FanFic - Other
Part 2
by Syndee Thomas
Disclaimer: The characters belong to THE WB.
Summary: Kyle and Teresa make a connection while trying to avoid an enemy alien and end up buying a Shih Tzu.
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Sequel to Tess to TESS
Peak tourist season makes for very few parking spaces so Kyle was forced to park at the sheriff's station several blocks away.

He doesn't mind the walk but whenever Teresa is with him it takes twice as long because she stops to look in every store window and today is no exception.

"Kyle isn't he the cutest little thing?" She proclaims of a small dog in the pet store window with its paws pressed against the glass.

Kyle bends a little to get a better look. "He is a she and it's a wussie's dog. I prefer manly dogs like a Pit Bull or a Doberman."

As Kyle straightens to turn and walk away from the store he catches a glimpse of the bleakness they all witnessed transmitted to the mirror from Liz.

Standing directly behind Teresa he firmly grabs both her shoulders to immobilize and hide her from view.

She relaxes against him only to be startled into rigidness when he whispers in her ear, "Teri, there's a enemy alien across the street. I've only seen his reflected soul in the store window. You need to turn around and get a look at his human face. Nod if you understand."

Teresa nods okay and slowly turns around to face Kyle as his arms come up and around her shoulders in a very familiar position.

"What are you doing?" Teresa asks breathless.

"I'm trying not to bring suspicion to us by pretending to be a couple embracing, why do you have a problem with it?"

"No. No, it was just a surprise that's all," leaning in close to inhale the masculine smell of him.

"Teri, do you see him?" Kyle's voice is becoming urgent.

She turns slightly, chances a look into the store window to verify that she can also see the alien's reflected soul and nods her head yes to Kyle because her voice fails.

With Kyle sheltering her from the man's view and her back against the glass she starts to scoot down and takes on the persona of a caged animal.

Kyle chances a peak and gets a look at the alien's human face, accesses the situation and develops a plan of action.

"Kyle, he's crossing the street and headed straight for us. What shall we do?" Teresa is panic-stricken.

All of a sudden muscular arms are swooping her up and drawing her into a body so taut and hard she feels like she is being embrace by a statue of a Greek God.

When his lips lightly touch Teresa's all thought of the danger that lurk a few feet away is dispelled from her mind and passion ignites.

Teresa receives vivid images of Kyle's life when his mother and father were still together and she feels how he still misses her and how he longs for a closer relationship with his father.

At the same time Kyle is bombarded with images of Teresa. He sees her emergence from the Pod, crying and alone and he feels how scared she is and how she doesn't know what to do.

He sees her cold and shivering in a stairwell of an apartment building and then again in a hospital looking through a glass window at a man (her father) hooked up to an array of tubes and monitors.

Recent images of her watching him and revelations that she cares for him concludes the slideshow.

Kyle pulls away and looks down at Teresa. Her eyes are closed and lips moist and swollen and he has to shake off the cataleptic state that he finds himself.

"Teri, where did he go?" He is finally able to return to reality and attempts to take control of a potentially dangerous situation.

"Huh, who?" She dazedly opens her eyes and is grateful for the storefront window, which is the only support she can trust because her knees and brain are silly putty.

"The Semi-Vamp, you know the man you were suppose to be watching." He snapped.

"My eyes were closed." She counters.

Kyle balls his fist at his side, "Arrgh, why were your eyes closed?"

Teresa tilts her head to the side, "Duh, because you were kissing me."

"I was kissing you not K I S S I N G you." Kyle's face is flushed with controlled anger.

"Than you should not have put your tongue in my mouth," She states casually.

"You were the one who put your tongue in my mouth first." His eyes meet hers and hold.

She doesn't waver from their direct eye contact, "Je suis de la Nouvelle-Orleans."

"What?" Kyle is so confused at this moment he doesn't see that her attention is drawn to the puppy in the window.

The playful puppy of a few minutes ago is barking and cowering in his cage directing his rapt towards the front of the store.

"Kyle, there he is." She slips past him and into the pet store before he can stop her.

The realization that she is speaking of the alien does not hit him until he is face to face with the man they have identified earlier. He appears to be waiting for the storeowner to finish with a customer.

Mr. Fleming, the storeowner, is a neighbor and Kyle has known him all his life. He is apologizing to his customers for the puppy's sudden hysterics and gives Teresa a grateful look because her presence appears to have calmed the puppy down.

Other than her ability to calm the puppy the alien doesn't appear to put any other significance to Teresa's existence but Kyle will feel a lot better when they are far away from the alien's immediate vicinity.

He is just about to rescue the puppy from Teresa's mothering when he hears Mr. Fleming start to tell stories of strange happenings in the Roswell area over the past 50 years.

"Yea, there was that Sunday school teacher who claims she was abducted a couple of years ago, and let me think…oh yea just last September…"

"Mr. Fleming," Kyle interrupts him in mid sentence, I'd like to buy the puppy." He nods his head towards Teresa.

Mr. Fleming excuses himself from the man and goes over to Teresa and the puppy to answer any questions she has about the breed and recommends grooming items, food and the local vet.

"Jimmy, you haven't had a pet since the Rottweiler you pestered your mom into getting you when you were eight.

(Mr. Fleming has always called Kyle Jimmy as a derivative of his dad's name Jim.)

Kyle's mind is working overtime trying to think of a way to divert the alien away from any further discussion with Mr. Fleming about last September.

"Mr. Fleming My name is Lyle, (Blind Date) remember." As he turns to the alien, "He's been forgetting a lot lately and it's just a matter of time before his memory fails him and he has to give up the store."

Kyle walks over to where Mr. Fleming is showing Teresa a variety of dog paraphernalia when out of the corner of his eye he witnesses the alien leaving the store.

Kyle breathes a sigh of relief and rushes over to Teresa, gives Mr. Fleming 50 dollars to hold the puppy until they get back.

He ushers Teresa out of the door and spies the alien as he turns a corner headed away from the Sheriffs office.

"Teri." Kyle hands her the keys to his car, "Go get my car and I'll follow him.

Kyle heads in the direction the alien had taken but notices that Teresa has not moved.

He arches a brow as he looks at her, "Why aren't you going for the car."

"I can't drive a stick. I'll follow him and you go get the car." Her voice laced with fear.

"No, we still don't know if he can recognize you by some alien radar or something so it wouldn't be safe."

Kyle walks back to Teresa, takes her hand and they go back into the store for the puppy.

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