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"Secrets "
Part 18
by Jamie Phelps
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Summary: Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Alex and Isabel all have to deal with the news of the pre-arranged destinies. They have been doing good, staying away from each other, until Isabel and Max began to feel a strange sense of power being used. The six friends must come together, along with Tess and Kyle to uncover the source of the power. They get a surprise of their life though, when they find out the power is from a fifth alien. An alien who is closer than anyone realizes.
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Rating: PG-13
They pulled up in front of Isabel's house. The ride home had been dreadfully quiet. Liz didn't know what to think of the news that she'd just found out. How could her best friend, Maria DeLuca, be part alien? How could she, for that matter, be Isabel and Max's sister? Wouldn't that mean that Max's father survived the crash? So many questions were flowing through her mind.

"Ok, we're here." Maria said, getting out of the car. "Liz, I think you should let Isabel and I do the talking since you seem to be a little stressed out about the whole situation."

"I'm not stressed out." She said. "I guess I'm just a little confused."

"It's ok, we're all going to have to deal with this change in our own way. I'm not sure how Max will react either." Isabel looked at Liz and Maria. "I think he believes our father died in the crash. It'll be hard for him to accept you as our sister, even with the proof we have. You still have the picture don't you?"

"Yeah, they're right here." Maria said, pulling them out of her purse. "Ok, well it's now or never. Let's go in."

Isabel opened the door to her house. Maria and Liz followed her inside. In the living room, Max was asleep on the couch, Tess in the chair, and Michael and Alex on the floor. Isabel figured they'd been really tired. She stepped over Michael and sat down on the love seat. Maria sat down beside her. Liz walked over to Max and kissed him gently on the forehead.

"Wake up, sleepy-head." She said to him.

He looked up at her. He realized he had missed her while she had been gone. He sat up on the couch and pulled her down beside him.

"Did you guys have fun today?" he asked. "I figured you'd have been home hours ago. It's pretty late. Did something happen?"

"No, not at all." Isabel said. "Well, not really anyway. Nothing that caused us to be late. We just got side tracked a little bit."

Isabel reached down and nudged Alex's shoulder, waking him. He sat up. She then reached over and hit Tess's arm, waking her up too. Maria kicked Michael's head. He sat up and faced her.

"What was that for?" he demanded. "That hurt!"

"Sorry," she said smiling. "I was just trying to wake you."

He stood up and jumped on her. Not only did he get Maria, but he also got Isabel in the process. Both girls were screaming for help. Michael got up laughing.

"That'll teach you to kick me!" he said. He sat back down on the floor with his back up against the loveseat, next to Maria. "So, what'd ya get me?"

"We'll get to that." Maria said. "But first, I think there is something we all need to talk about."

Maria glanced at Isabel. She was glad that Izzy had been the one to first discover that Maria was related to her and Max. Isabel was being such a great supporter.

"I want to talk about my father and what Nascedo told me earlier, you know about me being half alien?" she said looking around the group. "Now he said that if he wasn't the father, then I couldn't be part alien. I-we've- figured it out." She reached into her purse and pulled out the picture that Max and Tess had found. "Who are these three guys?" she asked, showing the picture to Max, Michael and Tess.

They looked closely. Max answered for the group. "That's Nascedo, Michael' s father, and my father."

"Right!" Maria said. She then reached into her purse and pulled out the picture of her father. She passed it around. "And this is a picture of my father. The only picture my family has of him."

Max looked at the picture of the man. It was impossible! The man in Maria' s picture was the same man in his and Tess's picture. It was Max's father. Max looked at Maria.

"What are you saying?" he asked.

Isabel looked at her brother. "Remember when we would feel the power being used? It was Maria. Maxwell, did you feel power being used this afternoon?"

Max thought a moment. He had experienced one time that he thought he felt it, but he wasn't sure. It hadn't been like all the other times. "It's possible." He said.

"It was Maria!" She exclaimed. "I felt it too. I had her try dream walking. It worked. And the minute she made the connection, I felt power being used. When she has control over her power, we don't feel it as much."

Max knew it made since. "So that proves that Maria is an alien. That's all it proves." Max said. He didn't want to believe what Isabel was about to tell him.

"It proves more than that, Max. Remember you and I are the only ones that can feel her use the powers. That proves that Maria is connected to us." Isabel looked at Max. "Our father survived that crash. He is still alive somewhere and sixteen years ago he had another child. Max, Maria is our sister."

Max's mind exploded! This was impossible! How could his father have survived and them not know about it. Even Nascedo had said that he didn't think they'd survived. No! He wasn't going to believe it! Not at all!

Tess looked at Maria. This couldn't be right. Nowhere in the book of destiny did it say anything about her. This was all getting too complicated. Maria couldn't be part alien. Tess had thought that after they discovered the fifth alien that maybe the five of them would explore their destinies. How could Maria be getting in the way? "I'll make damn sure you aren't going to be in the way, Maria." She said to herself. "You can bet your LIFE on that."

Alex looked at his friend. He'd known Maria since she had been little. He always knew there was something a little different about her. He just never would have guessed that her father was an alien. He smiled at her. He knew she had to have mixed feeling about learning where she'd come from, and who her father was. She needed a friend, and he fully intended to be there for her.

Michael looked at Maria. "I knew it!" He said. "I knew it was you! You saved my life that day. I just don't know why I didn't figure it out sooner."

Maria bent down and kissed his lips. "You're not mad?" she asked. "This could change everything."

Michael looked into Maria's deep green eyes. "It changes nothing." He said. "I will love you forever, and even if you weren't one of us, I'd still love you."

"One of you's, huh?" Maria said. "It sounds so weird."

Isabel reached over and tossed her arm around Maria's shoulders. "Max, what do you say we take our sister out and celebrate?"

Max didn't know what to think. He still didn't believe what he'd just heard. But then, Liz reached over and took his hand. She squeezed it and let him know everything was all right. For some reason, that little gesture had just proven to him that everything was how it should be.

Max smiled at Isabel. "On one condition," he said. "we take everyone with us! They're part of our family too!"

Isabel laughed. She knew her brother was skeptical. Who'd have thought that Liz would have saved the day? She stood up and smiled. "Check this out Max," she said, looking at the picture of their father. "Maria has his eyes."

Sure enough, the greenness that radiated from Max and Isabel's father's eyes also radiated out of Maria's. There was no denying that Maria was his daughter. For the first time, Max knew it in his heart. He had another sister. He looked at Maria with tears in his eyes. "Who'd of thought that you, of all people, would end up being my sister?" he asked through tears. He walked over and hugged her. The minute their two bodies touched a flood of images flashed in both Max and Maria's mind. "You are my sister." Max said as he pulled away. "I'm sorry I didn't believe you."

"It's ok." Maria said, tears streaming down her face. "I wouldn't have believe it myself if the evidence wasn't right in front of my face."

Isabel walked over and pulled Max and Maria into a hug. "I love you guys." She said.

Michael, Alex, Liz and Tess joined in the hug. "We love you too." They said.

Maria smiled to herself. She had everything she'd ever wanted in life. She 'd found out the truth about her father. She'd gained a brother and a sister. She had the best friends in the world. But what made her the happiest, was the man that was standing right beside her. The man she loved with all her heart and soul. It was her Michael.

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