicted.

“Really? Well, was it you? You and Nicole found the note right?” another girl asked slyly.

“Yeah, we did,” Nicole replied. “But neither of us wrote it. It was Isabel’s great idea to put it in the paper. Our sales have been way up!”

Isabel smiled, “You know how I love to help.”

After school that day, Maria was reading Alex the letter.

“My Dearest,

We haven’t spoken in weeks. I long for sleep, but it refuses to come. My life continues on it’s downward spiral. I’m eating less. I know it’s a cliché, but I honestly just want to control something. Most of my relationships are failing. Including the one with you, yet I still disillusion myself into thinking you could make it all better. Maybe you could, I honestly don’t know. I don’t know what I know anymore. Sometimes it seems as though the most basic facts seem untrue. I do know I miss you, more than I probably should. But I’m afraid of seeing you, or even speaking to you for that matter. I’m afraid that you’ll reject me; stop loving me. I don’t handle rejection well. So maybe it’s best this way. This way we won’t get hurt even more, maybe it can end with our hearts intact. But, if that’s the end, was it really love? You are unforgettable. I love you, and I always will. I promise. Love, Yours always”

Maria paused, “Isn’t that so sad?”

“Yeah,” Alex agreed. “Sounds familiar.”

“What are you saying?” Maria asked.

“I’m just saying it sounds like something one of us would write,” he explained innocently.

“Yeah...I mean, I didn’t write it. Did you?”

“No...” Alex answered.

“Ok, good,” Maria said nodding her head.

“Good. Do you have to work tonight?” he asked casually.

“Oh crap! I do, and I totally forgot. Thanks for reminding me, I gotta go. Bye Alex!” Maria called running down the hallway.

At the same time, Tess and Isabel were walking the halls. “Did you read that letter in the paper?” Isabel asked.

“Yeah, it was...interesting,” she answered.

“I kind of feel bad now. Nicole and I found it, and it was my idea to put it in the paper. I just didn’t think about the writer. I mean, I bet they hate me now,” she said whining.

“Yeah, but I’m glad it wasn’t me. I couldn’t stand someone else reading something so personal,” Tess commented.

“I know what you mean.” Isabel agreed as they walked to the jeep, hopped in, and drove off.

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