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"Tess to TESS"
Part 7
by Syndee Thomas
Disclaimer: The characters belong to the WB.
Summary: The forth alien arrives in Roswell only to find that she's already there in the form of a clone - Tess. Takes place after "Destiny."
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Rating: PG
Teresa answers the door wearing a too large sweatshirt and baggy sweat pants that Maria had brought over last night. She tells them that Sondra is out shopping for a few things for both of them because in their rush to get to Roswell they came minus any personal belongings - clothes included.

"Tell us more about Sondra. She seems eager to help us," Max lifts an eyebrow loaded with suspicion.

"It's ironic that you use the word eager when referring to her because the surname Gallagher means "eager helper" and Sondra is Greek in origin, meaning "helper of mankind," she exclaims with sibling pride.

"If it weren't for Sondra, I don't know where I would be. I owe her my life," looks to them with tears forming as she takes a crossed-legged sitting position on one of the beds.

"When did you tell Sondra you were an alien?" Michael prompts softly.

"I didn't. She told me," looks up to encounter gapping mouths and incredulous eyes from her brother and the leader of her race.

"But how?" Max's panic stricken voice snaps. "Maybe you should start from the beginning.

Sondra was a child protégé. She graduated college at 14, graduate school at 17 with two published theses, and was in Medical School at Tulane when she found me one night on returning to her apartment after a late night study session with classmates.

I had been with Nasado for two years when the men came for me. I knew right away that they were evil and just waited for a chance to escape them. The chance came that same day when they were involved in a traffic accident and were rendered unconscious. I escaped without injury and roamed the streets of New Orleans for three days before Sondra found me asleep in the stairwell to her apartment building.

It was late at night so she decided to wait until morning to call social services. She fed me and allowed me to take a bath and was working on a research project that she was collaborating on with a world-renowned geneticist.

I was asking so many questions that she indulged me by letting me take a look at my blood under a microscope after she pricked my finger. She didn't know what to make of it but felt that she had to keep it a secret. Her genius status made her unique and she had missed out on a normal childhood. She didn't want the same for me so she enlisted her parents to foster me, subsequently adopting me.

Luckily for me our parents had fostered children before and agreed to take me in so I was never really put in the system.

Sondra went on to become an obstetrician and continues to do research in genetics. Why obstetrics I once asked her? She said it was because she couldn't trust anyone else to deliver her alien niece or nephew if I chose to have children.

"How do you know we can have children?" Michael chokes out.

"Sondra ran some test on me when she was still an intern and found that my Reproductive system is 100% human and doesn't see any reason why I wouldn't be able to procreate with humans."

Michael and Max seem exultant with this new information for they both display a contented smile and a release of some hidden anxiety.

"Do your parents know of your uniqueness? Michael asks already knowing the answer is no.

"No, they don't." She feels that she has to be careful how she relays to him and continues cautiously. Sondra did not know why I was unique until I told her of how Nasado could change his appearance and his other abilities. My gifts eventually surfaced and by the time she concluded that I was probably alien my father had had one heart attach and bypass surgery."

"We decided not to burden them with the secret since we knew that the men that had abducted me were evil and wanted me for some unknown reason," she concludes looking to Michael for his reaction.

"Would they still love you if they knew?" Michael asks shyly looking from Teresa to Max.

"Not only would they still love her but they would be here right now involved in our cause." Sondra has just walked in unnoticed by the trio laden with bags from her shopping trip.

"Michael, don't just sit there," nods to her burden. "Help me with my purchases."

Michael, Max and Teresa move to help Sondra. Whereas Michael and Max help relieve her of her bags Teresa is plundering through them.

Sondra pulls Michael to the side and looks up to him cupping his face in her hands, "Michael, their love is unconditional and they will love you for you. I already do," softly kisses his cheek.

There's a knock at the door and Max moves to answer it. Isabel and Alex have a message from the Sheriff advising of a place that they can use to detain Tess and wants everyone to meet him there at 1:00.

