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"A Night Of Renovations"
Part 3
by Skye
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or any of the characters. I have no affiliation with the WB television network or the author, Melinda Metz.
Summary: The gang gets together for some midnight moving at the Crashdown, but with Tess being there, things get weird.
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Rating: PG-13
"It's not just that he's rude, but he's so- you can just tell that all he thinks about is sex. He's just a typical guy. I probably should never have gotten involved with him. Forget about the part that he's a- you know, Czechoslovakian, he's just weird." Maria was at Liz's locker, lamenting her Michael problems.

"We're gonna be late," The two girls began walking at a pretty brisk pace down the hall to BioLab.

"But do you understand what I'm saying? Are ya hearing me?"

"Okay, Maria, but I'm sure that you must like it some of the time. How can you not like kissing? And you've said before that he can be a pretty sweet guy."

"Who's that?" Max approached the two girls from behind.

"No one," Maria said.

"It's Michael," Liz told him.

"I thought so," Max said.

Maria made an exasperated noise. "I just wish everyone would stop being so nosy!"

"Ok, Maria, you were talking to me about it."

"Never mind," Maria said as the three of them entered BioLab.

"Ah, Mr. Evans, Miss Parker and Miss DeLuca- would you mind taking your seats in a quiet and orderly fashion and not disturbing my class?"

"Sorry, Mr. Steigman," Max mumbled.

Maria took her usual seat and Liz and Max went to the back to their lab table.

As much as Liz wanted to concentrate on her work and on the lab at hand, it was so hard having Max right there, right next to her. She could feel his body heat, and it felt ten times stronger when she tried to ignore it. She'd already been in trouble in this class and she didn't want to disappoint the teacher any more than she already had, because she did like the subject. It was just that she liked Max Evans more.

Things had been going so well for the two of them lately. Yes, Tess was a bit suspicious, but she gave Liz no reason to not like her. Liz was even a bit glad that Tess would be coming to the Crashdown on Friday. She figured that it would be a good opportunity to get to know her better.

All of this ran through Liz's head as the teacher rambled on about the past night's reading. Liz had done it, so she figured she didn't really need to pay attention now. Thankfully, he soon stopped and let them go to work at their lab assignment.

"So did you do the reading last night?" Max asked her. But it was the farthest thing from his mind, he couldn't help but stare at her.

Her hair was so perfect and her lips always looked so kissable. Max leaned in closer to her. Ever since all of the business with Tess, he wanted nothing more than to be closer to her.

"Actually, yes I did, so..."

The two of them had been getting closer and closer. Maria had gotten up from her workstation with Alex and had made her way over to Max and Liz.

"Could you be a little more obviously in love? It's kinda upsetting for the rest of us down-trodden folk."

"Maria, Michael never says this, I know- but he really does like you. He just has problems with- expressing himself."

"Thank-you, Max, but if he could just say that to me it would make my life a million times easier."

"Maria, could you please take your seat?"

Mr. Steigman was getting quite perturbed with all of them.

Max and Liz started their lab, getting some work done.

"And so now we put this solution over the burner," Liz said.

" it all combust?" Max's face was inches from Liz's.

"Uh, yeah, something like that."

Her lips brushed his and he leaned in to kiss her.

"Liz!" Alex exclaimed from his lab table. "Could you keep it under wraps a little? Your - your's-

"Oh! Max, our burner, it's up so high. Can you tone that down or something?"

Max seemed to focus his energy on the flame, and it immediately went down.

"Sorry," Max said, "that was my fault."

"It's okay," Liz was distracted by Tess who was staring at her and Max from the front of the room.

Liz ignored it and spent the rest of the period focusing on completing the lab.

Her and Max did their best to placate the teacher. It worked, they weren't reprimanded for the rest of class.

Max was grateful when the bell rang. He gave Liz a playful smile as they were packing up their books. "I can't wait to see you tonight."

"Oh yeah, that's tonight already. Well, let's just hope that we get done what we need to get done and things to get awry."

"I'm sure everything will be just fine," he said.

"Yeah, I sure hope so."

Max brushed the top of Liz's hand as it picked up a notebook. "I'll see you then."

"Yeah." Max left leaving Liz in the back of the classroom.

"Why do the guys always rush out?" Maria said. "I had to talk to Alex, and he just ran out like there was a fire or something."

Liz slung an arm around Maria's neck. "You know, maybe he was just a little tired of listening to you complain about Michael."

"This from you? Liz, you should understand more than anyone how weird these Czechoslovakians can be!"

"I know Maria, let's try to focus on the good though, okay?"

"Right, positive vibes. All I can say is that Mr. Guerin may not have been in school today, but he'd better show up tonight. We need all the help we can get. I mean, I was just thinking about all that stuff that we've gotta get moved out or up or whatever."

"Maria, Maria- it will all be just fine. Just stop worrying."

"I don't know about you ladies, but I'm ready to lock up and go to lunch," Mr. Steigman said impatiently from the head of the classroom.

The girls and exchanged a look and then said "Sorry, Mr. Steigman," and hurried out of the room.

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