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Part 9
by John
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Authors Note: Setting: The next day
Liz: Do you guys really have to do this. The cure might be worse than the disease if you get caught.

Max: I think we're in trouble no matter what. If we can find out who is doing this to us, or at least where the messages are coming from I'll feel a lot better. If it's Topolsky, then we've "no worries mate".

Alex: I still don't think it's her, but I might be wrong. Remember, even if we go through with this, I might not be able to tell much. On the other hand, we might hit the jackpot...or should I say the crackpot.

Isabel: Stop with the bad jokes...they don't help.

Alex: Do they hurt?

Michael: A lot!

Max: It does help relieve the tension sometimes.

Michael: We need to go somewhere to map this out that's a little less public.

Liz: Can you wait awhile...I'll be off in an hour.

Max: Don't need to. We can plan the guy part of this without you. I envision the ladies role as accomplices...not perpetrators. And Liz, we need your computer when we do this.

Let's go to my house...we can tell my mom we're having group study, which is sort of true in a way.

Liz: I'll come by with Maria as soon as we're off.

(Max' room about an hour later. Alex, Michael and Max have talked about the danger to the women, but feel like there's no alternative to involving them. Liz & Maria arrive, Liz bringing her computer.)

Alex: OK, tomorrow I'll take Liz' computer to school and stash in the band room. There's so much junk in the instrument storage area no one will see it...and it's right near the computer lab.

Michael: Do you really think we can find out anything?

Alex: No guarantees. I wish I could give you a definite yes. It would make it more worth the risk. I just know I can't trace any further from outside a government or education network. We might get lucky and find a specific machine. More than likely, we'll just trace the area or entity.

Isabel: I don't like this...getting caught...I don't even want to think about it...but I don't like the alternative either. We've got to investigate. I don't think this mail bit is going to stop by itself.

Max: Here's how I see it. Michael will hide in the school after classes this afternoon. Michael, keep an eye on the sanitary engineers and if you can, slip Liz' computer out of the band room and into the lab. The more setup we can be ahead of time the better. About 8:10 Alex and I will sneak over and hopefully be let in. Michael, can you handle the chain and locks on the South door?

Michael: Chains are us! Trust me.

Max: The south door is as far from the custodian's area as we can get and near to the computer area. We need to have one of the women drive my jeep somewhere far from the school. I cannot have any more suspicion on me. I don't know if it will help, but I'll try to be seen somewhere near where she'll be driving it earlier on, then slip away. We'll need another driver to be ready to pick us up after we do the computer stuff. Liz should drive my jeep...since her being in it wouldn't be unusual...and that leaves Maria as the getaway car driver. Are you up to it?

Maria: I guess I better be, huh?

Isabel: What about me?

Max: Alex, how long do you think you'll need?

Alex: I can get a snapshot in just a few minutes...and I'm only gonna get one chance if there's intruder protection on the system.

Max: OK, about go bang on the school front door and try to get the cleaning people's attention. Beg to be let in to go to your locker to get an assignment paper. Tell them it's something that you have to have done by tomorrow or you'll fail a class. Beg, plead, whatever...just distract them. It does not matter if they let you do it or not...we just need time to slip outside. 8:40 you drive by and we'll hop in the car. Make sense to everyone?

Isabel: I think you should try to borrow a cell phone, just in case this clockwork plan turns orange.

Alex: Leave the jokes to me. But that's a good idea. My dad has one, but usually leaves it at home unless he's going out of town. I think I can "borrow" it for the night.

Max: Liz, let's you and I slip out about 7:00 and just go drive around kinda making sure we're seen. I'll then meet up with Michael, while you move the jeep a couple of times. Later, if things look good you can come pick up Isabel. Worst case, she might have to walk a bit. If all goes well, we'll have this wrapped up by 9:00. If we find out it's Topolsky, we can meet at the Crashdown for an ice cream celebration. She has nothing.

Liz: And if it's not?

Michael: Well...we won't be celebrating.

Maria: Think any of us will get any sleep tonight?

Max: I haven't been getting any anyway, but no...probably not.

Isabel: I don't know why... but I'm going to suggest something...I hope you don't think it's silly...I just feel like we ought to do it. It worked for Michael. Everyone join hands for a moment.

(pause as they do it)

Isabel: This will work, right?

Everyone: "Right!"

Michael: See you all tomorrow.

(circle breaks)

(The next evening)

(At the Crashdown)

Liz: I couldn't concentrate at all today. If I should have learned anything at school, I don't know what it was.

Maria: Ditto! Oh my, where did I get that? Rush Limbaugh?

Liz: If things are on schedule, Max should be here any moment. Have you got gas in your car? That could be a big snafu.

Maria: Michael reminded me three times already don't have to start.

(Isabel comes in)

Isabel: Hey! I couldn't stay home. My mom was picking up trouble in Roswell vibes.

Liz: Better that you're here anyway. The guys will feel better if they know you're with us right now.

(At Michael's)

Michael: My keepers too out of it to know anything's happening. Is everything all set?

Alex: Far as I can tell.

