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"Tess to TESS"
Part 1
by Syndee Thomas
Disclaimer: The characters belong to the WB.
Summary: The forth alien arrives in Roswell only to find that she's already there in the form of a clone - Tess. Takes place after "Destiny."
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Liz is distracted as usual these days and is crossing the street headed to The Crashdown when suddenly someone grabs her by the arm and pulls her back onto the curb just in time to prevent her from becoming road kill. Liz stammers a thank you before looking up and into the face of her savior.

"Tess, what are you doing here?" Looks down at Tess' torn and muddy jeans, "and what happened to your clothes?"

"You know me?" Nervously looking around.

"What kind of mind games are you playing now Tess?" Liz watches as her nemesis facial expression changes from dismay to terror.

Tess gently touches Liz's arm and whispers: "Can we go somewhere to talk?"

There's something about the tone of her voice that alerts Liz that there's something amiss. Maybe something has happened to the others.

Trying not to panic, "Sure, let's go to my place." Liz looks both ways before attempting to cross the street to The Crashdown and upstairs to her family's apartment.

After checking to make sure no one is around she turns to the dishevel Tess, whom Liz has never seen with a hair out of place, with venom in her stare.

"Where are they?" Alarm has crept into her voice and concern on her face. "Has something happened?"

The anger directed at the girl makes her take a step back to avoid the vehement grab for her arm by Liz.

"I am who you think I am, but we have never met." Her voice is thick with apprehension and she continues to keep her distance for Liz has the look of a Lioness protecting her cubs.

"Okay, get out of my house," seething now. "You may have fooled the others but I know you for who you really are. If anything has happened to them I swear…"

Liz is walking toward the door but turns to see that Tess has not moved and appears to have taken up residence on the couch. Liz takes this opportunity to really look at her and realizes how thin and pale she looks and there's something else - dejection.

Tess must take Liz's perusal as an incitement to leave but when she attempts to stand she crumbles to the floor in a dead faint. Liz rushes over to her, prompts her up against the couch while she goes for a glass of water and a damp cloth.

Tess comes to with a start and looks very frightened and lost. Liz grabs both shoulders in an attempt to help her up to the couch when she gets a flash of a little girl crying and alone in the Pod Chamber. She also sees that same little girl being led out of the Pod Chamber by an unidentified man. More flashes of the same girl but older playing alone in a room seemingly without any windows, the girl as she is running through the woods as through she's being chased.

"Who are you?" Liz looks at the girl with incredulity. "Here drink some of this." She holds the glass of water to the girl's lips and encourages her to take small sips.

"Liz, what is she doing here and where are the others?" Maria Deluca enunciates each word with hatred. Liz looks up to see Maria and Alex, who as usual, had let them selves in. She had forgotten that they were coming over to watch Videos.

"Has something happened?" Alex has moved closer to Tess and you can hear the concern and fear in his voice.

"I'm not sure" as Liz releases the glass into Tess' hand. "Are you okay?" There's genuine concern for her health. "You fainted and you look a little pale."

"I guess I'm hungry, I haven't eaten in a while." Sleeking a peek at Maria who is shooting daggers at her and wins the stare game hands down because Tess is the first to look away.

"Tess, what would you like to eat?" Liz is already heading to the door to go downs stairs to The Crashdown when Tess stops her with "I don't have any money." She blurts out embarrassed.

(Liz, Maria, and Alex look to each other and back to the girl they have grown to hate.)

"How about a hamburger and some fries on the house?"

"If you're sure it won't be any trouble."

"No trouble at all." Liz turns to leave: Maria and Alex on her heels.

"Alex, stay here with her but don't talk about the others." Whispers in his ear, "don't even mention their names."

Maria follows Liz downstairs where Liz puts in an order for a hamburger and fries.

"What gives with the alien from hell?' Maria blurts out.

"Maria, I don't think she's Tess."

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