"Kyle will pick up Liz and Maria," Alex answers Max's unspoken query. "We have less than an hour but it's not to far from here."

Teresa and Sondra shower and change and they take three cars paired alien/human, (Sondra and Isabel…Michael and Teresa…Alex and Max) taking different routes arriving at different times.

The directions lead them to an active industrial area and to a large free standing building with no visible signs of how it was used previously. There are two stories with a possible basement and it appears solid. A large for sale sign is plastered on one entire wall facing the street.

Kyle's car and the Sheriff's cruiser are parked inconspicuously out of site when they arrive and they follow suite.

Once inside the Sheriff tells them that the building was originally used to make glass but has been used for other things ranging from meat processing to clothes manufacturing but has been empty for about eight years now. The owner owes him a favor and is allowing him to use it as long as he needs it or until he finds a buyer.

The building is amazingly clean and well lit. One touch from the circuit breaker has electricity flowing to the building and lights the stairwell to the basement where the Sheriffs leads the group.

There are several freezer units here from the time when it was used as a meat processing plant equipped with heavy metal locking doors. There are also small vents that can be opened for air circulation. At some point one of the units must have been used as an office because there's an adjoining bathroom. This is the one they will use. The Squad tries in turn to unlock the door with their powers and is unsuccessful and can only hope that Tess' powers will prove useless as well.

A list is made of everything they will need to make the cell somewhat comfortable for Tess. The group is then paired and given specific items to get and or things to do in a time frame of two and a half hours. The Sheriff supplies each car with a hand held radio, sets the frequency and shows them how to use it.

(Max/Alex…Isabel/Kyle…Michael/Liz…Teresa/Maria…the Sheriff and Sondra.)

They have less than three hours to convert a 12x12 freezer into a livable prison cell and to devise a plan to lure Tess here and contain her all the while not letting on that they know her to be an imposter. Her ability to mild control is another matter.

Michael and Liz are in Sondra's rental car and are about to pull away when Teresa and Maria emerge from the warehouse heads together in conversation but what draws him to them is the color of Maria's hair. He puts the car in park, leaves the engine running, and jumps out leaving the door open and storms towards the two girls.

"Why is your hair red?" Michael incised harshly, his darkly handsome features demanding an answer.

"Chill out Michael," Maria mimics. "I'm incognito - 007/Mission Impossible - duh," tilts her head and holds out her hands in a gesture of don't you get it.

Michael looks to Teresa and she blurts out, "she made me do it, and besides it brings out the color of her eyes."

"Michael," from an impatient Liz. "Exert your "Me Tarzan, You Jane" male dominating chauvinistic attitude later, we need to go."

The others are coming out of the building as Michael and Liz pull away. Max and Alex leave soon afterwards with their list of items and things to do.

Kyle is drumming his fingers on the steering wheel of his car to the beat of a popular song on the radio as he waits for Isabel. She and Teresa are having a disagreement about something when it's looks as though Isabel relents because Teresa looks triumphant and heads toward his car and gets in.

"I thought Isabel was coming with me," He looks to see Isabel get into the car with Maria and they pull off.

"She agreed that maybe I should go with you since you have the shortest list and the shortest destination. I can't be seen in public since there are two of me."

"If that's the case why don't you stay here," he challenges.

Teresa takes out the list and starts to read it out loud. "Shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, T A M P O N S," looks at him and stretches out the word.

"Whoa," he turns his palm toward her as a gesture to stop. "Okay, you can come."

"I thought you would see it my way," folds the note and places it in his shirt pocket then fastens her seat belt as he pulls away.

Max has told Sondra the name of the drug that Pierce used to sedate him and that was one of the items that she and the Sheriff were to get. Since they probably wouldn't be able to get close to Tess without running the risk of her using mind control the Sheriff has located a tranquilizer gun at a local Veterinarian's.

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