FanFic - Other
Part 1
by Syndee Thomas
Disclaimer: The characters belong to THE WB.
Summary: Kyle and Teresa make a connection while trying to avoid an enemy alien and end up buying a Shih Tzu.
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Sequel to Tess to TESS
"Liz honey, tell me again why we're tinting all the windows and adding mirrors throughout the restaurant?" Mr. Parker looks up from writing a check to the contractor. "I really would like to be able to justify the expense."

It has been four days since the group had witnessed the security camera's disclosure of the elusive enemy.

Maria's assertion that the alien foe are a coextensive paradox to the classic Vampire may not be far from the truth.

"The mirrors add dimension making the room appear larger, they also allow for the staff to see what's going on around them - added security." Liz states matter of fact.

"I buy that. But what about the tinted windows?" Jeff Parker inquires with suspicion lurking in his eyes.

"Energy efficient. This summer's forecasted to be one of the hottest this century," she offers assertively and casually takes a sip of her ice tea.

"Okay you've done your homework, but if I didn't know any better I would say that you were preparing for an onslaught of Vampires." His lips curl into a wicked smile.

Liz chokes on her drink and stammers, "Dad, why would you say that?"

"It was a joke sweetheart," As he tears off the check and hands it to the workman.

Liz waits until her father exits the dining room before joining Michael, Teresa and Kyle at their booth. She slides in next to Michael facing Kyle and Teresa.

"Hey, are you guys just visiting or are you here for the haute cuisine?" Favors her friends with a warm smile.

"Food I think, Teresa hasn't eaten in (Kyle looks at his watch) 45 minutes."

Teresa playfully hits Kyle on his shoulder; "I can't help it if I have a fast Metabolism."

"Maybe its genetic." Liz throws in. "I've seen Michael wolf down two Will Smith burgers, Chili fries and an Alien Blast in one sitting.

"Ha hah." Michael smiles at Liz "Very funny."

The friends continue to talk oblivious to the parade of semi-Vampires (as Maria has dubbed the alien foe) scroll through the streets of Roswell.

Maria comes over to take their order, "Why do you guys always sit in my station - you're all lousy tippers?"

"But Babe, don't you enjoy the fringe benefits?" Michael winks and she smiles and pretends to ignore him.

"I'll have a Tuna Nimoy on whole wheat with cole slaw on the side and a cherry cola." Teresa stares at the menu contemplating what else would assuage her craving.

"Kyle, what about you?" Maria looks to him.

"She's not finished." Kyle nudges Teresa.

"Yes, I am." She wants to order fries but refuses to give him the satisfaction of being right.

"If you're sure you're finished, (He looks to Teresa and she nods yes) I'll have a Double Picard Burger, Klinon Fries with Chili on one side only and a diet coke.

Maria nods to Michael for his order, "Chili Rocket Dog and a root beer."

Teresa kicks her brother under the table willing him to order fries but he only looks at her confused as to what she wants when she arches her eyebrows and nods to Maria.

Maria leaves to place their order returning shortly with their drinks.

Liz takes the opportunity to observe the interaction between Teresa and Kyle. Constant teasing from Maria and Isabel finally elicits an admission from Teresa as to her having a small crush on him when she first arrived in Roswell a couple of weeks ago but she now claims they are just friends.

"Here's your Tuna Nimoy Teresa." Maria sets the platter down in front of (the always hungry, never gain an ounce) extraterrestrial.

"Kyle, your double Picard Burger and Chili Fries and Michael here's your Chili Rocket Dog." Maria whirls away from the table and yells over her shoulder, "I expect a big tip."

Teresa takes a bite out of her tuna melt and leaves a string cheese trail down her chin. Michael is about to say something to her when Kyle takes a napkin and wipes the cheese from her chin.

She takes another bite, looks around the table for something and Kyle hands her Tabasco sauce, which she slouches on top of everything including the cole slaw. He grimaces and shakes his head in mock disgust.

"Kyle, what did you order - that looks good?" Teresa eyes his burger at the exact moment he would have taken his first bit.

"It's a Jean Luc Picard Burger. It has French dressing and dried tomatoes." He picks up the burger and motions for her to take a bite, which she does. "Watch it Teri, you almost took a finger."

Michael and Liz face each other and mouth the name T.E.R.I. to each other. They have been watching this display in wonderment. The couple seems to have created a new Olympic Sport-synchronized eating.

Teresa senses her brother watching her and looks up to see a weird smile on his face.

With her mouth full of Chili Fries that she has mooched off of Kyle's plate she declares, "What?"

Still waiting for Michaels response she takes a sip of her drink, makes a face, "Yuck, diet coke."

Teresa reaches over and takes a sip of Kyle's drink assures herself that it's cherry coke before correcting the order by swapping drinks.

Michael and Liz start to laugh and Teresa shrugs her shoulders and continues to eat fries from Kyle's plate.

Soon afterwards Michael and Liz leave to start their shift and Kyle assures Michael that he will see Teresa safely home.

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