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"Remembering Our Pasts"
Part 10
by Charmed Kitten
Disclaimer: I don't own them, I'm just borrowing them. I make 'em happy for a while then give them back. Just the way I found them, depressed and fighting. Oh, but I own Lady Raine and the other characters that I've added. =)
Summary: This is part two in my yet unnamed series. The first part in Our Real Families, you should read that before this one to understand what is going on. This is a few days after Max and Tess come back from New York. The gang hasn't been able to get together and talk because Max's parents are concerned and won't let him out of their sight except for school.
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Authors Note: I'd love feedback if you don't mind, even criticism. =) I need help with a name for the series. If you have any ideas, please e-mail me with them. Thanks!
Max was blown away by the emotions and hidden thoughts that were packed inside of his sister. He knew at that moment that he hadn't known his own twin as well as he had thought.

Max saw and felt her intense love for him and her fear every time he got hurt or into trouble. He felt her joy as a child when they finally found Michael again and her immediate need to play the mother to him. He felt those emotions towards Michael grow over the years into love, frustration and intense protectiveness. As well as her fear for him getting hit by Hank and her joy when their father was able to get Michael emancipation, but overlying that was the feeling of wrongness when she had her dreams about Michael, like her heart and soul knew that it was not suppose to be.

He felt her isolation over the years, especially without having a close girlfriend. He saw and felt her jealousy over the years at Liz and Maria's friendship, and her deep heartfelt desire to join them or having someone like that for herself. Her hope that when Tess came that they could have a similar bond, but her fear and untrustfulness towards her when everything came to light. He knew her boredom that she felt with her popular friends, but her desire to keep them, to have some link.

Her anger at him for risking them all when he saved Liz, but her pride that he was strong enough to do such a selfless thing. Her fear that Liz would never accept him or her and would turn them in. Her fear that she would never have a true female friend, but how that was gone now that she had started to bond with Liz, Maria and Ava.

Her confusion, fear, anger and disgust when Whittaker told her about Vilandra and her intense fear that it was true. But her feelings towards Alex where what stunned Max the most. She truly loved him. And she was scared about just how much she did love him, she was scared that she would not be able to let him go if she had to leave. So she kept pushing him away.

But the last thing that Max saw and felt personal intense guilt over was Isabel's frustration and anger at always being the middle man, the tie-breaker between Max and Michael.

Isabel knew that she was going to be exposed to the intense love that Max and Liz shared but she was amazed by exactly what she saw and felt.

She saw Liz as Max had seen her over the years; her quiet beauty and strength, her love for knowledge, her love and acceptance towards everyone, her kindness, but most of all, her love, protectiveness and friendship with Maria and Alex. She felt his fear and how his entire body, heart, mind and soul stopped and dropped when he saw Liz shot and bleeding on the floor of the Crashdown, and she finally understood why he had had to help her. She felt his joy when she didn't turn away from him when she discovered the truth, that she wanted to help him, that she really did want to be with him.

She felt how he saw and felt towards Michael. His love for him as a brother, how he needed him and how he feared that someday Michael would leave him and Isabel, which led to his constant deflation of Michael's crazier ideas. His frustration at Michael's impulsiveness and constant questioning, but most amazingly his jealousy of those traits. How sometimes, Max did not want to be in charge, especially since he knew no more than they did.

She saw herself as Max saw her and she had never felt more loved. He adored his sister and only wanted the best for her. He knew that she could handle herself, but always made sure that he kept an eye out on anyone who might try to hurt her. He also was hurt and angry at the wall that she put up between them that just grew thicker after Whittaker's death. He felt like he was losing his sister and he hated that feeling.

She saw and felt his torture and pain in the White Room and his intense fear that Michael and Isabel could and might experience the same. She felt his fear towards Tess and to the day dreams that he had about her. As well as the soul-deep knowledge that it wasn't true, it wasn't right, she wasn't the one.

She saw those feelings slowly turn into reluctant acceptance and confusion as to why she always stood beside him and his inner question as to why she never really questioned his decisions, except about destiny. How he thought and felt as if he and Liz were one person, soul and being.

And finally his devastation at seeing Kyle and Liz together in bed and the soul-deep knowledge that it wasn't true, his frustration at Liz's continual lying, but his love for her even though she had nearly destroyed him.

Then their connection took them deeper, into their subconsciousness, into their past.

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