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"Tess to TESS"
Part 6
by Syndee Thomas
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Summary: The forth alien arrives in Roswell only to find that she's already there in the form of a clone - Tess. Takes place after "Destiny."
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Rating: PG
Max has been up all night trying to devise a plan to expose Tess and subsequently prevent her from identifying them to their enemy. He can only assume that she has not been in contact with the other aliens because there has been no fallout. Time is of the essence because at some point she will make contact, exposing his and the others identity which will make their mission impossible.

A smile forms on his face as he remembers everything that conspired last night at the Tumbleweed Inn. Teresa had turned out to be a pleasure and the transformation in Michael was amazing. He's going to have his hands full as brother to two beautiful women but he's up to the task.

Prompted by Sondra, the four aliens had closeted themselves in one of the bedrooms to get acquainted. They thought Teresa was going to bust her gut laughing when they mentioned the book that showed them paired as mates. She reminded them that Tess was an imposter, a liar and that she mind controls: how could they believe her. Max felt a little stupid when she suggests that the Orb Message may have been Tess induced because the possibility never crossed his mind.

Considering the seriousness of their group's meeting last night the evening was quite enjoyable. He can't remember the last time he was able to relax and enjoy just being around people. The fact that the destiny issue is null and void helped but even before Tess suggested it he felt camaraderie with humans other than Liz, Maria and Alex. Max hasn't heard from the sheriff to cancel their meeting that Kyle arranged last night, so he's to meet him at The Crackdown in twenty minutes. Sheriff Valente has become an ally as well as a friend. The whole group values his opinion and Michael idolizes him.

There's a good possibility that he won't see Liz this morning but he takes care in dressing just in case. Looking into a mirror will never be the same after last night. The group has never really discussed Liz's ability, as a human to get flashes but this new ability to project images to mirrors will have to be addressed. He worried that she would be upset about these abilities that she developed via her connection to him but she takes it in stride. She even loves the permanent V tattoo.

The Sheriff is already at The Crashdown and is enjoying a cup of coffee when Max arrives. Liz's father waves to Max and lifts an eyebrow when Max joins the sheriff.

The Sheriff takes another sip of coffee. "Do you want to order anything?"

"No, I had breakfast with my folks before I came," looks towards the counter where Mr. Parker is waiting on a customer. "Maybe we should have met somewhere else."

"It'll be okay. He knows you're a good kid. More than likely he would be Curious if you were sitting here with the Pope because his daughters in love with you."

Max blushes and looks away but can't help but smile at knowing that Liz is in love with him. "Did Kyle fill you in on the events of yesterday and last night."

"Everyday brings something more amazing and unbelievable than the day before," lifting his hat and placing it back on the seat next to him in a nervous gesture. "Is Tess a Shape-shifter like Nasado are is she part human like yourself?"

"My guess would be part human because she has been with Nasado since a very young age. Isabel's, Michael's and my rate of development was that of a human child. I don't think a shape-shifter could have pulled it off."

"Our main concern right now is to contain her before she contacts the other aliens. I have a couple of places in mind that we could use temporarily until we can think of a more feasible solution. I'll make some calls and have Kyle contact you," stands up to leave and puts on his hat. "Don't underestimate Tess. Her ability to make people see what isn't there scares me. She's smart as well so it may be hard to lure her into containment."

Max scoots out of the booth and goes to sit at the counter and orders a cup of coffee. He has just added sugar to his coffee when Liz comes up behind him and places her hands over his eyes and whispers in his ear, "Guess who?"

"My destiny," his voice low as he pulls one hand away from his eyes and spins her around and into his arms. "Did you sleep well?

"I slept wonderfully sound. It was the best night's sleep I've had in weeks," leaning up to kiss him.

"I'm glad," looking deep into her eyes and smiling down at her.

"Any visions today, " he said with wide eyed amusement."

"As a matter of fact yes-you naked," smiles coyly at him and pulls out of his arms and dodges his grasp to pull her back.

Tess has been watching them for a while and is seething. She doesn't understand the fascination the others have with these humans. The Orbs were activated days ago but still no sign of her people.

"Hey Tess, what's up?" Michael had hoped to sit in on the meeting with the Sheriff and Max but he was up most of the night talking with Teresa and Sondra and had overslept this morning. He smiles remembering his sister's non-stop chatter. He now has three women in his life that are chatterboxes.

"Michael, you startled me," as she turns to face him.

At this very moment from inside The Crashdown Liz sees Michael and Tess outside the restaurant and wonders how long they've been there and what Tess has seen. She has to defuse this or it will ruin everything. "Max, Tess and Michael are outside. I don't know how long they've been there. She may have seen us. You have to be nice to her: I mean r.e.a.l.l.y nice. Make her think that you are ready to accept your destiny with her."

"Liz what do you mean really nice?"

"You know what I mean. Here they come-do what you have to do Max. I love you."

"And, I love you Liz.''

Michael had seen Tess watching Max and Liz but wasn't sure what they were doing or what Tess saw. Knowing Max and Liz and how they can't keep their hands off of each other she probably saw an eye full. He suggests they go in for coffee and she agrees. He can only hope that whatever she saw doesn't damage their efforts to expose Tess as an imposter.

Max has his back to the door and Liz has scrolled over to the pickup window and is talking to her father when Michael and Tess join Max at the counter.

"Hey Max, You're up and out early today," Michael hops on the stool next to Max. "Hi Liz, Mr. Parker."

Liz turns to face the new comers, "Hey Michael, Tess I'll be right with you."

"Michael, You're just the person I want to see," as he turns to acknowledge Tess' presence with a big smile. "Hi Tess," before continuing to talk to his best friend. " My dad has me running all over the place this morning. Can you go with me to pick up some garden supplies and then to the hardware store?"

"Sure, but can it wait until after Tess and I have coffee and a danish," perplexed after seeing the smile Max bestowed upon Tess.

"Let's get a booth and I'll join you," picks up his coffee cup and nudges Tess to lead them to a booth other than their usual table.

Max takes the seat next to Tess and purposely sits closer to her than he would normally while Michael takes the seat across from them. He is very attentive to Tess and places his arm along the back of the bench occasionally playing with a strand of her hair or touching her hand.

Liz is cheerful and talkative when she takes their order and doesn't even flinch at the closeness Max is enjoying with Tess. Michael on the other hand is very nervous and concerned that Tess may be up to her old tricks and using mind control on both Max and Liz.

"Tess, what are you doing later today?" Smiles and caresses her hand.

"Nothing, what did you have in mind?" Slides closer to him until she's only an inch from his face.

"I though maybe you can pick me up and we can just hang out," looks to Michael. "It should only take Michael and I a couple of hours to help my dad with the yard. Let's say 4:30."

She nods her head yes and they all get up to leave. He doesn't even say goodbye to Liz but takes Tess' hand and leads her out of the restaurant and to her car. Michael is so confused and upset that Max would display affection for Tess right in front of Liz that he is foaming at the mouth. Once Tess drives away Max and Michael face off.

"What is wrong with you Maxwell? Did Tess put the whammy on you again?" Michael is running his hand through his hair and begins to pace back and forth. "If Maria had seen me with another woman the way you were with Tess right now there would be one less alien on earth."

"Michael, calm down. Liz saw you guys standing outside and wasn't sure if Tess had seen us kiss earlier so she suggested I be really nice to Tess. Hopefully the Sheriff will find a place where we can detain her before she picks me up this afternoon. The thought of having to touch her again gives me the willies. I won't go back in the Crashdown because Tess may be watching. Let's go see your sisters."

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