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Part 5
by Alexis
Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me, although, boy what I would give to have Brendan... anyway, they belong to Jason Katims and whoever else owns Roswell.
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Rating: PG-13
Maria led her friends up the stairs to their rooms. As she turned to the right, they followed, but they were all silent. She knew they were all pondering what she was pondering -- the "sleeping arrangements." Three rooms, six of them.....hmm, interesting.

"So," Isabel asked, as they all stopped in front of the three adjoining rooms. She kept her eyes downcast, and Maria thought she saw a hint of a blush creeping up Isabel's flawless cheeks.

Maria looked at all of her friends and laughed. "Okay, guys," she said between giggles. "We all know who we're sleeping with, so, girls, let's just each pick which room we want, and guys, whichever room your girl chooses, go with her."

With that, Maria picked up her bags and walked into the first room, confident that she had solved the little dilemma.

The rest of the group stood stunned for a minute. Finally, Michael came out of his trance, shrugged his shoulders, and followed Maria in to their room. With that, Isabel and Alex took the middle room, and Liz and Max the end room.

"Well," Maria said, "I'm pleased we worked out the little room situation." She grinned at Michael as she set her bags down. "And look, oh darn, only one bed," Maria stated in her most sarcastic voice. Michael grinned back at her, a look of pure mischief on his face.

Maria walked over to where Michael stood, brought her hands up around his neck, and pulled him down for a featherlight kiss.

Michael apparently wanted more, because before Maria knew it, he was lifting her up, his hands cupped around her backside. As she wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed his neck, she said in a breathy voice, "Door."

"Wha...?" Was all Michael could reply with since his rational thought processes had gone right out the window as soon as Maria kissed him.

"The door, nitwit. It's open," she mumbled against his mouth.


Michael backed them up to the open door, and without looking, kicked it closed.

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