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Part 3
by Rebecca
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Summary: Adaptation of Rent. The best musical in the world.
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Rating: R
Authors Note: OK, all couples are UC except Michael and Maria. And here's how I have the characters played out: Mark=Max Mauren=Tess Joanne=Liz Benny=Brody Angel=Kyle Collins=Alex Roger=Michael Mimi=Maria April=Isabel Joanne's parents=Liz's parents Mrs. Cohen=Mrs. Evans Alexia=Courtney
"I can't believe you're actually going to help her." Michael shook his head.

"Whatever." Max grabbed his coat. "I'm going to get a slice of pizza. Be right back." He walked to the door. He stopped and turned to Michael. "I don't supposed you'd like to see Tess's show on the lot tonight, or.......Come to dinner?"

"Zoom in, on my empty wallet." Michael said sarcasticly as he tuned his guitar.

"Touche." A loud beeping was heard. Michael didn't even flinch, as if he didn't hear it. Max grabbed a pill bottle and a bottle of water. He shoved it angrily at Michael. "Take your AZT." He said. Michael took it. Max walked out. "Close on Michael, his girlfriend, Isabel, left a note, saying "we've got aids" before slitting her wrists in the bathroom."

Michael recapped the bottle of water and continued tuning. It finally sounded somewhat tuned. He strummed the strings to get a familiar feel of them. He started playing chords and started singing a song he had been thinking of.

"One song,
One song,
before I go.
One song to leave behind,
find one song
one last refrain
from the pretty boy front man
who wasted opertunity
one song
he had the world at his feet
in the eyes of a younger girl
a young girl
glory beyond the cheap colored lights
one song
before the sun sets
on another empty life
Time flies
time dies
Glory one blaze of gloooooooooooory
one blaze of glllllllllloooooooooorrrry
in a song that rings true
truth like blazinging fire
an eternal flame
one song
a song about love
from the soul of a young man, a young man find
the one song before the virus takes hold
glory like a sunset
one song to redeem this empty life
time flies
and then no need to endure anymore.
time dies...."

He was lost in the moment of the song. All of a sudden there was a knock on the door that violently brought him back to the small darkened New York apartment. He sighed. Great, he thought. Max proberly forgot his keys. He swung the door open thinking it was Max. "What'd you forget?" He then saw that it wasn't Max, it was a small shivering girl with blonde hair. She thrusted a candle out to him. He felt as if he knew her.

"Got a light?" She asked.

"I know you.....You're shivering."

"It's nothing, they turned off my heat, and I'm just a little weak on my feet. Would you light my candle?" She noticed him staring at her. Which, wasn't exactly a bad thing. He was pretty hunky. "What are you staring at?" She asked.

"Nothing, you're hair in the moon light. You look familiar." She looked dazed. He caught her arm and led her in the living room. "Can you make it?"

"Just haven't eaten much today." She said as she sat down. "At least the room stop spinning anyway." She joked. She noticed him staring again. "What?" He bent down to light her candle.

"Nothing, you're smile reminded me of......" His voice trailed off sadly. He turned his back to her.

"I always remind people of.....Who is she?"

"She died, her name was Isabel." He scratched his eyebrow.

"It's out again." He heard her say. She stood up. "Sorry about your friend. Would you light my candle?"

"Well." He stood close to her and lit it.

"Yeah........OW!" She screamed.

"Oh....the wax it's-"

"Dripping, I like it between my-" She said seductivly.

"Fingers!" He said quickly. Stepping away so she wouldn't feel the sudden bulge in his pants. "I figured. Oh, well," He grabbed her shoulders and pushed her out the door. "Goodnight." He shut the door on her confussed face. There came a knock. He opened the door to see her again, the candle was out. She looked like she was searching franticly in the hall for something.

"It blew out again." He said.

"No.....I think that I dropped my stash." She pushed past him into the apartment.

"I know that I've seen you out and about, when I used to go out. Your candle's out." He went to light it.

"I'm 'illin, I had it when I walked in the door. It was pure! Is it on the floor?" She went on her knees to look on the floor.

"The.........The floor?" He said. Although he was slightly distracted by her backside.

She could feel his eyes. "They say that I have the best ass below 14th street, is it true?" She said as she slowly moved while looking for her stash, teasing him.

"Wh......What?" He gulped.

"You're staring again."

"Oh no, I mean you do have a very nice...." He felt himself getting more aroused. He cleared his thorat to calm himself. "I look familiar."

"Like you're dead girlfriend?"

"Only when you smile, but I swear I've seen you somewhere else."

"Do you go to The Cat Scratch Club? That's where I work, I dance. Help me look."

"Yes!" He said, finnaly glad he knew where he knew her from. "They used to tie you up." He said.

"It's a living."

"I almost didn't reconigned you without the handcuffs. Why don't you forget that stuff? You look like you're 16."

"I'm 19! And I'm old for my age, I'm just born to be bad." She said proudly.

"I once was born to be bad. I used to shiver like that."

"I have no heat, I told you." She defended herself.

"I used to sweat." He said. She sucked her teeth.

"I've got a cold." She said.

"Uh huh, I used to be a junkie." The girl stopped.

"Well, every now and then, I do like to feel good."

"Oh here it-" He saw what she was looking for, a small baggie filled with white powder. But he'd be damned if he'd let her have it.

"What?" She stood up anxiously. Michael grabbed it and stuffed it in his back pocket before she could see it.

"Oh, nothing, it's just a candy bar wraper." The girl grew closer, not believing him. They were inches apart. He blew out her candle.

"HEY!" She hit him. He stepped away to avoid getting hurt. It was dark.

"That was my last match." He said.

"Our eyes will ajust, thank god for the moon." SHe huffed.

"Maybe it's not the moon at all, I hear Spike Lee's shooting down the street." He felt around the dark apartment to find her. He could hear her laughing.

"Bah humbug." She felt him grasp her hand.

"Cold hands." He said. He stood close to her.

"Yours too." She said. "Big, like my father's. Ya wanna dance?" She asked.

"With you?"

"No, with my father." She said sarcasticly.

"I'm Michael." He said. She slowly grinded aganist him.

"They call me, they call me, Maria." She drew her face close to kiss him.

She snaked her hand to his back pocket, she found it, her baggie. She shoved him away and flaunted her finding to him, smiling. She left. Michael shook his head. He was going to go after her, but he needed a shower, a cold shower.

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