FanFic - Other
Part 1
by Rebecca
Disclaimer: I don't own it.
Summary: Adaptation of Rent. The best musical in the world.
Category: Other
Rating: R
Authors Note: OK, all couples are UC except Michael and Maria. And here's how I have the characters played out: Mark=Max Mauren=Tess Joanne=Liz Benny=Brody Angel=Kyle Collins=Alex Roger=Michael Mimi=Maria April=Isabel Joanne's parents=Liz's parents Mrs. Cohen=Mrs. Evans Alexia=Courtney
"December 24th, 9pm, eastern standard time. From here on in I shoot without a script. See what comes of it, instead of my old shit." Max Evans said as he held his camera and panned the enitre New York apartement that he shared with his roommate Michael Gurien.

"First shot Michael, tuning the fender guitar he just got out of hawk." Max said. Michael was sitting on the table, attempting to tune his new guitar.

"It won't tune." He grumbled.

"So we hear." Max cracked. He returned to his documentor's voice. "He just got out from half a year of withdrwl."

"Are you talking to me?" Michael asked.

"Not at all." He said. He got closer. "Tell the folks at home what your'e doing Michael."

"I'm writing one great s-" The phone rang. Max spun the camera.

"The phone rings."

"Saved." Michael said. Max ignored him.

"We screen, zoom in on the answering machine." Max and Michae's greeting: "SPEAK" was heard.

"That was a very loud beep, I don't know if this is working. Max, Max, are you there? Are you screening your calls? It's mom." Mrs. Evans voice said. "Sidney and the kids are here, send their love. Oh, I hope you like the hot plate. Just don't leave it on, dear, when you leave the hone. Oh and Max, we're sorry to hear that Tess dumped you. I say c'est la vie, so let her be a lesbian. There are other fishies in the sea. Love mom." The message ended. Michael cracked up. Max spun around to face him, beat red.

"Tell the folks at home, what you're doing Michael."

"I'm writing one great son-" The phone rang again. Max spun around to it.

"The phone rings."



"Chestnuts roasting..." Came the ever so familiar voice.

"Alex!" Max and Michael said.

"I'm downstairs." The message continued. Max picked up the phone.


"Michael picked up the phone?"

"No, it's me."

"Oh. Throw down the key." Max did so.

"A wild night is now pre-ordained."

"Uhhhh, I may be detened." Max could hear grunting on the other line. The phone went dead.

"Deteneid? What does he mean?" He asked, puzzled. Michael shrugged. The phone rang agian. Max answered, thinking it was Alex.

"What do you mean detened?"

"Ho, ho, ho." Came a familiar, and annoying voice.

"Brody!" Max said.

"Shit!" Michael stood by Max. They both held the phone between themselves.

"Dudes, I'm on my way."

"Great." They said to him, then to eachother muttered. "Fuck."

"I need the rent."

"What rent?" Michael said.

"This past years rent that I let slide."

"Let slide? You said we were golden." Max said.

"When you bought the building." Michael added.

"When we were roomates. Remember? You lived here."

"How could I forget? You, me, Alex, and Tess." He mentioned Tess' name in disgust. "How is the drama queen?"

"She's preforming tonight." Max said.

"I know. Still her production manager?"

"Two days ago I was bumped."

"Oh. Still dating her?"

"Last week I was dumped."

"She's in love." Michael said.

"She's got a new man?" Brody asked.

"Well, no." They said.

"What's his name?"

"Liz." Max and Michael said. Brody was silent.

"Rent, my amigos, is due. Or I will have to evict you. Be there in a few."

He hung up. Michael got up and grabbed his guitar. He plugged it into the amp and played a riff. In the middle of it, the amp sparked and blew out, along with all the lights.

"The power blows." Max said to his camera.

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