Max: OK...I'm gonna go pick up Liz...I mean establish my alibi.

Michael: Which?

Max: Both!

Alex: OK, we'll meet at the south door at 8:10. If we're not there or you're not there, we it.

Max: it.

( Things go pretty much as planned. Liz is driving decoy. Maria's in the getaway car. Isabel's put on a really pretty face...distraction city. Max and Alex are at the south door as advertised and Michael opens the chain and lets them in. They slip into the computer lab.)

Max: Did you get Liz' computer moved into the lab?

Michael: Yes, even hooked it up.

Alex: Great. Like I said, we're probably only gonna get one chance at this...intruder lockout will try and stop us. I'm going to send a reply from Liz' computer to the sender...but I'm going to use my encryption routine. I can recognize that if I see parts of it down the line. This computer was connected to the full chain as that message came in. With luck it will send back exactly the same way. That message was bounced through so many nodes....this is going to be fun. I've got it set to show me what it's doing.

Michael: Max, do you know what he just said?

Max: It worries me, but I kinda do.

Michael: Gotta quit skipping computer science class.

Alex: Here we go.

(Hits reply key)

Alex: Wow...look at it's going everywhere...but it's definitely following that government path I checked out. This may...

(Suddenly...a computer located at the teachers' terminal begins to signal.)

Max: Mr. Bunker must be getting some mail. (pause)

Alex & Michael together: MR BUNKER IS GETTING SOME MAIL?

Alex: It couldn't be.

Max: No, gotta be a coincidence.

Michael: See anything Alex?

Alex: You're not going to believe this!

Max: You're not going to say what I think you are, are you?

Alex: That mail bounced right to an IP address assigned to this school.

Max: Do we dare look?

Alex: No stopping now. (walks to computer) Good, he's still signed on. Guess he didn't follow the advice he gave us in computer class...about never leaving a computer online unattended.

Michael: Well?

Alex: It's my message all right. My encryption is my own and it's right here. No question! Better delete this. We don't want him to know we're onto him.

Max: This is crazy.

Alex: sorta makes sense. A computer instructor would know how to alias mail the way he did. I'm came from right here.

Max: Why? And how would he know anything about us?

Alex: Well, we've all been in his classes.

Max: I don't think Isabel has.

Michael: No matter, he knows she's your sister. Yes, it's all making sense.

Max: But I don't...he couldn't know anything about my heritage.

Alex: I think I can answer that...being a lifelong Roswell resident. Mr. Bunker is the Sheriff Valenti's cousin.

Max: Oh no!

Michael: And you think the sheriff put him up to it?

Alex: Most of the sheriffs family refuses to have anything to do with the alien talk because of what happen to Valenti senior. But Bunker...I don't know?

Max: I've seen him at the museum a few times...even looking at the books once... But a lot of people do that. I didn't think anything about it.

Alex: I think this spells relief.

Michael: How?

Alex: Look...worst case all he has is what the sheriff has. Suspicions! Maybe the sheriff put him up to it...or maybe he's on his own...but he's fishing...the way we thought it might be Topolski fishing.

Max: I not sure what to think...but right now we've gotta get out of here. Grab Liz' computer and let's go. I hope Isabel's done her thing.

(The guys leave as planned. Isabel did exactly what she was supposed to and they were able to slip out undetected...or so they thought. Michael even managed to re-lock the chain from outside. There's just one little problem. The gang never noticed the security camera hidden in the computer lab smoke detector. Well...maybe it wasn't working...or maybe no one saw anything. Hmmmm! In any event, as far as they knew, it looked like everything was clockwork green...they see Maria's car in the distance. As they head for it, suddenly they hear someone yell..."hey you...stop"! After quick glance at each other...they make a dash for it. As they approach the car; Alex, carrying Liz' computer, trips and falls. A sharp edge on the computer case cuts his arm. He gets up quickly, computer and all...and all three are in the car and outta sight.)

Michael: Whew! That was close.

Maria: Glad to see you...any news.

Max: I think things are going to be OK. Let's go find Liz and Isabel and we'll tell you all about it.

Maria:'re bleeding all over my car.

Alex: Sorry! I keep giving my blood to this outfit.

Max: Here, let me help you.

(Max places his had on Alex's arm in an attempt to heal it for him. As he takes his hand away, it's still cut and bleeding. Max tries again. Still, the cut is there.)

Michael: Let me try!

(Michael places his hand on Alex and stops the bleeding)

Alex: Thanks, Michael.

Michael: No...thank you for risking yourself for us...again.

Alex: I told you, friends don't let friends have their lives screwed up.

(Michael notices Max staring straight ahead....shaking)

Michael: Max...what's wrong? Why couldn't you help Alex?

Max: I don't know. Let me try something.

(Max picks up a piece red paper that was on the seat...tries to change it's color. Nothing happens)

Max: This is crazy...I don't understand.

Maria: It's OK Max.

Michael: Maybe you're just tired or overstressed.

Max: Maybe! Or maybe I'm...

(Has Max lost his powers? Tune in again...)

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