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Part 9
by Gwen
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell, I wish I did, but I don't, everything belongs to the WB.
Summary: A follow up to my story The Light. Takes place 10 years from the end of their senior year. Maria remembers everything that happened in their senior year and reflects on it.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: There are some holes in the story, I know, but all my stories interconnect, so don't worry about that. Please respond to my story, its kind of annoying when you write something, and no one writes anything back about it. Enjoy!

"And that's everything," Maria said smiling.

"Wow, I knew all that, I just never saw it from your side," Liz said. "Wait, if Kivar could access all of Alex's memories then couldn't Kivar be in Alex? Now?"

"She's right," Kyle said.

"Hey, uh, he's not," Alex said.

"You could be lying," Max reminded him.

"Shit," Alex sighed.

"Trust me, I had kissed Alex before Kivar had even shown up, and I kissed him after he left, no difference, and nobody could access that," Isabel said grinning.

"Proof enough," Alex said and stuck his tong out at Liz.

"And we didn't grow up," Michael laughed.

"You know," Maria said. "We really didn't, because we are all sitting in the Crashdown, waiting for something to eat," she said.

Liz laughed.

"Mommy, are we done here?" a little girl asked Maria.

"No, not yet," Maria said laughing.

"And these things cannot be confined to the twilight zone!" Alex mocked. Everyone laughed.

"I'm proud of us," Tess said. "We survived."

"It was a gruesome battle," Max agreed.

"Not, that, look in awe, we beat everyone who thought we'd become nothing," Tess said grinning. "We passed, all of our classes." Everyone laughed again.

"And yet," Maria said smiling.

"So is this the end of the story?" Alex asked. uch a cool font

"No way," Michael said.

"It's all just beginning," Maria said smiling. "Kivar will be back, Nicholas older, will be back, and we will all have to go back to work," she sighed.

"Yup, but for now, things are good, and that's all that matters," Max said smiling.

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